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  1. Psalms 83 very close now!
  3. Discussion Does this verse prove that the plagues in Revelation are not literal?
  4. NT Christian writings about the Binding of Satan (gathered originally in 2006)
  5. Where do the animals come from?
  6. Discussion The Beast from the Sea, the Beast from the Earth, its Image, its Mark and its Number
  7. Matthew 24 questions
  8. Was, Is Not, and Is To Come Rev 17:8
  9. George Washington's Vision
  10. "no flesh would be saved", does it mean "everyone would die". NOPE.
  11. Discussion Is it possible to overcome God's imposed delusion?
  12. We can know the exact day of the abomination of desolation
  13. Seal 6 chapter 7 and seal 7 connection?
  14. Discussion Silence in heaven for about the space of half an hour
  15. Wait for the Whistle!
  16. Discussion Rev 20:9 The camp
  17. 1290 Days Difference from 1260 days allows Abomination of Desolation to be set up
  18. Second Exodus Verses
  19. Literal exact 1335 days, gives Wrath Period Time
  20. Iranian Nuke Deal being agreed to over the 9th of AV 2015
  21. Zechariah 14:16
  22. 1335 Years for Abomination to be removed - Muslim Secondary Fulfillment
  23. 2300 Days from Sacrificng til 2nd COMING
  24. Which is more reasonable, IOW fair to all?
  25. Discussion The woman protected in Revelation chapter 12
  26. Credit Cards and the End-times
  27. Information A rule of thumb I use
  28. Didn't know where to stick this so put it here!
  29. Need Advice: Premils: can you answer these 6 questions?
  30. IMPORTANT 211 reasons to question Premillennialism
  31. Discussion in the 1000 years now and Gog and Magog war is the next big event and may happn soon
  32. Discussion Is the Antichrist's Covenant with Nations of the UN?
  33. Four Blood Moons on Netflix from Jewish Perspective
  34. Book on partial preterism
  35. The Rotten Loincloth
  36. Church vs Israel
  37. The Great Multitude (of commentary responses)
  38. Jubilee Coming Soon
  39. Why Modern Jubilee Prophesies are Wrong!
  40. Jeremy Corbyn surely he couldn't be
  41. Discussion Do these verses prove that we are in satans 1000 year binding now?
  42. Redemption then Restoration
  43. Torah Codes 2015 Obama Asteroid
  45. Caution About Blood Moons II
  46. Discussion When I think the 1000 year reigning and binding happens
  47. Discussion A question about the 1000 years
  48. Promises to His people
  49. Discussion For the sake of the elect
  50. Bunny's Prophecy Update
  51. 7 YEAR TRIBULATION? Galileans Ruined the Temple
  52. 3.5 Jewish years
  53. Understanding the REMOVAL of 2 Thessalonians 2
  54. Only two ages: this age and the age to come (the eternal state)
  55. Discussion When Do Jews Think The Messiah Will Come?
  56. Information 70 weeks prophesy- Daniel
  57. Information WHO IS THE ANTICHRIST?
  58. When Does the Rapture Occur?
  59. Does Rev 13 really connect to satan's little season?
  60. 3 Gatherings
  61. Information Reemergence of Demigods
  62. The Antichrist: Fatal wound
  63. Day of Vengeance
