• Dec. 07, 2017 | India

    Pray for Christian Leaders Charged with Forced Conversions

    [13] prayers in [4] nations have been posted for Christian Leaders.
    In September, six Christian lay leaders were invited to a man's house to pray for his sick wife. While praying, a group of people arrived at the house, forced the Christians outside and beat them. Read More.
  • Dec. 07, 2017 | Algeria

    Pray for Algerian Christians Facing Increasing Intimidation

    [8] prayers in [2] nations have been posted for Intimidated Algerian Christians.
    Authorities in northwestern Algeria shut down a church and arrested several Christians recently. "Over the past few months, it seems that the Algerian government is doing this all over the country," a VOM worker said. On Nov. 9, authorities in Ain Turk closed a church, confiscated its equipment and arrested several worshipers after accusing the church of illegally printing materials for evangelism. Read More.
  • Dec. 07, 2017 | China

    Pray for Christians Forced to Reject Their Faith

    [10] prayers in [4] nations have been posted for Pressured Chinese Christians.
    Government officials in Jiangxi province have pledged to help Christians living in poverty under the condition that they reject their faith, follow communism and replace their pictures of Jesus with pictures of President Xi Jinping. Read More.