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  1. A Muslim meets the real Jesus
  2. Interview with Kamal Saleem, Muslim terrorist-turned Christian evangelist
  3. Todd Friel Video
  4. Christmas and Christian rock: comparative logic..(hopefully lol)
  5. Adam and Eve
  6. 700 Club a question
  7. Sharing the Evangel This Christmas Season
  8. The gift of God Ephesians 2:8
  9. Generations talk about by Jesus, what he meant.
  10. The form of Satan
  11. The History of Christmas
  12. Angels use swords?
  13. Works of the law, Good works
  14. Who is Israel?
  15. Proving Jesus is God--from the Quran!
  16. How to be saved. Written by and 8 year old
  17. Is Jesus Prejudice?
  18. Information Apostle John boiling in oil
  19. Please Help Christianity is unoriginal
  20. Help Me Refute Two Arguments
  21. Why the probs with Old Testament dating?
  22. Calvinst Swipe at John Piper
  23. Need Advice: Missing Pieces Defining Forgiveness
  24. When did we stop believing God for souls and started believing Him for stuff?
  25. The Traveller's Guide
  26. How To Witness To Muslims that Yahweh And Alllah are NOT same God!
  27. Please Help Is Christianity more logical than atheism........?
  28. EVOLUTION-Does anyone have quick lines to paste into facebook or the like
  29. Contradictory Judges
  30. some questions that have I have been struggling with
  31. New to Apologetics & Evangelism, already feel completely incompetent my first try...
  32. how are we accountable?
  33. Apprehension with Entering Apologetics
  34. Bible verse on exploring creation?
  35. Have you heard a Christian meaning for playing cards?
  36. I need help *Sharing * Jesus with a Jehovah's Witness coworker*
  37. So we have no control of our lives?
  38. IRAN: Encouragement
  39. Does the Bible say anything about Neanderthals?
  40. obey all authorities?
  41. Objection to Euthypro Dilemma's Answer
  42. self delusion- Powerful sermon by C.H Spurgeoun
  43. Discussion Sponge Bob disproves Darwin?
  44. God exists, why does he deserve praise?
  45. Your faith derives from your geographic location?
  46. Amazing Facts - 1 - Bombadier Beetle
  47. Should we Christians be on the offensive?
  48. Amazing Facts of Divine Design
  49. Reconciling God and David
  50. Question for Jewish unbelievers
  51. Song of Yeshua
  52. Favorite Messianic Links
  53. Yeshua Revealed in Jewish High Holy Day Liturgy
  54. Old Testament Chronology
  55. as a believer can we swear to back the truth?
