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  1. Information Signs of the end: Crucifixions, Beheadings, ISIS, Toys R Us selling crystal meth????
  2. The Beasts seven heads of blasphemy
  3. A short time.
  4. How does Satan give power to the beast if he is already locked up?
  5. Discussion A the time line of the 70 weeksl
  6. The Wisdom of the Wise will vanish
  7. In yoµr opinion shoµld I be concerned when anagramming the words (Partial Preterism)?
  8. "let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains"
  9. The Church, the Tribulation, and the Rapture(moved from BibleChat)
  10. The Day of the Lord is at hand for all nations.
  11. Discussion Will Islam be the one world religion?
  12. When the Heat comes
  13. Why is it called "mystery" Babylon?
  14. The same events? Different events?
  15. The wine of her fornication
  16. Sheep & Goats Judgement at/after Armageddon vs in Recreation (moved from BibleChat)
  17. the Pope / A call for uniting religions / Ascending doves
  18. The Woman in Revelation 12
  19. The Blood of the prophets (verses)
  20. Olivet disourse and Daniel 9 and the first 6 seals of Rev
  21. The new name of the Twin Towers on 9/11 is now called the 1 World Trade Center
  22. Isaiah reveals what is to be
  23. Magog and ISIS
  27. When does heaven and the earth pass away?
  28. jesus return ? fourth dimension ? twin flame ? what do you think
  29. explain in order ... rapture , tribulation , magog .. white throne judgment lake fire
  30. 40 years for CO2 effects to be realized.
  31. As in the days of Noah...
  32. EU crown of twelve stars
  33. Discussion My dream, 20 yrs ago...
  34. Discussion What did Jesus mean by his coming and when did it happen?
  35. Discussion Satan bound for a 1000 years
  36. IMPORTANT The parable of the ten virgins Revealed
  37. Questions on the Amill world view
  38. Four Horsemen (And other thoughts)
  39. IMPORTANT Evidence that Satan is bound in the abyss now
  40. A disturbing correlation between the pre-trib rapture doctrine and the A-mill doctrin
  41. Looking at Zech 14 yet again.
  42. Updated list of holes/errors in the A-mill theory
  43. Is there really going to be a 7 year tribulation-video
  44. Scriptures Supporting Dispensational Pre-Mill
  45. Information 108 questions that reveal the holes in the Premil doctrine
  46. Is the beast of Revelation past or future?
  47. Do you all realize how much energy is waisted on amil vs premil on this forum?
  48. Discussion The first resurrection vs. resurrected first
  49. Our Hope for the Future
  50. IMPORTANT Disproving The Rapture (moved from BibleChat)
  51. Definition of terms.
  52. Mat 24: 15 - 30 is either ALL past or ALL future.
  53. The Greek & repeated Scripture forbids Premil concept of a future 1st resurrection
  54. The Father, His Son, and His Bride
  55. End Time Test (moved from BibleChat)
  56. Another separate rapture?
  57. Discussion Being led astray - SIGNS instead of SUBSTANCE
  58. End Time Test (Answers)
  60. Three Beasts
  61. Born Again?
  62. IMPORTANT Rev 20:4 who are they really?
  63. Will Jesus forgive me for what I have done? I'm unsure
  64. Information The Islamic Caliphat in Iraq/Syria will be the beast of Revelation and it's Image
  65. Question to any A-mill believer
  66. Who Can Prove Gog Magog is Not Armageddon?
  67. 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 cannot be the "first resurrection"
