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I am not peddling my wares, as they are all for free. We all know Christians are cheap and will not pay for stuff. In fact a post in technical issues confirm it saying it is good for Christians as it is cheap, and he was peddling websites. That is why people follow a cheap gospel, the rapture, as it does not cost anyone anything. Just stand up and pray this short prayer and you are in heaven. That is peddling the gospel.
Why so angry? I've only read a little of this thread, but in your posts it seems you are angry towards Christians. Why? If it's because some believe in error according to your thinking, such as the rapture, why get so bent out of shape over that or the belief that the Jews are still God's people?

I was watching a show yesterday where the host and guest talked about how some Christians are now claiming and preaching that it is ok to take the mark of the beast. Well, that's something to get upset about and upset with those preaching that. Just a thought.

When Jesus returns and stands upon the ground, where will that be and why do you suppose He chooses that place? Why are the Jews mentioned in revelation as they are? Something to consider.