it was just a dream,
I really didn’t know,
It wouldn’t cost me anything.

And long ago, through many days,
I dreamed in dreary ways
Of gardens, parks, and fishing pools;
Of stupid animals, Of happy fools

Of People who had gone by the way;
Of themes and places forgotten,
Of dreams and traces of friends begotten;

But the dream was a dream, and I woke up to find
That although I pushed, I couldn’t repay it back in kind;
That life is life, that dawn is dawn
That strife is strife, until dreams are gone;

Till the line is cast, the hook is sunk
And set, the mast; and the travelers, hunched;

Till the oars are broken, the supplies vanquished,
The stern rotted, and my stomach famished;

Then all is gray and gay, and may it be true
Where there be no wistfulness or broken hearts;
Where dreams have faded, where friends renewed
Rise to play the commendation of their parts.


Written by myself.