  68. Fear mongering the sudden disaster...... umm, it's Jesus.
  69. What verse or verses show specifically that Jesus Christ comes back to earth?
  70. There is no MOB to get over when satan is released.
  71. Rev 19 occurs chronologically before Rev 20
  72. Ever heard of the guy that did the chapter divisons in the Bible?
  73. One AOD.... or two? [a near one, and a far one]
  74. Another question to Amill's: Can satan deceive the nations at all while in the pit?
  75. Mark of The Beast Mark of God
  76. Discussion 14 reasons why the Pretrib argument re non-mention of "the Church" is moot
  77. 7th Trumpet & GWT Connections
  78. Was there ever a worse tribulation than 70 AD and the years preceding.
  79. Are these verses still applicable if post-trib, pre-mill is correct?
  80. (divad) )Asking Amill explanation between I THess 4 and Rev 19
  81. Question to Amill: In what chapter of Rev is the return of Christ shown?
  82. Question to Premill's: is the new heavens and new earth before the mill. or after it?
  83. Sound The Trumpet Of The Watchman!
  84. Prolong ISIS. Establish Kurdistan
  85. IMPORTANT A Sign In The Heavens
  86. Information Rev 20:4 What are those thrones for? His followers
  87. Dating The Return of Christ and the End of The World
  88. The New Heavens and the New Earths of God
  89. Image of the Beast = the temple rebuilt = 666
  90. My time line of beliefs
  91. How did the beast and false prophet end up in the lake of fire?
  92. Isn't it about time that we know what these things really mean?
  93. IMPORTANT Hey! Are you going to the marriage supper of the LAMB?
  94. Where is the return of Christ and his army found in Rev 20 aftern satan is freed?
  95. A Case for the Millennium through the Vision of the Temple in Ezekiel 40-48.
  96. Mark of The Beast : Three Parent Babies
  97. Discussion Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this scroll because the time is near.
  98. Binding of Satan : Further Proof Satan in Chains
  99. Question for Amill: Who is the angel in Rev 9:1 and does it parallel Rev 20:1?
  100. Information The Millineum Temple where Jesus will rule the nations. What are the differences?
  101. The Temple Mount, a study in history
  102. Release of Abaddon
  103. Jesus is reigning over His enemies now - according to Scripture
  104. Jesus is NOT reigning over His enemies now - according to Scripture
  105. Do the Jewish feasts really point to Jesus?
  106. Jesus is or is not reigning over His enemies ...
  107. IMPORTANT My parting gift to you all. Love the Lord with all your heart, mind and spirit.
  108. A letter to the Elect People of God, in the last days:
  109. A-Mill - A hole in the Doctrine that must be addressed
  110. Aftermath of the Great tribulation
  111. Discussion How will we know when the Lord will judge and destroy the world.
  112. Bible prophecy unfolding
  113. Awesome sign in the heavens right under mankinds nose (moved from BN)
  114. Awesome sign in the heavens right under mankinds nose and no one is looking
  115. Spontaneous Human Combustion & The End Times - What Are Your Theories?
  116. The changing of Job
  117. The problem with using celestial events to predict God's will
  118. Christ is the High Priest in Heaven, not of this world, but of men
  119. blood moon - red moon vs. dark moon
  120. Antiochus IV Epiphanes; And the Abomination of Desolation
  121. The Altar of Stone
  122. Connecting dots
  123. Discussion When was/is a Kingdom given to Christ - and what Kingdom?
  124. Who has been praying for the peace of Jerusalem?
  125. The end is THE END!
  126. Discussion Will Demons walk the earth in Physical Form in the time of the end?
  127. The end is NOT THE END! (also corroboration of the future Millennium)
  128. Discussion Detailed End of Times Dream
  129. This is it....the apocolypse
  130. Could Babylon be a Sea floating Future City?
  131. Millenial Sacrifices
  132. Discussion second world war
  133. Why is Satan called the Dragon?
  134. Are there any wars during the thousand years?
  136. Question about Temple(moved from BC)
  137. Gog war difficulties and possible hidden details
  139. The chronology of Revelation
  140. What's a Good Book on Post-Trib, Pre-Mil
  141. Discussion Five kingdoms in Daniel 2?
  142. IMPORTANT Men raptured into heaevn before christ atonement? Never
  145. To know Christ and the power of his Resurrection phil.3:10 by Leonard Ravenhill.
  146. In Heaven or on Earth?
  147. Is everyone at the great white throne judgment and what occurs there?
  148. Revelation re-chaptered to preserve scriptural context.
  149. How did John "SEE" the Revelation?
  150. IMPORTANT Why God's Purpose for the Tribulation excludes the Church
  151. Ezekiel's 1948 prophecy.....did you know?
  152. A literal temple of God?
  153. Daniel 8...is any of it still future?
  154. How Long is the 'Day of the Lord'?
  155. Question to those who are Amill?
