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Thread: My relationship is dragging me down

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    My relationship is dragging me down

    I stopped going to church a few years ago and I was living a very carnal life, during this period I met my current boyfriend. I recently gave my life to God..again so when I told my boyfriend I didn't want to have sex outside marriage anymore, he got so upset. I tried witnessing to him and showed him verses from the Bible but in his view for him co-habiting is the same as marriage so that's what he suggested(I didn't go through with it). He won't come to church with me because he says he contacts his dead grandfather for advice. I can't even see him because the last time he just pinned me down( he's a lot stronger than I am) and did whatever he wanted. He said its impossible for him to not satisfy his fleshly desires. Would it be wrong to leave him or should I stay and try witnessing to him some more?

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    Re: My relationship is dragging me down

    Hello Malama and welcome! Love to hear that you rededicated your life. Jesus said He is the good shepherd and His sheep will always recognize His call. I will be praying for God to show you the answers you need in this relationship. Have faith that whatever answer He gives will have the best outcome for you, dont give up!
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    Re: My relationship is dragging me down

    Hey Malama. So sorry to hear of the heart breaking situation you're going through. This article helped put things into perspective for me when I was in your situation
    Great to hear you dedicated your life to the Lord. You will be in my prayers. Me and my friends are building a support group feel free to stop by and say hello anytime. In Christ name

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