All end times scholars have understandings of certain scriptures that define their end time event timings and sequences. The specific beliefs on these specific scriptures then help filter the entire list of events into a specific order or timing, and also orient the events in specific areas or locations. With the slightest change in interpretation of one of these focus point scriptures, the entire timeline or understanding can fall apart.

What are some of our preconceived PILLAR understandings of scriptures that you base your time lines of the coming of the Lord events on. For example:

I believe that the Book of Revelation is a complete outline of future events that span from the time the antichrist begins to take power until the NHNE and Eternity. However I believe there are parts on end times events elsewhere in scripture that are not discussed in Revelation in specifics, but can be placed into the outline between specific events mentioned, when evidence supports this, in order to flesh out more information.

I believe that Matt 24:3-51 is all End Times and future events. I believe that the timing of the Lords Return is spelled out in Matt 24:3-51 specifically. I believe you can easily place Matt 24:3-51 into the Revelation Texts to flesh out when the Lord returns for His Church.

I believe that Daniel 11:21-12:13 are all end times events, and overlap the outline of Revelation. I also believe events in our history mimic events in Daniel 11, as a foreshadow of things to come.

I believe that there is no evidence for a Pre-Tribulation Rapture in Scripture, but rather the return (coming) of Christ is specific to Matt 24.

I believe that Daniel 9:27 is a period of 7 times which I call years. The “end times” revolve around the midpoint of this time period. Without that Midpoint event, it would be very difficult to know when the Lord will come.

I believe every man must watch for the SEASON of the Lord’s return, but cannot know the exact day or hour of His return. We could, for example, narrow down His return as EMINENT AFTER a specific event happens, but it could happen “any day now, at any hour”. Matt 24:36, 50, 25:13, Mark 13:32, Luke 12:46

I believe that the Elect in Matt 24 are Christians, and I believe that ISRAEL is addressed by the Lord, but not until after the Rapture.

I believe that the 1st Resurrection mentioned in Rev 19 is specifically the 1st resurrection “IN THE NEW KINGDOM”. I believe there is another resurrection at the “coming of Christ” which happens according to Matthew 24, and is before the 1st Resurrection of Rev 19, and before Jesus sets up His throne on the Earth.

I believe Jesus will Rule over the earth for 1000 years from the earth in His Temple that He will rebuild. I believe that the church will be with Him as His Bride (with the 144,000) and that the beheaded will be workers in His temple after the 1st Resurrection. I believe the people who survived the Wrath of God will be all over the earth and will re-create nations. I believe Jesus will gather all Jews out of all nations and make a great nation of Israel during the 1000 reign.

I may have got to detailed in some of them, but these are all Pillars that I can use scripture to back up and to remove one or change one, will undermine many other parts.