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Thread: The Little Horn who uprooted 3 of the 10 kingdoms

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    Re: The Little Horn who uprooted 3 of the 10 kingdoms

    Quote Originally Posted by Vincit_Omnia_Veritas View Post

    I could understand how this description were it to be fulfilled now might apply to the Vatican because it is technically its own very small country, but I cannot see how it would apply to Constantinople, now part of Istanbul, which is part of Turkey, a very large country and is not the capital of it.

    There are several possibilities for what the second little horn could be if the Vatican is the first, but of the list of smallest countries by area, Israel at rank 150 jumps out to me as most fitting option for this potential future one world religion.
    Thats fair comment. I'm expecting the Islamic Caliph to be re-instated in Istanbul, but as a religious authority independent to Turkish Government. In this way the Islamic Caliph and the Pope unite in support of the Antichrist. The two tiny horned beast supports the little horn/second beast.

    Israel could very well be the little horn (small country) but is not a tiny tiny horn like the Vatican. Lambs horns are the tiniest.

    Thus Islam and the Vatican raise up the Antichrist in Jerusalem and the three Torah based religions unite.

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    Re: The Little Horn who uprooted 3 of the 10 kingdoms

    Doesn't work for the little horn to Islam as it also replaced the Byzantines, which would be uprooting 4.
    Further this means the little horn originates as not on the 4th beast at all.

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