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    What is an avatar?
    An avatar is the small image that you see next to a person's name at the upper section of their post. The primary reason for using avatars is simply fun. You are in no way obliged to have an avatar and your standing as a member will not be affected if you either do or don't choose to have one.

    How can I get one of the preset avatars?
    You have the option of choosing from numerous preset avatars uploaded for your convenience. To get a preset avatar follow the following steps: In the upper left-hand corner of the screen click on, "User CP." Now click on the link titled, "Edit Avatar" from the left menu.* You can now select whatever avatar you wish to have from the ones featured by selecting it via the little radio button beneath each avatar. After you have made a choice, scroll down and click on the "Save Changes" button.

    How can I get a custom avatar?
    To receive the option of getting custom avatar you will first have to meet three guidelines. Be on the forum for at least 7 days, have 10 or more posts, and have a reputation greater or equal to 0. If you meet these requirements you may do the following: Click on UserCP from the upper-left corner. Click on "Edit Avatar" and scroll down to the section titled, "Custom Avatar." You have two options of getting a custom avatar. You may use one that is already uploaded to another server by placing the URL of the image in the "Enter Avatar URL" field or you may upload your own by clicking, "Browse" and navigating to the avatar. Please note that your avatar has to be no greater than 100 (width) x 150 (height) pixels and no greater than 19.5KB (whichever is smaller) or it may be resized automatically by software

    How do I get the URL, file size, and dimensions of an image?
    Right-click on the image or the icon and choose, "Properties."

    My image is too big (in file size or dimensions). How can I resize it?
    You can download a FREE program called "PIXresizer".

    How do I know if my avatar is appropriate?
    Typically you could just use common sense, but if the image is controversial, PM one of the moderators and we will review it and let you know. As with all other things, moderators reserve the right to edit/delete any avatars that are deemed to be questionable.

    My avatar was edited/deleted, why?
    If your avatar was edited and deleted and you haven’t received a response from moderators as to why this was done, please PM one of the moderators and they will contact you shortly.
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