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Thread: Just a few rules.. Check often please, as there will be updates

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    Just a few rules.. Check often please, as there will be updates

    This is a forum for men only - it is not allowed for women to post here.

    The general board rules apply, so if you haven't read them, please go to the main forum and do so.
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    When they say something... it is about anyone's guess what it is they really mean... but NEVER ask for clarification of their mysterious language... they are often very happy to give it and that's when the discussion goes FREAKY!

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    This forum is meant to be guys discussing guy things, as it is described. That does not mean that general chit chat can not happen in here. But let's keep posts about the weather, bands and such to Anything Goes.

    This forum is a great place to discuss things like being a good husband or boyfriend, how to be head of household, edifying each other regarding overall "guy issues".

    lamguage in this forum.

    Even though this is a men's forum, there are no filters to keep prying eyes out. Please use wisdom in writing your posts. Women and young people can and sometimes do see threads in here. DO NOT use graphic or overly descriptive language to describe certain things especially, and not limited to, topics of a sexual nature.

    You must describe the link that you are posting.

    "Check this out" or "You need to see this, this is cool" IS NOT A DESCRIPTION!

    Put the link and tell us something about it. Give us a brief editorial if you will.
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