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  1. The Rabbi who found Messiah
  2. Sabbath Jubilee and Daniel's 70 Weeks, is there a connection?
  3. Repent or perish
  4. He shall rule them with a rod of iron.
  5. Satan's imprisonment
  6. The Dome of the Rock is not related to the 1260 days.
  7. Administration of the mystery kept hidden.
  8. Did God need Noah?
  9. The fourth beast of Daniel not Rome or Greece
  10. Babylon the Great and the Turkish Antichrist
  11. Who are the "remnant" in Rev 19?
  12. The 70 weeks, what they pertain to, and what they don't.
  13. The mixing of the clay and iron in Daniel 2
  14. Global Economic Reset Timing
  15. Discussion Timeline Time!
  16. Who are the two witnesses in Rev 11 and the woman in Rev 12?
  17. Middle Eastern Perspective of End Times
  18. Islam, History without a PC bent
  19. Revelation Chapter 11
  20. Rev 17:8 - More evidence of God's redemptive plan for His elect
  21. The Final Babylon: America and the Coming of Antichrist
  22. The Early Church Fathers believed Satan was defeated/bound at the 1st Advent
  23. Discussion Matthew 24 & Revelation 6
  24. ARMAGEDDON: Antichrist attacks or defends Israel?
  25. Will Ariel Sharon's Death Precede the Coming of Yeshua?
  26. By whom will this gospel be preached to all nations - by the angel not man
  27. The angel states he is the alpha and omega in rev 22....
  28. Actor for Daniel 9:27 - Questions
  29. All Israel Will Be Saved: An Orthodox Consensus?
  30. 7 Assurances of the Rapture (for a Pre-Trib Rapture)
  31. Missing thread.
  32. Observations regarding Jesus final message.
  34. The angel of the Lord
  35. Is it possible we are still living in the third kingdom, Grecia?
  36. Two False Prophets and one false Messiah
  37. Do you approve of THIS?
  38. There will be no belivers on earth when Chrsit returns
  39. Sorceries (a.k.a. magic arts)
  40. Where in Scripture does it say Jesus will be on earth during the millennium?
  41. Squaring possible parallels with that of Revelation 20
  42. Matthew 24:36 a Jewish idiom?
  43. Information Watch - What Is the Beast Doing?
  44. Isaiah 2 & Eschatology
  45. Chronological Vs. Parallel
  46. Why does the Church meet on Sunday?
  47. RAPTURE questions
  48. Revelation in the light of Old Testament Symbols (special request for Karaite)
  49. Need Advice: two thousand years-- .before the return of our lord?
  50. Discussion The Second Horseman at work.
  51. Only the elect are "worthy" to obtain the "age to come."
  52. Google purchased Deepmind intelligence
  53. "Taken" & "Left"
  54. Purpose of Christ Jesus coming again.
  55. Discussion Blood Moons?
  56. New Pope
  57. Is the State of Israel that exists today the one Scripture speaks of? Why or why not?
  58. Coordinating the four horsemen of the apocalypse with ongoing events.
  59. Discussion Covenants abolished?
  60. Blow the Trumpet
  61. Anti-Christ: A robot or an idiot?
  62. "Blood" moon myth debunked.
  63. The Third Horseman of the Apocalypse
  64. When does satan get cast into the LOF? Plus a question or two about Rev 19:21.
  65. Will God Use Nukes? Zechariah 14:12
  66. More on the Two Witnesses.
  67. Stop Iran Now
  68. The Calling Out
  69. What Does "Caught Up In The Clouds And Meet The Lord In The Air" Mean?
  70. A valid reason Premil may not be correct.
  71. What does the following mean?
  73. Russian News Articles Bible Prophecy Update
  74. The little horn of Daniel 8 was ... Herod.
  75. Information End-Times Debate: "One or Two Resurrections / Judgments?"
  76. Discussion has it started
  77. Discussion Does the bible show us that Mystery Babylon was Jerusalem.
  78. Last Days Fulfilled
  79. Discussion PRE-TRIBBERS please explain:
  80. Why 70 AD?
  81. "...the works of their hands,..." (Rev 9:20-21)
  82. How much longer do we have?
  83. 3 questions about the 1000 years
  84. Discussion When and what is the rapture
  85. Almighty God and Planet Earth
  86. Discussion future Revelation 19 battle
  87. millennialism - pre, ah, post and what else?
