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Thread: Surgery on Wednesday November 15th early afternoon

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    Surgery on Wednesday November 15th early afternoon

    I will have a surgery on Wednesday the 15th, in the early afternoon. Normally it should be a routine surgery and over in about 45 minutes, but in this case the risks are much higher due to my RSD. Last time they cast a big fall back in moving possibilities that are still going on. I warned them that if they ignore me again, they will have a lawsuit on their hands...... Please pray that everything goes well. We take 3 months for recovering and if we make that, I will be a very happy camper.

    Love you all lots,
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    Re: Surgery on Wednesday November 15th early afternoon

    My prayers are with you Mieke.

    My wife just had a major surgery a few days ago, it’s allot to deal with so I hear your struggle.

    I hope all goes well for you!
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    Re: Surgery on Wednesday November 15th early afternoon

    Hi miepie

    Pray all goes well for you.
    God bless
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