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  1. WELCOME! Everyone please read these PURPOSES AND GUIDELINES.
  2. Public/Private School teacher role call!
  3. Behavior of children in public elementary schools
  4. Learned Something New!
  5. A GREAT poem about education
  6. Discussion 8 hour school days
  7. B.C.E. or B.C.
  8. My Professor's Stance on Homeschooling
  9. homeschooling scholarships
  10. Crosswords for kids
  11. Excellent maths website... from kindergarten through to "A level."
  12. Preschool Curriculum ABC Jesus Loves Me
  13. Special Ed -- any negative/positive experiences with it?
  14. New Era at ORU!
  15. school age children
  16. Public, Private, or Homeschool?
  17. Discussion "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge"
  18. How to be a sneaky parent and teach your kids without them knowing it
  19. Your Children and Your Television
  20. cyber school
  21. Discussion Christian tax dollars should go toward Christian education