  88. When Is Jesus Coming? IMO
  89. Both for, and against the Preterists, but mostly against.
  90. Discussion A study on did Matthew 24 happen in that generation?
  91. Discussion 1000 year question
  92. Partial preterism and futurism... why not both? and other questions....
  93. The First Step In Surviving The Beast's Mark
  94. Whole lotta questions for this noobie.
  95. Jeremiahs Prophecy concerning Babylon and the 70 Years
  96. Dreams, visions and blood moons
  97. Discussion Are these verses about mystery Babylon the fufillment of what Jesus said?
  98. Discussion Is a Turkish Beast viable, or even provable?
  99. Discussion Is the mark of the beast physical?
  100. New Heaven and New Earth in Christ
  101. "...the earth opened her mouth..." Rev 12:16
  102. Discussion How many Kingdoms?
  103. 2014-2015 Tetrads not the signs we are all wanting them to be?
  105. Discussion The Fate of Israel
  106. Discussion Are Daniels 70 weeks completed?
  107. One third of heavens stars cast to the earth
  108. The Redemption of the Nazarenes
  109. Open the Gates
  110. Jesus now reigns from the throne of David
  112. Questions for Premils
  113. Discussion Is the beast a person or a demon?
  114. Discussion Messianic Prophecy
  115. Which part is essential?
  116. Whose Land is it?
  117. Please Help Premils: Can you give us a detailed correlation between Zech 14 and Rev 20?
  118. Discussion Pentacost in June
  119. Eschatology (moved from GIC subforum)
  120. Discussion Question Why would God care
  121. Is the world in need of severe punishment?
  122. Discussion If Revelation is so literal then why?
  123. Is The WEU The Ten Kings?
  124. Israel can not be destroyed in the end Times.
  125. ISIS
  126. The Churches Big Lie {Replacement Theology}
  127. Not just a mark...
  128. Roman Empire an extension of Grecia
  129. Middle East event - August 2014
  130. Discussion Rapture questions
  131. The rod of iron = Israel.
  132. Does each person reign the entire 1000 years or not?
  133. Ecumenical movement... signs of the end!
  134. 7s
  135. Link to an article on the increase in big earthquakes since 2010
  136. His promise
  137. The War in Heaven
  138. Discussion Who reigns for a 1000 years?
  139. Why the doctrine of Rapture is an abomination
  140. The rest of the dead = Christians which were not beheaded
  141. Question for Historical Premillennialists
  142. Friendly discussion Mid-Trib and Post-Trib view...
  143. Discussion 10 Nations of the Middle East-The Rise of an Islamic Kingdom
  144. Discussion Why don't some christians believe in Jesus' words
  145. The 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse
  146. The antichrist is not going to be a real dude
  147. Discussion Does a physical mark contadict scripture?
  148. Most Holy place.
  149. Discussion Four Angelic Beings..Identification Leads to Prophetic Path
  150. Lamb with two horns = Satan himself = Little season = 1260-1335th day
  151. Mark of the beast - Forehead location is for those of Israel, all others hand.
  152. Revelation 13
  153. Little horn overcomes saints by war... Does the weapon of war = Mark of the beast?
  154. Discussion Dome of the Rock makes way for the Temple
  155. droughts
  156. Abomination that causes Desolation
  157. Make of this what you will...
  158. What is this "word" ?
  159. Besides Revelation 20 in the NT....
  160. Noah Verses Lot in the Time of the End
  161. Discussion Revelation 20:9
  162. Does Iran Have A Bomb Yet?
  163. Please Help "Numbering" and the number of the Beast.
  164. God's number = 666
  165. Satan and his Angels-No Place Found in Heaven, Cast Out into the Earth
  166. The clincher of why I don't believe in the Rapture anymore
  167. I think I am beginning to........Rapture
  169. I Will Overturn, Overturn, Overturn
  170. So when is God's wrath? Before or following the 2nd coming?
  172. Israel in the End Times
  173. Discussion Ezekiel 38..Latter Years Vs Latter Days
