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  1. The Great Christ Comet
  2. God punishes some, not others ?
  3. Patterns of evidence
  4. Does the Calvinist View of Election Conflict With Evangelism Part 3
  5. Information Evidence for a Young Earth and that man walked with "Dinosaurs"...
  6. Need Advice: Question about living a balanced Christian life
  7. Information Why Call Yourself A Calvinist?
  8. Discussion Does the Calvinist View of Election Conflict with Evangelism -- part 4
  9. Information The Moon and New Testament Passover Dates
  10. Archaeology & the Bible
  11. Tools For Evangilsm
  12. What Do YOU Believe?
  13. Is the Gospel enough to save ?
  14. Question about our neighbor
  15. IMPORTANT Publishing the Bible in 5 Paperbacks
  16. The Biblical and Historical Evidence for the Birth of Christ
  17. Last Chance To Get Saved
  18. Here in England - 95% aren't anti Christian, it's just not relevant to their lives.
  19. Jesus said he was coming soon
  20. Smoking and Evangelism
  21. Missions
  22. Creation vs Evolution resource
  23. Greek - New Testament
  24. DNA: The Language of God
  25. Once Saved Always Saved (OSAS)
  26. Question about lying
  27. Noah' Great Flood - The Mystery
  28. Interesting article about DNA traced back to Noah's 3 daughter-in-laws
  29. Jesus in the Old Testament
  30. Information Exodus Date Refinement
  31. Humans Lived with Dinosaurs + G E N E S I S Issues Part 2
  32. Friend / Handyman
  33. Creation Astronomy
  34. When the good hits a wall.
  35. We all know the Jews crucified Jesus Chrst.
  36. What do you consider a normal reaction from people you have shared the Gospel with ?
  37. Interpretation Is Not A Good Thing
  38. Secular Science & The Believer
  39. How Long / How Often ?
  40. Religion article in The Federalist
  41. How To Get To Heaven When You Die
  42. Information The New Covenant of Righteousness
  43. Infor Evidence for a Young Earth and that man walked with "dinosaurs."Part 2. Closed.
  44. Information Understanding the Works of Grace
  45. Information “How to Receive Grace”
  46. “I am Through With Sin!”
  47. Local church
  48. The Case for Christ movie
  49. The question of Heaven and Afterlife
  50. Evangelizing
  51. Pros/cons evangelism booth
  52. Belief in the God of the bible without the bible?
  53. Gospel Tracts
  54. Need Advice: Evangelizing to the Hard Hearted
  55. Bible Verse Taken To The Moon By Buzz Aldrin In The First Lunar Landing By Humankind
  56. Acts 29......
  57. Salvation from what?
  58. Genesis Discussions Continued ( Part 3 )
  59. Information Jesus is God?
  60. How does one respond to the "God of the Gaps" argument?
  61. Xmas And The Sum Of All Fears
  62. How to be saved (born again) and join the family of God!!
  63. Love the lost enough to warn them about the all to REAL HELL==Jesus does!!
  64. Story, or account?
  65. A Biblical Defense Against Supposed Contradictions in the KJV.
  66. Fifty-Five Questions for Skeptics
  67. In the presence of evil
  68. Congratulations, its a boy!
  69. Skepticism
  70. Information 5 Steps to Eternal Life
  71. What is God's Offer?
  72. The Saving Faith
  73. How We Can Know We Are God's Children.
  74. Can we use this tool for evangelism?
  75. Testimony Box
  76. In the New World.
  77. Need Advice: Evangelism Tool - What do you Think?
  78. A newbie says "Hello" to all...
  79. Where is God?
  80. Discussion Is this a good way to combat relativism?
  81. The Professional Delusion
  82. What if we all took a moment?
  83. Star Light & Age of Earth
  84. What did Christ say about the law?
  85. Does God's Grace Blot out the Law?
  86. What is the sigfincance of the 'Black Hole' found in space.