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  1. Is God going to erase our memories of the current universe?
  2. From a Futurist Prospective.
  3. the little horn uprooting three other horns?
  4. End times and resurrection scripture's that are confirmation's of each other.
  5. The abomination of desolation and the taking of the daily sacrifices.
  6. White robes
  7. My Neighbor thought I was a nutcase (tracking devices in Animals)
  8. Four Horsemen (Rulers & Prinicpalities)
  9. Questions about Tribulations Saints from a Pre-Trib Perspective?
  10. Judgement Day May 21!
  11. Seven Seals -- Not in Chronological Order
  12. Questions for Partial Preterists
  13. How did John know for Rev. 7?
  14. At the time of incense ?
  15. What do you think -prepared themselves to sound - means as to the seven angels?
  16. Here is my argument.
  17. Continued from "Breaking News"
  18. Another look at the 2300 / 1290 & 1335 days
  19. 10 Failed 'doomsday' predictions.
  20. New end world prediction
  21. One World Government Workings Out
  22. Jesus' Return
  23. Need Advice: Would you call this a sign of the end times?
  24. Discussion Washington and Israel . So the count down begins
  25. Question About Israel ?
  26. IMPORTANT A Message to Harold Camping's Followers
  27. Discussion No one knows the day or hour ... about what?
  28. Pondering various verses and sections of Revelation
  29. Why 4/5 beast kingdoms, 4/5 fallen angels, and 4/5 horsemen?
  30. Is the mark of the Beast forgivable?
  31. Things that don't add up...
  32. Where does john see the temple in heaven open first?
  33. The Rapture Theory
  34. Rapture - set for the 7th trumpet
  35. Did the temple in Rev. 15 have to open -then later John saw the ark in Rev. 11:19?
  36. Israel, the Whore and the Bride
  37. Why is that GREAT CITY, Mystery Babylon, called the Mother of harlots?
  38. The FOUR BEASTS that surround the Throne of GOD
  39. The Foundation of the World
  40. THE SEVEN THUNDERS, an appointment with the world...
  41. 10 Kings
  42. Why would the ark be seen -the 7th trumpet - then in Rev. 12 bring the devil down?
  43. Rev 22:18 "...add unto him the plagues...written n this book."
  44. tabernacle still closed to John in Rev 15, so 7th trumpet /ark revealing came later
  46. Revelation
  47. Rev. 22 shows that all of Rev, is not found in one book alone.
  48. Where did the returning Rev. 8:2 angels get their plagues from?
  49. The temple only opens two times in Rev., so they have to happen in Rev. 15.
  50. Three Angels of Revelation 14. Any advice?
  51. The trumpets do not sound after the 7th seal is opened!
  52. John couldn't have the 7th seal ark vieiwing , the tabernacle closed till chapter 15
  53. Rev. 13 - one of his heads - healed and then located where?
  54. Middle Eastern Super-State
  55. The Beast Rising
  56. The seven trumpets are for the plagues at the end of Rev. 15!
  57. Resurrection Viewpoints
  58. Shall Reign on the Earth
  59. Plagues written in part of Rev. -can be added to you!
  60. No fear of the Rev.8 trumpets-it's the Rev.15 plagues that cause the havoc!
  61. John couldn't view ark (7th trumpet/Rev. 11) till the temple opened first -Rev. 15:5
  62. The plagues were needed from Rev. 15 before the trumpets were of use.
  63. Watch John's words in Rev. to see how Rev. flows.
  64. Why many premils might be wrong about the new heavens and a new earth.
  65. Pre-trib and the "Jewish Wedding"?
  66. What Jesus said about the Millenium
  67. "the seven angels" 4 Rev. 8:2 came first from their jobs n Rev. 15, to have plagues