  64. Dividing Antiochus 4 and Antichrist in Daniel
  65. What does this make this person, meaning certain EFCs?
  66. Rosh Hashanah(moved from GIC)
  67. Stealth Jihad
  68. When is Satan cast down?
  69. Discussion replacement theology
  70. Discussion 6 End times misconceptions.
  71. Discussion The Image of the Beast
  72. Eden and the Millennial Kingdom
  73. End Times prophesy de cipher
  74. What brings the Messiah?
  75. Christ and His Throne of Glory
  76. The 144,000 are resurrected BEFORE the second coming
  77. The Olivet Discourse
  78. Overview of Revelation 14-22
  79. Who is the husband?
  80. Discussion Destruction of Babylon During The Tribulation
  81. Why do people believe in a rapture?
  82. 3 Cities, One Empire
  83. Do You Still Doubt?
  84. Discussion What is the living water in Zechariah 14?
  85. 7 Last Plagues
  86. False Prophecies
  87. Please Help Preterist fallacies? or not?
  88. The Hall of Mirrors
  89. Discussion Jesus taught that Jerusalem is not and will never be needed again to worship God
  90. Does The Son Becomes Subject?
  91. Ezekiel 39 and Revelation 19.
  92. Calvinism and Amillennialism
  93. The Premil new earth - not what it first appears!
  94. Comparing the 5th trumpet with the loosing of satan.
  95. Discussion The bible tells us when the saints were first raised back to life.
  96. Fate of the beast and his followers.
  98. Already set up? Or still yet to be set up?
  99. Discussion OK, now I officially FEAR THE LORD!
  100. And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them
  101. The new Rome
  102. Peace and safety during satan's little season?
  103. Islam is the beast religion
  104. Information Olivet Discourse composition
  105. Discussion The eighth beast
  106. Daniel's 70th Week cont.
  107. wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel?
  108. Saudi Arabia and Iran inprophecy
  109. The Seven Seal Scroll
  110. Where in Scripture does it say, "woe unto you natons who call your leaders women & ?"
  111. 211 reasons to question Premillennialism Part 2
  112. Day of God, day of the Lord etc
  113. Information Why I reject a continuous 70 weeks interpretation of Daniel 9.
  114. Discussion Great Tribulation?
  115. Tribulation is Upon Us
  116. The Great Falling Away
  117. Image of the Beast
  118. understanding Daniel and the Olivet Discourse
  119. Mark of the beast
  120. Mark of the beast
  121. God says He will bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you. ....
  122. I will bless those who bless you......... Genesis
  123. TIMES UP
  124. Gog
  125. Are there 2 Raptures?
  126. Discussion Ez.38 & 39 Every Possible Scenario
  127. The Flying Scroll
  128. MOTB. Before, during, or after Millennium?
  129. modern Premil beliefs?
  130. Discussion OT Literal interpretations
  131. When was satan bound?
  132. Will the first resurrection be seen?
  133. What is the Whole World?
  134. Did the beast of Revelation exist prior to and during the writing of the the book?
  135. 2 resurrections and 2 judgements ?
  136. satan was temporarily bound, not permanently bound.
