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  1. Please post verses that show the Lord will reign on the earth.
  2. Discussion Babylon as written in Revelation
  3. What does fallen by a sword mean?
  4. When the devil and his angels get cast out of heaven forever?
  5. What was seen on the seven heads?
  6. A Vision of Heaven from Eternity Past - Rev 5 & 6
  7. They don't repent, end up eventually in the lake of fire/where?
  8. Can the entire truth be determined from the NT alone?
  9. Anyone think Christ's return will for sure occur in the 21st century?
  10. Discussion Matthew 25: End of the World or End of the Age?
  11. Do you know of a verse that shows the little horn here till Armageddon?
  12. Did the sea beast die before v2?
  13. Two times of false worship in Rev. 13.
  14. beast had a mouth
  15. What is in the Bible that could have made John think beast?
  16. Is the scarlet beast the little horn, and it dies after the 42 months?
  17. Isaiah 2:4...
  18. Please look at how Daniel and John introduce a set of horns.
  19. The 7 weeks of Dan 9 in conjuction with Pentecost and the Flood.
  20. Please Help who is the rider on the white horse?
  21. Need Advice: What to do in preparation for the time of Tribulation?
  22. Great wrath upom this people
  23. Clothed with a cloud.
  24. The seven angels are a part of the Lamb himself
  25. The Four Beasts Identified - 4 kings in God's government
  26. Is 7 years given in scripture for just before Jesus' return?
  27. David shall be their prince for ever.
  28. The Thousand Years, early Church teaching
  29. Isaiah 65:20 fulfillled at first advent
  30. John stood on the sand of the sea /in Rev. 12
  31. Discussion devil, beast and false prophet in Revelation 19 and 20
  32. Why did Jesus tell his disciples to "be ready" for his 2nd coming if theres a rapture
  33. Discussion Will Christ set up a literal Kingdom?
  34. Why do people say there are only three antichrists if...
  35. The last Pope and St. Malachi
  36. Its being called an ‘End Times Asteroid Meteor’in Russia!
  37. What Sacrifice is Ceased by the Antichrist?
  38. There is A LOT of unique "stuff" going on this month and next....
  39. How was Saint Malachi a prophet?
  40. God isn’t finished with Israel yet!
  41. Has the Great Tribulation already begun?
  42. Will kids still go to Heaven if...
  43. When will people need to get the RFID chip?
  44. The hallmark of opposition to Christ's government: Democracy
  45. Which King of Israel or Judah...
  46. The sacrifice in Dan 9:27 will be from God's destruction at the second coming
  47. Discussion How soon after Ezekiel 38 - 39 would the third Temple appear?
  48. The Eternal Land Inheritance
  49. Who is the Sword of God brotherhood?
  50. What do theses verses about Israel mean?
  51. Discussion Where is the wilderness the woman will flee to in Rev 12?
  52. Discussion Isaiah 9:10 and the harbingers of 9/11?
  53. Is the woman in Rev 12 the same as in Rev 17?
  54. Discussion How will the Kingdom of God function?
  55. Discussion paradise
  56. The woman in Rev 12 is a city
  57. Any correlation?
  58. Information Changing the Bible - Chrislam
  59. Information What is the Great Tribulation
  60. Why all the animal sacrifice haters :)
  61. The Marriage of the Lamb
  62. Please Help Is the earth going to melt at the Second Coming, will it be uninhabitable?
  63. The current state of Israel in biblical prophecy?
  64. NASA tells congress to pray if asteroid heads towards NYC
  65. Son is a survivalist
  66. Need Advice: universalknowledge
  68. Discussion Is America the Biblical Babylon?
  69. IMPORTANT Is 2 Sam 10-11 prophetic? Sryia and the "spring, when kings go off to battle"
  70. Where do the two witnesses prophecy for the 1260 of the GT?
  71. The 70th Week of Daniel/2555 days
  72. Is the travailing woman which gives birth to a man-child in Revelation 12...
  73. To meet Him in the Air
  74. The Four Elements of Bible Prophecy
  75. The Place of Safety
  76. The night ; child like simplicity?
  77. Mount Zion in Jerusalem
  78. A taste of things to come