  68. The earthquake mentioned in Rev. 11:19b happens at the end of Rev. 16/great hail
  69. Starts and stops in Revelation - Do you know how to recognize them?
  70. "The LORD/day of trouble/send help from the sanctuary
  71. Historicism & 4th trumpet of Revelation
  72. Information Interesting theory
  73. Matthew 25 supports Pre-trib
  74. Do Satan and his wicked angels need out of heaven before all angels stand /Rev. 7?
  75. Oh John, what did you see? some falling trees? - no damage report left to me
  76. Pre-trib problems: Matthew 13 "pre-trib reaping?"
  77. End Times
  78. Yet another pre/post trib rapture thread:
  79. A 7 year pre-trib problem.
  80. Zech 14 yet again..oh no, not again..:)
  81. Rev. 12 still needs yet the 7th trumpet bringing of the kingdom of God.
  82. So how did seven angels become the seven angels before Rev. 8?
  83. Putting events in Rev. in the order they were shown to John
  84. Did the seven thunders tell John to seal prophecy?
  85. Find a seven angel story in Rev. 7, so Rev. 8:2 can let John see the seven angels.
  86. Daniel 9
  87. Hello Again. Tribulation Coming Soon?
  88. Modern Day Apostles?
  89. 144,000 / 12 Tribes of Israel
  90. Which version(s) is correct?
  91. Does Rev 20:4 speak of the entire body of Christ or only the martyred?
  92. The Jewish Wedding and The Church question?
  93. Wormwood Video - June 26th, 2011 Capture
  94. Discussion Old & New Covenant Saint's Martyred.
  95. I was wrong about the capture I was blessed with.
  96. and the dead in Christ shall rise first:
  97. Jesus is coming back, are you ready?
  98. The 144,000
  99. What Jesus said about the End of the age.
  100. Danielís 42nd week
  101. What's the use of rebuilding the third temple and reinstituting the daily sacrifice?
  102. Groen Perd van Openbaring Hardloop al ?
  103. Marvel not at this
  104. Daniel 7 - follow the word "dominion"
  105. Discussion Dan.9:24 Seal up the vision and prophecy/ Dan.12:4 Seal the book..One in the same?
  106. When Did Jesus Say He Will Return?
  107. A Question About Date Setting
  108. OT prophecy to Bereans of Acts 17
  109. A question for envolve
  110. 2Th 2:3 for that day shall not come, except (amill)
  111. Who is the great multiude... and why!
  112. 20 horns - Rev. 17?