  56. Getting "Caught Up" in a Post-Modern World.
  57. Question about consequences of sin
  58. Does God punish others for our sins?
  59. What am I?
  60. Divorce and Adultery
  61. Information What is, "Name it and claim it" Word of God doctrine?
  62. If Jesus died for all the sin of the world why is there still sin in the world?
  63. Making a Difference (Part 1)
  64. Making a Difference (Part 2)
  65. Making a Difference (Part 3)
  66. Is watching/reading/playing certain things considered sinful?
  67. Cutting Edge in Apologetics?
  68. Are Jews still God's chosen people?
  69. Christmas Season: Prime Time to Share Christ.
  70. Information Video: You are a Watchmen
  71. Only a few days left
  72. Information Is Jesus a Jew?
  73. Please Help What happened to the Jews?
  74. A Saviour unto Israel
  75. Christian Flash Mob
  76. Two Questions
  77. Why do you believe the Bible is the Word of God?
  78. Who do you say Jesus is?
  79. Contradicting Verses?
  80. Is Gossiping a sin.
  81. Dates of the NT Books' Writing
  82. What Is The Fastest?
  83. The Scripture Tree
  84. Please Help 100 Ways YOU can Fulfill the Great Commission - Ideas?
  85. Genesis Creation vs. Darwin's Macroevolution Myth
  86. Bible Teachings or Traditions of Men?
  87. Why don't more Christians support abortion?
  88. Discussion 6 Days or 4.6 billion years?
  89. New Age teaching
  90. How do you combat this objection?
  91. When Did Faith and Reason Become Opposites?
  92. The plan of salvation
  93. Information Who are your Biblical / Prophetic Sources?
  94. The Children of God
  95. The Life of Jesus Christ in His Church
  96. Who Then Can Be Saved?
  97. The Word of God is for Believers ONLY
  98. Who's Telling the Truth? Jesus or John?
  99. Why I Believe Judas Iscariot is Saved
  100. I find this a little tough to go with.....
  101. Has anyone done an exhaustive study on Revelation?
  102. What was "Scripture" in the first century?
  103. Information Archaeological find - keep your mouth shut!
  104. A question on Zechariah 2
  105. Todays difficult conversation
  106. Testimony - Review and Helpful Critiques Please
  107. It's all GREEK to me....Or is it?
  108. Western Christianity
  109. A Question About Treating Trolls
  110. Poll Survey: The World’s Mortality Rate
  111. Evangelicalism in desperate need of reform
  112. Father Barron, Genesis, Biblical Literalism
  113. My evangelism experience
  114. Standing at the gates of Heaven
  115. Star Light VS. Young Earth
  116. Which Gospel was first
  117. Help with studying with an Athiest/Agnostic
  118. The Moral Heresy of Consequentialism
  119. "Challenge" from a non-Christian
  120. Mere Christianity vs. The Case for Faith
  121. Theosis...?
  122. Ancient Forest - 50,000 years old?
  123. Many are called but few are chosen
  124. More help answering another question...
  125. Jesus said, "no one can come to me unless the Father draws him"
  126. The Least in the Kingdom of Heaven
  127. Spiritualy Exhausted after Witnessing
  128. The Hebrew Language ,The DNA of Creation ?
  129. Sowing the Seed
  130. Christian psychobabble and ReligiouSpeak
  131. "restored faith in humanity"
  132. How do can we know if we going to heaven.
  133. Did God die on the cross?
  134. Adam and Eve
  135. Why do some believe Micro evolution and creationism are compatible?
  136. What is a "Kind?"
  137. Discussion The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit
  138. New Evolution Movie - 38 minutes online - What do you think?
  139. Salvation
  140. Arguments for the Existence of God
  141. Meteorites and asteroid impacts: Proof of a flood?
  142. Who or what is the Bride of Christ?
  143. Consistency
  144. Are children born without sin
  145. What is Grace?
  146. Paul returned to the Church of Jerusalem
  147. Gospel doesn't make sense...
  148. Ephesians 2:8
  149. What is Death for a Human Being?
  150. Exegesis of 1 Corinthians 12-14
  151. Acts 10 the Cornelius Household
  152. Bible is a translation of a translation of a translation. Can't be trusted.
  153. How do atheists deal with the un-resolved justice in this world?
  154. Discussion One Father... One Master... One Teacher. Does it define absolute freedom?
  155. A Thank You Card from the Homeless
  156. Please Help Help with a scripture in Acts
  157. Jehovah's Witnesses
  158. How do YECs explain craters?
  159. Was Jesus cursed by God?
  160. John Lennox on Stephen Hawking
  161. Jesus Christ is Lord God Almighty
  162. I was talking to someone in the grocery store, they were SDA
  163. Eternal Security or Once Saved Always Saved is Absolutely True
  164. I Want to Help Prostitutes
  165. Need Advice: Gospel Tracts While Evangelizing
  166. What Are You Doing to Reach Others for Christ?
  167. Multiple KINGdoms???
  168. Where will you spend eternity?. The most important question you will ever consider.
  169. 1 John 4:10 What is meant by propitiation?
