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Thread: Why does the bible end?

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    Re: Why does the bible end?

    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel567 View Post
    What I have seen is that people choose to believe whatever they want to believe, and one can provide pertinent Scriptures, but that makes no difference. And I am talking about Christians.
    I still would like to see it.

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    Re: Why does the bible end?

    Quote Originally Posted by jaybird View Post
    i was thinking the 12 were not quite as flawed as they had a teacher a bit better than the teachers we have today.

    i never said nothing negative of anything Paul taught, he was a very good teacher. all i said was he was not one of the 12 and we have no problems accepting his teachings.
    Jesus, John and the 12 were very critical of the doctrines of their day. the church in the days of Jesus was not always in that fallen state, what makes you think that cant happen again? if we dont question things we would never know even when its going on right in front of us.
    Yes, I see what you mean. God used someone as an apostle and as a teacher beyond that of the 12. That indicates that God was willing to move outside of Jesus' inner circle?

    To that I would suggest that there is a general principle that God *can* move outside of an initial regiment of chosen individuals. God can, in a sense, move "outside the box." He did so in the matter of going outside of Israel to choose Gentile nations. And he certainly moved outside of those who knew Jesus personally, to accept Paul, who didn't know Jesus personally. The initial sign of apostleship--at least among the 12--was that they had to have known Jesus personally.

    But there is no principle here that God *must* continue to move beyond the initial apostleship to continually choose apostles down through the ages. "Apostle," regardless, just means "sent." And I'm sure many Christians were sent out on missions through the ages, whether missionaries or founders of major Christian movements. When we speak of "apostles" we are usually referring to the initial group, the 12, Paul and Barnabas. When we go beyond that we are back to my point: Why regurgitate old information? Why reinvent the wheel? The initial story is already with us, replete with the theology of change from the Law to the New Covenant. We can't really improve on that!

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