I agree that they will be saved. But currently salvation is by Grace through Faith, so WHEN the Temple is built in our near future, before the Day of the Lord, they will perform a Daily Ritual of sacrifice.

How is DAILY different than EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK? Especially when the Verse Quoted says both Daily, and Seven Days. AND it is not stated as "DAILY SACRIFICE", but rather Daily... An Offer is given Daily... You are saying the same thing, but putting PRAYER as the Daily. You use "what ifs" to verify your Daily. I use Scripture - The Lord Tells us what the Daily is. MEAT Sacrifice.

The passage in Dan is a prophecy that is there to show us what is to come. It is relevant...

Antichrist Stops the Daily because it is offensive to Him and because the Jews are worshiping (through the Daily) GOD the Father. He Violates the Covenant when he does this.