  113. IMPORTANT Mark of the Beast is not the Microchip, its an Occultish Symbol (Seal of Solomon)
  114. How many seals have been opened?
  115. Questions about the Rapture (moved from Chat to Mods)
  116. Are all amils also preterists (full or partial)?
  117. The Olivet Combined; answering the questions posed to Jesus (near-term and far-term)
  118. The little horn of Rev. 13-comes out of the east/Iraq
  119. Bob Dylan and The Messianic Kingdom
  120. Act 1:6 Lord, do You restore the kingdom to Israel at this time?
  121. But the end is still to come
  122. Amillennialism and Dispensationalism are both Anti-Semitic in their core ideology
  123. Babylon taken/Darius rules three years?-but decree waits for 1st year of Cyrus
  124. Interesting Article that could explain some things in Revelation
  125. Rapture?
  126. Will Obamacare bring about mandatory rfid implants?
  127. Islam and Israel and prophecies of the Bible
  128. Matthew 24 Parallelism with Hyberbole
  129. How bad could a Syrian collapse get?
  130. Was the Abrahamic covenant unconditional?
  131. The 3rd trumpet, 3rd Bowl, Dan 11:41-43, and the Middle East
  132. End Time verses- OT thread
  133. Why was first century Israel judged?
  135. Daniel 11
  136. Information End Times - Time and other prophetic time.
  137. When does Babylon fall?
  138. Revelation 20:4-6
  139. This Age and The Age to Come.
  140. What is; the image of the beast?
  141. Discussion 12 Gates
  142. Rev 1:10a I came to be in spirit on the Lord's Day
  143. The Spiritual Conflict of the End Times? [moved from BC]
  144. What type of mourning is described in Zechariah 12:10-14?
  145. Satan's Hang Out
  146. Current Middle East Unrest
  147. The Earth's Make Over
  148. Satan's Beast
  149. 70 Weeks of Years Decreed
  150. King or Royal
  151. The Covenant Confirmed
  152. Middle Eastern Culture
  153. The Coming Invasion of Israel
  154. Luke 21:34 Rapture? Strength for Tribulation?
  155. Satan's Nesting
  157. 2300 Evenings and Mornings
  158. The Two Witnesses
  159. The Set Up
  160. What years were the Jews in Babylon as captives?
  161. Daniel 7 - kings and kingdoms/visions/ had yet four heads
  162. God Incorporated has FAILED and the truth is there.-moved from Intro
  163. They Don't Know.
  164. Could these be signs of the end times
  165. To help you understand prophecy - find out why the prophecy was given.
  166. Satan's Strategy Exposed
  167. The Rebels of Libya
  168. Not so much "chat" as a glimps of worship
  169. Correct Interpretation of 1 Thessalonians 4: 16 (moved from AE subforum)
  170. The First Judgment of the Tribulation
  171. A Tribulation Temple?
  172. Rehashing 'This Generation'
  173. The Lake of Fire FOUND!!
  174. Daniel 11 - History and Prophecy
  175. Why does he have to be release?
  176. Could God be judging us?
  177. Questions regarding 2 Thessalonians 2
  178. The two beasts in Revelation 13
  179. oil of truth..satan comes disguised as Christ in a false rapture to lead many astray
  180. Birthing of a Child
  181. The Seven Churches of Rev 2 & 3 Ancient History or Prophetic Timeline?
  182. What are you doing to prepare for the Tribulation?
  183. Is the book of Revelation Chronological
  184. How can all of Revelations be FUTURE according to Rev. chapter 1 ??
  185. proof texts for the "second coming"
  186. Partial Rapture: Watch therefore, praying always that you may be counted worthy
  187. NEW UPDATED POLL: When is the rapture?
  188. A second chance after the rapture?
  189. Discussion Dispensationalism
  190. Michael is the restrainer?
  191. Looking at events heard and seen in Rev. 19.
  192. When Paul says "with the voice of an archangel" in 1 Thess 4:16 whose voice is it?
  193. IMPORTANT Do you support a Palestenian state?
  194. What do you think the seven thunders said to John?
  195. Where is the first angel that ascended in the east?
  196. What was John to prophesy after the 7th trumpet sounded?
  197. What must the angels look like that seal people?
  198. Travel/Knowledge Increase
  199. Discussion Jeremiah's Oracle Against Babylon in Jer. 50-51 is set entirely in the future
  200. Why is there a need for a future judgement for those who have passed away?
  201. What and/or Who Will Be the Primary Source Ushering in the Eschaton/New World Order?
  202. Revelation Chapter 1
  203. Call Hardees - complain about the blasphemy - sign of the times?
  204. Where Is Modern Day Israel and Modern Day Judah
  205. IMPORTANT NOT FOR NORMAL FOLK!!! Just us Rapture nuts....
  206. IMPORTANT Revelation 3:10....
  207. mark of the beast
  208. Is the end near?
  209. The seven last plagues can't come till there are empty vials.
  210. Take note of the attire worn by the seven angels in Rev. 15.
  211. Who gives the vials to the seven angels for their first time of pouring them?
  212. Did you know that for the third seal time all of the four beasts are where John went?
  213. The Total Lunar Tetrads Tell Us When Jesus Returns
  214. What do you think we are shown by Rev. 7:2's words?
  215. What must happen before a set of plagues can begin?
  216. The visions of Rev. 16-22 were not sealed/jumbled around
  217. 1Cor.15 where we goin?
  218. Will the beast of revelation use Romans 13 to get christians to submit to him?
  219. Habakkkuk Theophany
  220. Prepare for the kingdom of the heavens
  221. Rev 19:10 I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren; Angel or man?
  222. The Interpertation of Matt 12:43:-45 ??
  223. 666
  224. Discussion Satan is released and deceives the nations Rev 20:8
  225. What altars are where in heaven? /Rev. 8
  226. Rev. 7
  227. Discussion Limited number with Jesus in heavens?? Rev 14. 1-4
  228. The tenses in Rev 20, in relation to the 1000 years.
  229. Daniel 7 - visions of kings and kingdoms/leopard rises twice
  230. All angels stand, fall, worship God, then we hear of 8 angels.
  231. Find the other Rev. 7:2 "we" angels.
  232. Why are all of the four beasts in Rev. 6 in the same place?
  233. Why did John eat a little book (bitter and sweet stuff)?
  234. The fear Him/7th trumpet event must happen before the marriage.
  235. Why does John note to us that some names are written?
  236. Rev. 13
  237. ROME: End-Time Power
  238. Seal 1 opens in heaven/then John is called to Babylon.
  239. Seven Heads of the Beast
  240. Does I thess 3:13 present a problem for both a pre-trib and post-trib rapture.
  241. Does "dominion" in Daniel 7 shows us three smaller beasts?
  242. Rev.. 13 - John /on the sand of the sea
  243. Revelation 12
  244. Woe to the inhabiters/earth and sea, then woe, woe, woe inhabiters/earth
  245. Who is the star that falls from heaven in Rev. 9? a king?
  246. Revelation has jumbled parts-not for John's day.
  247. Rev. 12/ studying the whole chapter
  248. Rev. 11/looking at the whole chapter
  249. What does it mean to say that Revelation is symbolic?
  250. eat the book/ for prophecy after the 7th trumpet needs revealed