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Thread: America is moving away from Christianity very fast

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    Re: American is changing very fast

    Quote Originally Posted by Brother Mark View Post
    I think it goes beyond that. Back in the day, people were at least God fearers. They may not have trusted Him, but they respected Him. I don't see as much of that today.
    Well....a couple things. "in the day" people may have feared their social status, family standings (namely inheritance) or the possibility of losing their jobs more than fearing God, I don't have statistics, but we all know cultural pressures can create a lot of fear in people. Basically there are many reasons people can fake 'fear of the Lord' but their real fear was of the stigmatism the culture would afford them. Modern culture could care less about those sort of things, the boundaries are far, far wider than they used to be (for better or worse).

    Beyond that.....
    We see that in our lifetimes for sure, but historically it's a trend, from Pharaoh all the way to Pilate.

    Even in Israel, Judges record entire generations that built idols and corrupted themselves with the nations; apparently they didn't fear God much either.
    Those who seek God with all their heart will find Him and be given sight. Those who seek their own agenda will remain blind.

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    Re: American is changing very fast

    Quote Originally Posted by BrianW View Post
    1. I didn't know that.

    2. It's scary as heck.

    3. Wake up Europe!
    The wake up call came right after 9/11 when Muslims here openly celebrated the massacre and a large part (forgot the exact %) of the Muslim population in a poll said America got what it deserved.

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