  137. Seventh trumpet and Rev 12
  138. Do "Wars Cease" During the 1000 Year Reign?
  139. Bible prophecy truths
  140. Jesus : Heavenly throne ?
  141. Little season = tribulation ?
  142. Isaiah 66:15-24. What timeframe is in mind?
  143. 13 major reasons why I abandoned the Premil doctrine
  145. The Beast Empire: TURKEY?
  146. Premil 1000 / NHNE
  147. Letters to the 7 churches in Revelation
  148. Should Amil be flat out rejected or seriously considered?
  149. Isaiah 52
  150. Discussion What is the binding of Satan?
  151. Discussion Dan.9:24 WHAT IS PAST AND WHAT IS FUTURE
  152. Natural interpretation of the Second Coming
  153. When is "The Last Day"? (in Pre-Mil)
  154. A Premill View.....do we have any Premillers here who....
  155. Could ISIS be the opening of the First Seal?
  156. Revelation 20 - objective comparison to Ezekiel 38-48; Isaiah 65-66; and Zechariah 14
  157. How do we resolve Zechariah 12 and Revelation?
  158. Pray that it not be winter or on Sabbath
  159. The NHNE, does it begin with the return of Christ or not?
  160. IMPORTANT Matthew 7:13-27 & Luke 13:24-30 Is For NOW Before The Bridegroom Comes
  161. Then cometh the end
  162. Discussion Is physical Israel a chameleon?
  163. IMPORTANT For open-minded Premils
  164. Rev 11:13
  165. Discussion Getting Ready For the Pre Trib Rapture Part 1
  166. postrib vs pretrib
  167. Ezekiel 36:16-38. What should we ultimately make of it?
  168. Let him who is on the housetop...
  169. Discussion A Walk Through Matthew 24 th chapter
  170. Alternative view of the "Rapture" passages
  171. Oops; Carcase in Matthew 24:26-28 & Body in Luke 17:36-37 IS Christ
  172. Will the raptured be mortal or immortal?
  173. The First Resurrection
  174. This "Reaping
  176. The shaken Thessalonians
  177. The Spirit clearly says....
  178. Marching Against the Genocide of Whites in South Africa
  179. A Futurist Daniel 9 & Revelation
  180. 278 reasons to question Premillennialism
  181. 211 reasons to question Premillennialism Part 3
  182. In the Regeneration...
  183. Discussion Jesus reigns as king and has all authority now not in a future 1000 years
  184. Every Eye Will See Him...Even Those Who Pierced Him...
  185. Reasons why there will be no preaching and repentance in the millennium
  186. The thousand years of Rev 20 has not yet begun according to scripture.
  187. The little season prior to the second coming
  188. What is the Origin of Death?
  189. 'Good Friday' should be 'Good Thursday'
  190. Will Jesus be revealed to the world before his second coming?
  191. To him that overcometh....
  192. Discussion Christ came to fulfilil or disqualify Israel?
  193. putting the O. Discourse together
  194. 26 Reasons to Question Amillennialism's view of NO Earthly Kingdom.
  195. The image to the beast and connection to 666
  196. The end times and things I have seen
  197. Are we in the Great Tribulation Today or are we to wait to the very end?
  198. The Kingdom of God
  199. Mystery Babylon is Not a Mystery
  200. all these things
  201. Rev 20:4 = Only the 144,000 are beheaded.
  202. Rev 20:5 = the rest of the dead = believers who were not beheaded
  203. Who is the bride of Christ?
  204. Ezekiel's Temple
  205. We shall all appear and be judged at the GWT
  206. Europe fast changes
  207. Discussion Is Revelation 19 actually the second coming?
  208. Has the abomination of desolation occurred?
  209. Joel 2, Revelation 6, the Rapture, and Supervolcanoes!
  210. A gap after the great trib but before the 2nd coming?
  211. Social Media and the Coming Apostasy
  212. Apostasy = Falling away, Rebellion Against God, or Rapture?
  213. Paul and Jesus BOTH taught a pre-wrath rapture, Confirmed in Revelation.
  214. Luke 17 and Luke 21: the OD
  215. Former London Mayor on Hitler sending Jews to Promised Land (but Islamists objected)
  216. "Christian Zionism" Reconsidered
  217. Why Premil Should Be Abandoned!
  218. Who are the 24 Elders that sit before the throne of GOD?
  219. Isaac's blessing and prophecy of Esau
  220. What do the 144,000 do?
  221. After the Rapture, A pile of clothes, or a dead body?
  222. Zechariah 14:9 when is this meaning?
  223. A Millennial Temple?
  224. The Parable of the Fig Tree in the Olivet
  225. Plausible Explanation of the first Five Seals
  226. Daniel chapter 8 was prophecy about Napoleon and not about Alexander the Great.
  227. NeoHistoricism: Why Islamic Terror and Clergy Sex Abuse Wouldn't Surprise Luther...
  228. Discussion Are we in the time of satan's release?
  229. Rapture origins
  230. Behold! I give you a mystery! The mystery of the 30 day months in Revelation.
  231. The Woman of Wickedness!
  232. Jesus reigns as king and has all authority now not in a future 1000 years(part two)
  233. The Birth Pains in the Olivet Discourse remove any possible historic fulfillment.
  234. Discussion A couple of questions about Daniels 70 weeks
  235. The 7 horns and eyes of the Lamb = the 7 angels of Revelation
  236. Information Last Half of the 70th Week
  237. The Holocaust as an end-times event foretold in Scripture
  238. Information Understanding the Jubilee Cycle
  239. Daniel 9:27 Ancient Greek Septuagint
  240. Scriptural capabilities of the Immortal Body to come...
  241. Daniel, his 4 beasts, and end times.
  242. Discussion Christ is Israel's hope, not real estate in the Middle East
  243. Does the AC have 42 months, then wrath? Or are they simultaneous?
  244. Similarities between Ezekiel 38 and the 6th and 7th bowls of wrath
  245. Historical Perspective and thoughts on Daniel 2,3 and 8
  246. Need Advice: Letter to the Church in Philadelphia - tense changes
  247. The Daily Sacrifice of Daniel 8:11
  248. Rev 11 & Rev 13..one 42 month period or two 42 month periods?
  249. GOD'S WORLD 1
  250. Warning at the end of Revelation