  79. I am not suggesting that the president....
  80. The Work of God
  81. LONDON 2012 OLYMPICS ...............A MUST SEE...............
  82. The sounding of the second trumpet
  83. Do they have the mark?
  84. Discussion The Sign of the Son of Man
  85. Discussion are we in the time that was prophesied
  86. The sounding of the second trumpet: Part 2
  87. The sounding of the second trumpet: Part 3
  88. Soothsayers and prophets
  89. Vakeros, I would like to apologize
  90. Revelations
  91. For those who believe that Babylon is America…
  92. Soothsayers and Prophets: Part 2: the message of the Prophets
  93. Which governments are not going to fall at Christ’s advent?
  94. This is the purpose of Bible Prophecy
  95. 666 or 616
  96. Is it hard to believe that God will...
  97. Thank the Lord,I found a real Bible forum!
  98. An Olden Frame of Mind...
  99. Who is Christ
  100. The 4 Blood Moons starting in 2014
  102. Then will appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven
  103. Discussion New Earth & Procreation
  104. Information Locating Solomon's Temple
  105. Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth
  106. Discussion The 7 weeks and 62 weeks of Daniel's 70 weeks
  107. The Final Seven Years/2555 days Chart
  108. The revealing of the AC / 2300 day chart
  109. The Final Seven Seals Charts/The Four Horsemen/The First Four Seals
  110. The Final Seven Years/The Fifth Seal
  111. The 3.5 years in Revelation. Same time period or not?
  112. Joel 2:32
  113. Like A Good Mystery?
  114. Are there any Pre-Tribbers left?
  115. Is Bible prophecy designed as a parable?
  116. Information The First Beast - The Catholic Rule
  117. Zechariah 12:1-9
  118. Signs of Jesus Christ second coming(June 2013) Weather events etc..
  119. 7 Trumpets of Revelation
  121. The Jerusalem siege
  122. Discussion The Restrainer of the Gospel
  123. The 70 weeks and the Jewish feasts understood - literally
  124. Messiah being "cut off" does not represent death upon the cross
  125. full preterism question
  126. 1st beast 2nd beast
  127. Right after the Millennium
  128. Question about the Olivet Discourse
  129. Pin the tail?
  130. Babylon's Mystery = Jerusalem playing the harlot
  131. The Mark of the Beast is here!
  132. Question for those who are "Post-Trib"
  133. Qu for those who are pre trib
  134. Revelation : The whores "fornication" is usury.
  136. Revelation 22:18 and 19, mainly the plagues.
  137. had not worshipped..Rev 20:4
  138. Why is Satan bound for a thousand years (Moved from Apologetics and Evangelism)
  139. Not ready for the end?
  140. What are the "seven thunders" and what does it mean to prophecy?
  141. Mark of the Beast
  142. Please Help Isaiah 16:1-5---Has this been fulfilled?
  143. Signs of Jesus Christ second coming(July 2013)
  144. Discussion What do the peace talks really mean
  145. What did God speak through the prophets of old?
  147. Isaiah 17:13--How will Damascus be destoryed? Nuclear Bomb or what?
  148. Question: Who is the Church is that a combination of Jews and Christians or what?
  149. Question: Isaiah 25:10, Isaiah 11:14 & Daniel 11:41 - Is Moab/Petra of safety?
  150. Lying signs and wonders? What are they?
  151. The coming Disaster
  152. DurbanDude,
  153. Egypt in Turmoil
  154. Question for those who believe in the pretrib rapture
  155. Wear out the saints of the most High
  156. But take heed; behold, I have told you everything in advance.
  157. Please Help Is 17 & 19 - Damascus and Egypt updates:
  158. 2 Thessalonians 2 Passage
  159. Total Wrath
  160. Discussion What are the dates for the 70 sevens in history.
  161. Dying before the Judgement Seat of Christ?
  162. Information Is Billy Crone's a false teacher/preacher?
  163. The 1,000 years Rev 20 & Rev 21- Who are the people living in the 1,000 yr, & Rev 21?
  164. Discussion Preterism
  165. A Literal "1000 Year Reign" Seems Pointless!
  166. Millennial Kingdom Animal Sacrifices
  167. Signs of Jesus Christ second coming(August 2013)
  168. King Abdullah II Of Jordan
  169. Babylon?
