God Knows

I tried again but it feels in vain,
to accept these memories and let them unfurl.
Emotions of regret, longing and pain,
bind me to the past and the material world.

To forget I long , these memories i fight
something from my past seems out of place;
something not right beyond human sight,
puts a frown to the soul and face.

Muddied, blurry are these memories of mine,
and twisted and tangled, like a thorn-filled bush;
yet no matter how hard i try I canít say good-bye
Bound to the past, I go wherever it chooses to push.

Wherever the past takes me, there I fall;
for i am defeated and worn-out from the pitiful shame.
I cannot enjoy life, my emotions are unresolved
Above my head a violent ocean, by my feet a scorching flame.

The only thing left for me is to trust in the Lord.
The shining beacon of light, to never let go.
For without God i am walking blind among the horde,
unable to dwell where the wind doesnít blow.