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Thanks you, I am reading through John as I had already started before I saw your message.

I am writing every scripture I get each day into a journal and its so strange, some days its like they are almost talking to me but not quite enough to eliminate all doubt. As if its a lesson in faith lol. I really hate the term blind faith its so awful but I think at some point over the last few days I havew become a believer in Mind, heart and soul and the doubts I have been having...well? I no longer care about them. I dont understand certain things and there is a whole lot of stuff I cant make sense of but I have a life time to figure it out and it is my hope I can do it with God not on my own.

I am also feeling more hopefuly in general and a real urge to do better and be better.

I got two scriptures today which really struck a cord and felt like an answer to something I was pondering yesterday. I am going to share in another post though as I would love to hear other chirstians thoughts on it.
This is very encouraging and has greatly improved my day that started out less than stellar ! Lol..
Just so you know, even believers in Christ have doubts my friend. The key is exactly what I highlighted that YOU POSTED ( AMEN !!!). Faith is believing in spite of your doubts or NO LONGER CARING ABOUT THEM .... God will reveal the complete picture when we are with Him in heaven. Till then we just trust. Christ even said that those who would believe without seeing are BLESSED !! John 20 / 29. That's you and me my friend.

I am not sure where you are in your reading of John, but if you have exercised faith and repentance, then the scriptures say you are "Born Again". With that will come a peace through the Holy Spirit. If that's what has happened , then recognize it for what it is and trust in the saving work of Christ !

I look forward to hearing your scriptures that spoke to you.