  170. DurbanDude
  171. Discussion Is the 7th trumpet of Rev 11:15 the same as the last trumpet of 1 Cor 15:52
  172. The ENPI - could it be the covenant with many
  173. They changed it! Rev. 13:18 The number of the beast.
  174. Ex Pre Tribulationist
  175. The B Pit. A real place? Or a spiritual condition of some kind?
  176. Information What is the mystery behind Seventy Years of profitable trade by tyre?! Isaiah23:15-18
  177. After "2000 years" new school for decendants of Aaron
  178. What is "The Age to Come?"
  179. Mystery Babylon
  180. Reserved for fire.
  181. Information The sun's magnetic field is wacko.
  182. Proving Zech 14:12 with 2 Chronicles 21:14-15.
  183. The Abomination of desolation lasts 1290 continuous days.
  184. Israel, Palestinians Set Goal of Final Peace Agreement in 2014
  185. IMPORTANT 'POWERFUL DELUSION' of the End Times!
  186. MasterCard tracks global 'cashless journey'
  187. New Third Temple Webpage
  188. The dedication of the Third Temple
  189. Full Preterism Impossible
  190. The Destroyer is Coming
  191. Best arguments against partial preterism?
  192. Church Fathers and Matthew 24
  193. Isaiah 18, a prophecy about the USA?
  194. Views on Matthew 10:23?
  195. 7 year tribulation idea and Matthew 24:36
  196. What the last trump will be like?
  197. The Beast is bringing Martial Law To America
  198. A Good Case for 2017
  199. The spirit of Babylon and Tyre - worship of a commerical system
  200. Convince me once and for all the 1000 years can't be future.
  201. "But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps"
  202. Great will be the Day
  203. 2nd Coming Ouestion
  204. Comet ISON The Worst Case Scenario
  205. Discussion Daniel 3 in End Times
  206. More Comet ISON Speculation
  207. The United States in the Bible?
  208. The chronology in Zechariah 14.
  209. Daniel 9:27 Is the Wrap Up of a Very Long Prophecy.
  210. Matthew, Mark, Luke What shall be the sign when all these things shall be fulfilled?
  211. The millennial sham that Premil produces that defies belief
  212. Prophecy is for believers
  213. End Times Time Line - working document
  214. From here to eternity.
  215. Does the woman of rev 12 become the whore of rev 17?
  216. Are the third part of the stars 4 of the 12 seen on the woman's head in rev 12?
  217. Should Luke 21 be considered the Olivet Discourse?
  218. The Millennium Revisited: A Revolutionary Reading of Revelation 20 (Part 1)
  219. The Millennium Revisited: A Revolutionary Reading of Revelation 20 (Part 2)
  220. The man child in Rev 12 is not Jesus
  221. The remnant in Isaiah and Romans
  222. The literal 70 week future time line
  223. A Time of Trouble Such As Never Was Dan. 12:1
  224. A Rod of Iron will Shatter the Nations
  225. Why Should I Believe in a Rapture?
  226. Talking points for a Pre-Trib Rapture
  227. Discussion question for those who think we are in the 1000 years now
  228. Does Zion consist of 7 mountains?
  229. The 7 mountains on which the whore sits = the mountains of Zion
  230. The Bible only recognizes 2 peoples (saved and lost), Premil invents a 3rd group
  231. Parallel Accounts within the Book of Revelation
  232. Please Help Are the 1260 days the same as time, times, and a half of time?
  233. Five Times the Bible Presents Two Resurrections
  234. “THIS” gospel of the kingdom
  235. Pretrib is unscriptural ... beause no one can show it in Scripture
  237. Hexagons of lightning - the return of Jesus Christ
  238. Date setting for Daniel 9:25
  239. Biblically, what happens at the Last Trumpet?
  240. Information The 7 Churches of Revelation
  241. Explain how the little season fits this age
  242. The millennial sham that Premil produces that defies belief Part 2
  243. Partial Historical View
  244. Church Age?
  245. Three Events Happen April 2014
  246. Revelation 3:21 tells us when we reign as kings.
  247. Anoint the most Holy?
  248. Where the Vultures Gather
  249. Gabriel says the Kingdom is "Forever"
  250. Premil requires at least 2 future raptures - 1 when Jesus comes, 1 at the end of MK