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  1. Horrible, evil attack in New Zealand
  2. Roy Blunt Betrays Missourians
  3. 11 Christian Children Arrested in Violent Raid as China Increases Persecution
  4. Boko Haram Attacks Christian Village, Destroys Church
  5. 50 Muslims ruthlessly murdered in New Zealand by a self described white supremist
  6. News Tornado Rips Roof from Church as 40 Kids Miraculously Shielded
  7. Christian genocide in Nigeria
  8. First Non-Binary Person Now Admits It Was All A Sham
  9. Rising income inequality
  10. Britain Uses Violent Bible Verses to Deny Iranian Convert Asylum
  11. Duke to Pay $112.5 Million Settlement to resolve allegations of falsifying research
  12. Alaska Temps Expected To Soar 40 Degrees Above Normal
  13. Nigeria: Islamist Violence against Christians Continues
  14. Still think Islam doesn't have its sights on the US, watch this.
  15. Ebola Migrant
  16. Churches Have Become The #1 Target For Hate Attacks
  17. God's Testimony of Himself
  19. Nature in worst shape in human history with 1 million species at risk of extinction,
  20. Parkland School Public Safety Commission Delivers It's Final Report
  21. Developments in Syrian civil war
  22. Colorado Baker still being persecuted
  23. I don't even know what to say
  24. if there is not enough evidence to prove someone guilty,
  25. 2 Have Fallen
  26. Why is the Trump administration not charging employers who knowingly hire illegals?
  28. How would you react if someone called you the second coming of God?
  29. Yes! He Even Saved Murderers!
  30. Iran has world's "Fastest growing church" despite no buildings....
  31. Incredible display of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit - forgiveness!
  32. An Oxford professor allegedly stole ancient Bible fragments and sold them