Portraits of Our Littlest Ones

David Curry, CEO Open Doors USA

When we share about Christian persecution, often we focus on stories of adults. But persecution affects everyone—including the children of these parents. This month, we’re focusing on the children of the persecuted Church. Throughout December, we’ll bring you stories of children wrestling with loss, discrimination
and marginalization due to their faith—as well as inspiring accounts of children with great courage standing boldly for the gospel. Meet Hassan*, Meeral* and Maryam*…
Disciple Your Children to Pray With The Persecuted As we raise our children and grandchildren to know Jesus and love the Church, we look for ways to show and teach them the heart of Christ. Here, we bring you suggestions for being intentional about teaching (and modeling) that we are all the Church connected through the blood of Christ.
"What Should Your Father's Funeral Have Been Like?"

While the other children in the classroom drew, young Martina began silently folding a blank piece of paper to form a box, a symbolic coffin. Martina’s father was killed for his faith in Nigeria. Read how she and other children like her are finding comfort and peace through Open Doors’ trauma counseling.