  170. Did RCC manipulate the bible?
  171. Dress Rehearsal?
  172. This testimony saddens me deeply. Ken Ham needs to be put in his place.
  173. Typological Fulfillment
  174. We have already come to Mt. Zion
  175. I need help with some research so please answer the questions I ask if you can
  176. Things that are Shaken??
  177. Slavery in the Old Testament
  178. The Great Debate
  179. Questions Concerning the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit
  180. Isaiah says "God will come and save"
  181. What does the bible tell us about "what heaven will be like"?
  182. Understanding to Understand
  183. Ideas for evangelism
  184. Saeed Abedini's Story: Depressed Muslim to Christian Humanitarian
  185. When you first started in evangelism
  186. evangelism on social networks
  187. Injustice and Tragedy
  188. Are The Dead Really Dead?
  189. The Sound of Abortion
  190. Kept Secret
  191. Discussion Are there 2 Noah's Ark?
  192. The gospel of Jesus - The gospel in cronological order
  193. Fine Tuning and today's announcement regarding cosmic inflation
  194. Discussion Witnessing in the community
  195. Is anyone familiar with Wikipedia.?
  196. Catholicism to Christianity
  197. What makes us righteous?
  198. Discussion Muslum=Christian... what?
  199. Questions on our faith
  200. "Genesis Apocryphon"
  201. Need Advice: family issues
  202. Confronting The "Problem of Evil"
  203. Please Help pick a bible for a non christian friend
  204. Lessons In Apologetics, Part 1: Introduction & Agnosticism
  205. Lessons In Apologetics #2: Rationalism & Fideism
  206. Sacrificium intellectus (aka compatibility between science and religion)
  208. The deception of false religion
  209. GOD tells us how to be saved(born again) and join the eternal family of GOD.
  210. What Happens when people die ?
  211. Information How Do We Know Jesus Isn't A Pagan Myth Composite?
  212. I need help with a non-Christian friend...
  213. Jesus has some "strong" words to the pharisees and those that would believe.
  214. Fossils and the Bible
  215. Evidence For a Flood
  216. Discussion Evangelism outside the church?
  217. Babylonian Talmud?
  218. Need Advice: delete this thread
  219. Need Advice: Is This a good Jehovah Witness Argument on Translation?
  220. Everlasting Life
  221. God, Jesus birth, and us
  222. Please Help Why did Jesus have to die on the cross?
  223. Fear of God?
  224. The Inalienable Right To Everlasting Life
  225. Gospel Dollar Bill Tracts
  226. Between a Rock and a Hard place.
  227. Hard Question about Leviticus 19:20-22
  228. Three Crosses, Two Destinies – One Christ: The Final Countdown to Everlasting Life.
  229. Water, Living Water, Word, Spriit
  230. Can science prove God exists?(posts moved from CA)
  231. Information How do we know there was a Jesus? Here's a fun piece that deals with that question.
  232. Discussion Feet Washing a neglected ordinance
  233. Please Help Judgement seat of Christ /judging ourselves what does it all mean?
  234. IMPORTANT What Is The Father's Will On How He Wants Us To Honour Him By?
  235. ISTJs and Evangelism
  236. List of Biblical verses that are applicable on wordly events
  237. 30 million billion times the speed of light...
  238. Glory of God's Plan in Christ Jesus for his People
  239. Biblical Barrier Between Belief and Unbelief
  240. Jesus' Astonishing Claims About Himself
  241. Dealing with people who fake being Christian, as a form of mocking
  242. When was the last time you shared the Gospel ?
  243. Does the Calvinsit View of Election Conflict With Evangelism ?
  244. Words fitly spoken in worldly circumstances
  245. Discussion This My Son Was Dead
  246. Anything but God
  247. Is this life all there is?
  248. Does the Calvinsit View of Election Conflict With Evangelism Part 2
  249. Ecclesiastes: Good starting point for evangelism?
  250. Can't fix the dead : saving the lost