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Thread: Know Your Bible - Bible Characters 2017.

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    Know Your Bible - Bible Characters 2017.

    Hi Dear All,

    I just created an app for us to learn more about Different Characters in Bible (Old Testament) 2017.

    Know Your Bible Characters (O.T.) Game 2017

    How well do we know about the different characters in bible? This is the time for us to know more about bible's character in the fun way.
    1) You can use google to find the incident and know the name of the person.
    2) You can replay it whenever you free
    3) You can use it for bible teaching in a fun way
    4) Small Group Discussion in a fun way
    5) Ice Breaking Games with different small group to compete who can finish the game in time.
    6) Try to challenge yourself to play it
    a) With Hint
    b) Without hint
    c) Fastest Time
    d) Highest Score
    7) By going in deep into understand the Value of the Characters.

    Note: This is to enhance the understanding of the different characters in a short time by using learn by playing to enable us to develop and understand the teaching of the word of God.

    Listed in Google Play & it is free (Only for Android Users)
    Here is the links:

    God Bless,

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    Re: Know Your Bible - Bible Characters 2017.

    Um, not really the right forum for advertising an app?

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