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  1. Discussion Are they praying at the wrong place
  2. An Entire End times Timeline
  3. So much misinformation
  4. How Many Televisions Do You Have In Your Home
  5. The GT. When does/or did it initially begin?
  6. Has the Great Tribulation started or is it still in the future?
  7. Advance Elam, to the siege, Media
  8. The Two Resurrections
  9. Under the Feet of Jesus
  10. the Kingdom "at hand"
  11. What is the function of a Believer once Resurrected?
  12. Does Job 14 debunk Premil?
  13. IMPORTANT Matthew 24: a pattern unlocks the historical view so "the reader understands" (AOD)
  14. Scripture Proving an On Earth Jesus 1000 yr Millennium
  15. Some of my newly rethinking on what this generation might be meaning in the Discourse
  16. The Great Tribulation is not the '2nd half of 7 years'
  17. Fall Feasts of the Lord Rapture and Return of the Lord
  18. ezekiel's temple #1000
  19. ezekiel's temple #1000
  20. Godless peoples live in the Holy Land
  21. Image of the Beast IS Ezekiel's Temple replicated
  22. false equivalencies in prophecy
  23. IMO the rapture will be mid-trib becaause:
  24. Are we imbalanced eschatomaniacs in the 21st century church?
  25. Information How to be a part of Christ’s Millennium
  27. The O.D.: Jewish way vs. Christian way
  28. Information What does the last days or the end times mean?
  29. The Throne of David... Is Jesus on it?
  30. value of Bible Prophecy
  31. Who are the true Israelites
  32. the Church in the OT?
  33. Is the Lake of Fire actually the old earth and heaven burning with fire?
  34. Joel 2:3 proves immediate replacement of old earth with new upon Christ's return
  35. Discussion Are we to believe that when Jesus returns the fire will only be localized?
  36. Discussion Israel's recent move & link to revelations
  37. Kingdom here or near?
  38. Does the Earth Pass away or not? - Final Answer...
  39. And there was no more sea. Does this mean no large body of water on the new earth?
  40. 1 Thess. 4 vs. 'Left Behind'
  41. The Holy Land; Depopulated
  42. Not one stone
  43. osas
  44. Doubt The Planet’s Summers Are Turning Hotter?
  45. Eschatologist... What are you?
  46. Day of the Lord = 1000 years ?
  47. Oceans Suffocating As Huge Dead Zones Quadruple Since 1950, Scientists Warn
  48. Preview to the 5th trumpet?
  49. Lords Day of Wrath
  50. Who are the combatants at Armageddon?
  51. Who are the combatants at Armageddon?
  52. Population at the time of the 2nd coming
  53. Events leading up to and including ARMAGEDDON
  54. Prophecy about total electrical loss?
  55. During the End times will SHIPS be the only Large transport like old times?
  56. Information A PP brief descriptions of each chapter of Revelation Part 1
  57. Information A PP description of Revelation Part 2
  58. Information A PP description of Revelation Part 3
  59. Information A PP description of Revelation Part 4
  60. Information A PP description of Revelation Part 5
  61. The Blessed Hope
  62. THE SIGN
  63. Mass Animal Deaths for 2018
  64. which is your view (s)?
  65. Catastrophism
  66. The sixth seal, what it is, and what it isn't - tempests and terror
  67. Information When is the day of salvation for Israel?
  68. Discussion Have you considered why the Beast gathers the armies in Rev 16:15
  69. Israel Palestine Peace Plan
  70. Does anyone listen to the Tour the Bible Broadcast?
  71. Discussion The end of times has come yet to pass in another year or so I think liberation ..
  72. Two witnesses
  73. Revelation 22 verse 1 and 2 -How is it interpreted?
  74. The Ozone Layer Recovery Lie And Climate Engineering Denial, Both Are Breaking Down
  75. Discussion John 12:31
  76. Irving and Darby
  77. Revela-Genesa "The Beginning is The End." (Revealing of The Origins/Genes of Isis)
  78. Woe and disaster to all who revolt and rebel
  79. new theory re: the "7th king"
  80. The Great Tribulation will not affect Israel.
  81. The Greatest Prophecy Deception of the Millennia
  82. Can’t Get Enough Biblical Truth
  83. Is not, or is?
  84. Discussion Who or what is the 8th king?
  85. Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.
  86. Information When did Daniel 7:13-14 take place?
  87. Unto Messiah the Prince
  88. What are you?
  89. Judgement begins at the House of God
  90. Genesis 6:3 - Jubilees
  91. Exact Dates for the 70th Week
  92. Reason why no one knows the day but why we can know the day prior
  93. A Revelation: The Sounding of the Fourth Trumpet
  95. The dates of the flood and the jewish Holidays - interesting observations
  96. Who are the true Israelites? (Part 2)
  97. Make this Proclaimation
  98. “About The Great Tribulation”