  174. Discussion Luke 17-Time of the End, Luke 21-1st Century
  175. Discussion What I believe the holy city to be.
  176. A Proposal Concerning Prophesy
  177. Hebrew Experts Please Help! Daniel 9:27
  178. And the LORD shall be king over all the earth
  179. One hour
  180. west bank deal
  181. Is seven an important number in End Times?
  182. The Day of Trumpets and Alarms
  183. The ending chapters of Ezekiel are not the future Millennium period.
  184. IMPORTANT The last church, the last days, and the lukewarm.
  185. California Apocalypse?
  186. The 144,000 God's army gathered from the grave (dry bones)
  187. coalition of 10 Arab States to fight Isil.
  188. Is the 1000 Years Happening Now? (Rev. 20.3)
  189. Earth Rotation Speeds up?
  190. Information How America May Be Neutralised in the End Times
  191. Daniel 9.24 Israel is Still in Rebellion and Transgressions (Hos. 1.9)
  192. "Many shall come in my name, saying, 'I am Christ'...here's another one!
  193. Discussion a silent rapture?
  194. Information EBOLA =One of the last days plagues???
  195. WWIII Starting in the mid=-east?? Over 2 Billion will die.
  196. IMPORTANT Crucial millennial questions for Premils
  197. The end we are out of time?
  198. Who is the male child mentioned in Rev 12?
  199. Is this a major danger for those Christians who buy into the amil position?
  200. Reason/s for the great tribulation of the saints
  201. ISIS What does it have to do with the end times?
  202. Please Help Two gatherings?
  203. The Millennium - Utopia or Subduing and Ruling
  204. Christians under attack worldwide=signs of the end days!!
  205. Are all those who are amil also cessasionalists?
  206. War In Heaven
  207. Activity of satan
  208. Apologies
  209. Discussion Daniel 9 understanding and questioning my pre-trib belief (moved from BibleChat)
  210. When did Rev 20:3 happen according to those believe in the Amil position?
  211. The Church IS the new heaven and new earth
  212. The Mystery of the Shemitah
  213. Seven Year Treaty..With Who and Why?
  215. Discussion reserved for judgement?(moved from BC)
  216. 7 judgments 7 angels, or 14 judgments 14 angels? Or maybe 14 judgments 7 angels?
  217. Blood Moon October 8th, 2014
  218. Ebola and Zechariah 14
  219. God is our refuge
  220. The 7 feasts and how they relate to Christ.
  221. How would you label me?
  222. Information End Times News Round-Up - October 10th 2014
  223. Information Rev 13:1 - "And I stood" OR "The Dragon stood"
  224. TEMPLE MOUNT..New Location
  225. WHAT HAPPENS BETWEEN THE 6TH AND 7TH SEAL..Centuries of time.
  226. Discussion the writings of Josephus
  227. Discussion Will an antichrist sit in Gods temple?
  228. All 7 seals are opened BEFORE any of the trumpets sound
  229. The mystery of the seals and the events they speak of
  230. Correlations in Daniel
  231. End times questions : asking help
  232. The ""Ebolapocalypse"" here TODAY=another sign of the end of this age??
  233. The Antichrist will be satan himself, not a human man with an evil spirit
  234. Lake of Fire A real place of eternal torment
  235. The True Christian Ekklesia is Israel
  237. Daniel 12:1, Zechariah 13, Matt 13 NOW
  238. The 2 beasts of Revelation explained
  239. Will you have oil in your lamp when He returns?
  241. is the abomination that causes desolation in Revelation?
  242. Through Mathematical statistics THE great commission would seem to be mathematically
  243. Wars and rumors of wars
  244. daily sacrifice abolished and AoD set up at the same time?
  245. Discussion I beleve Revelation shows the fufilment of Jesus' prediction
  246. What is your view of the "rapture"? (moved from BibleChat)
  247. ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION: Object or Person?
  248. Discussion 10 points that the bible shows us that Jerusalem in mystery Babylon
  249. THE DEADLY WOUND: Person or Empire? Who Caused the Wound? Who Healed the Wound?
  250. Discussion A question about mystery Babylon