  156. Still future or meaning in this age preceding the 2nd coming?
  157. When does the resurrection of the ungodly occur?
  158. Rev 19
  159. The Gathering: A collection of the 144,000 to be sealed.
  160. The 7th trumpet and the 7 vials of wrath...
  161. Obadiah, Edom and America
  162. My view of Revelation
  163. What Amill used to believe - Barnes' commentary on Rev 19-20
  164. Discussion September 28th 2015
  165. IMPORTANT 155 Questions that challenge the validity of Premillennialism
  166. Connecting the dots in prophecy
  167. Beast from the sea. Beast from the earth.
  168. Righteous Mortals in PM
  169. Discussion A case for the false prophet being apostate Israel
  170. Throwing Amil the "Hail Mary" ;)
  171. Information ALL Premils believe in a "secret rapture"
  172. The fall and the restoration.
  173. The saved are judged on a different day than the unsaved
  174. God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book
  175. Information Knowing when Jesus will return - can we know?
  176. How do Amils view current events in light of Biblical Prophecy?
  177. The supposed 155? questions challenging Premill's validity answered and exposed :)
  178. The kingdom of God is nigh at hand
  179. Discussion I believe these verses show us we are alive after death and in the 1000 years now
  180. The following debunks Amil unless they can prove otherwise
  181. The Ruler of Kings On Earth
  182. Ok Amils break this down so I can understand you.
  183. When Will Israel Be Grafted Back In?
  184. ECF who believed Isaiah 65 to be Millennial with the presence of Millennial Mortals
  185. 1 question that destroys amil (the heavy guns come out)
  186. According to premill
  187. Nepal
  188. The Rock Thrown Down In Daniel 2 Can't Be Christ's Bodily Return
  189. What is Satan's "little season" does it alter the Gospel? (amil vs premil)
  190. Discussion Proof that the martyred saints are alive now reigning in heaven
  191. Discussion New Heaven New Earth
  192. What is going on with the end times forum?
  193. How long could you honestly last in the Great Tribulation?
  194. End times: as viewing the world around us today / anti-christ
  195. Counter arguments to the Amillennial position
  196. Discussion How litera should we take certain prophetic statements - a third way?
  197. Great Trib only 75 or 45 days. Tribulation is 42 months
  198. Death is swallowed up in victory. In context whom is this referring to?
  199. Discussion An alternative to understanding the Kingdom's of Man
  200. And in his estate shall stand up a vile person
  201. An end time question...
  202. How Could The Apostles Teach An Any Moment Rapture?
  203. Ezekiel 38
  204. Need Advice: Comparisons between John's gospel and Revelation
  205. Matthew 24 & 25
  206. Scriptural Support for Israel inheriting the Promises in the Millennial Kingdom
  207. How many resurrections do Pretribbers believe in then?
  208. Prepping For Christ
  209. Prayers
  210. Luke 17:26-37..Trying to make sense out of the chronology..
  211. Question for Pre-tribbers about the Resurrection
  212. So What's Next? Rev. 6, Seal 5 and 6.
  213. As a thief
  214. This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.
  215. Discussion What did Jesus mean in matthew 26:64?
  216. The Judgment and Wrath of God during Great Tribulation
  217. The Times of the Gentiles Are Fulfilled
  218. Question on Amill vs Postmill
  219. Judgment seat of Christ before the 2nd Coming?
  220. Information Helpful hints to understanding symbolism in the bible
  221. How long is "shortly"?
  222. Information A Historicist View of the Church Age
  223. 7 year tribulation
  224. 2 Peter 3:8
  225. Definitive Statements
  226. When did Herod die and when was Jesus born? (Daniel 9:25 question)
  227. IMPORTANT O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?
  228. Discussion Rooms 11 Questions / Revelations questions
  229. The first resurrection is indeed bodily.
  230. Is the Great Tribulation the persecution by Antichrist or the Wrath of God?
  231. When do you say a ‘millennium’ kingdom begins and the purpose, since it is temporary?
  232. The Big Picture! (The Last Day)
  233. The GT and the Sabbath
  234. The Throne of David,Earthly or Heavenly?
  236. Does 2 Peter 3:8 have to be a simile?
  237. Discussion Jesus Talking About The Pre Trib Rapture
  238. Discussion Question for those who believe in a pretrib rapture
  239. Signs on the Worst of Times
  240. My stance on the raputre
  241. Who are those who shall be taken, and those who shall be leftl?
  242. The day of the Lord : Day or years
  243. What is the "hour of testing" of Rev. 3:10?
  244. Discussion Questions about the 7 stars of the 7 churches
  245. Early Church Fathers on Sabbatical Millennium
  246. Black Horse..Does Not represent famine
  247. Mystery Babylon
  248. Discussion Amillennialism
  249. WHITE HORSE, always carries the WORD OF GOD
  250. IMPORTANT Are you Premill or Amill or PostMill