  99. Information Date of Artaxerxes Decrees
  100. Abomination = Army
  101. What is the power of the Evil One in history?
  102. When will the gospel be preached unto all the world - Matt 24:14
  103. The 70 weeks from Pentecost to the end of Tabernacles
  104. The borders of Israel according to the prophecy of Ezekiel
  105. Listen you Distant Peoples
  106. Discussion PRE-TRIBS: Why the duplication?
  107. Discussion New Heaven New Earth
  108. Flood then, Fire next
  109. Image of the Beast: Motion Picture
  110. In God We Trust
  111. The Millennial Age, New Jerusalem & the NHNE expalined
  112. Brief commentary on Matt 24
  113. Discussion ABOMINATION and Average Joe
  114. I was wrong about something. Learn not to make the mistake I did.
  115. Discussion The connection of the 4 living creatures and the first 4 seals
  116. Pre-Trib Raptured Where???
  117. Come to Worship the Lord in Jerusalem
  118. When will the OT saints arise?
  119. Heavenly Jerusalem comes to the old earth first PRIOR to Christ's return
  120. 2nd Coming backdrop
  121. Understanding the "Time Appointed" - The Time of the end
  122. Who is the bride?
  123. Godless peoples live in the Holy Land
  124. Is there a firstfruits resurrection of the 144,000?
  125. The 7th trumpet, rapture please explain
  126. Time periods of Daniel and Revelation
  128. Explaining the 1335, 1290 and 1260 of Daniel chapter 12
  129. This generation shall not pass
  130. As A Thief In The Night, The Real Meaning
  131. 2W, time of Gentiles, reign of beast, woman protect from serpent occur at same time
  132. An historicist view of the Olivet Discourse.
  133. Have you understood all this?
  134. Need Advice: What is the Dispensational Interpretation of Daniel’s Stone Kingdom?
  135. Is Ezekiel's vision the woman in Rev 12 being nourished in the wilderness
  136. holy ground in the NT?
  137. states or kings?
  138. Possible Explanation of first 5 seals
  139. who is that Woman in the wilderness?
  140. Discussion DANIEL 9:27 TWO CHARACTERS NOT ONE
  141. The Great Dao of the Lord
  142. Christians - Separated or Together?
  143. Greetings
  144. Division of the ‘Week’
  145. Is the temple in Rev 11:1-2 literal?
  146. Discussion Israel of God or of man?
  147. Discussion Why is this year 5779 on a Jewish timeline? READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!
  148. Discussion Revelation 9 7-10 hypothesis
  149. Baptist Pastor Beaten + Tazed By Border Patrol - 11 Stitches
  150. People who claim to have visions from god
  151. The Day of the Lord: the actual meaning of the word YOWM
  152. Understanding the main divison and the term "saints" in Revelation
  153. Don't you need to be resurrected prior returning with Christ?
  154. Mass Animal Deaths 2019
  155. The 70 non-continous weeks of Daniel - new information
  156. Ezekiel 37 fulfilled?
  157. Did you know it will be God's sacrifice which shall cease in Dan 9:27
  158. Hear the Word of the Lord
  159. Would not the covenant Dan 9:4 be same covenant as in Dan 9:27?
  160. Would not the city rebuilt in Dan 9:25 be the same city destroyed the 70th week
  161. Discussion Will the Jews build a Third Temple?
  162. Image of the Beast IS the next temple built with hands in a city made without
  163. A new chiasstic method for deciphering Revelation 12
  164. Raptured to heaven?
  165. Where has the all the gold gone? A future deception?
  166. origin of the 7 sealed scroll?
  167. 666 - Identity Theft
  168. Discussion Revelation: MULTIPLE VISIONS
  169. Hooks In Their Jaws: God Brings Gog And Magog To The Mid-East
  170. The Destruction of this Planet
  171. Re-examining the Millennial Kingdom
  172. Do anyone receive immortality at the GWTJ?
  173. Information What and when is the thousand years?
  174. The Grreat Commission warning
  175. Jesus is the Israel of God
  176. Who are the Saints at Rev 14:12?
  178. Can we still be living in the third kingdom of Grecia?
  179. Discussion Does Daniel 2 and 7 speak of the same four kingdoms? Or are they different?
  180. In Daniel the AC overthrows 3 kings/horns. In Revelation this does not happen. Why?
  181. How to identify the AC in the book of Revelation using the book of Daniel!
  182. Seven year tribulation period
  183. "Sea' Rev 13 is the location whereby the beast rises. He rises from UNDER the sea
  184. Rev 13:1 Is John or the Dragon standing on the sea shore?
  185. understanding the revelation....
  186. Fourth kingdom Dan 2 not Rome but from the pit of Hell - miry clary
  187. Giving antichrist his due
  188. Information Did The Pope Just Evoke the Prophetic Alliance Between Esau and Ishmael Against Jerus
  189. Messiah vs Moshiach
  190. The white horse in Revelation 6. Who or what is signified?
  191. Is it antisemitic to hate the antichrist?
  192. Microchips in passports
  193. Like a Thief in the Night
  194. An end of days timeline I threw down on paper awhile back
  195. have a great Easter!
  196. Question for partial preterist
  197. The Prophetic Word
  198. how do we get ready for Christ's Coming?
  199. Do true miracles of God happen today?
  200. What happens to Satan's angels when they are cast out?
  201. The length of the GREAT tribulation
  202. My coming is like Noah's day.
  203. is the Iran Nuclear Deal prophecy?
  204. How do you suppose Christ will return?
  205. World News Preview
  206. Discussion Why is only satan bound for 1000 years?