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  1. Churches debate whether to marry gays in NY
  2. Troops March In San Diego's Gay Pride Parade
  3. We Pay A Sad Price For Being Too Politically Correct
  4. Japan sinking?
  5. Cut it to the BONE! Coburn proposes $9 trillion deficit cut measure
  6. The Conspiracy Thread
  7. U.N. Security Council preparing to seize Jerusalem from Israel on July 11,26th.
  8. Boy Kills Parents, Then Party's With Friends
  9. Christhchurch NZ Update
  10. Oh wow. Designer pigs.
  11. The Latest Flotilla Failed
  12. God Help Us
  13. Police Officer Ordered to Violate His Faith
  14. Heat 'dome' traps much of US in pressure cooker!
  15. Sink Hole Close Call
  16. You gotta Wonder Why
  17. Home Depot Co-Founder: Obama Is Choking Recovery
  18. I wonder if Bill Bright would have gone along with this
  19. Explosion in Oslo
  20. Israel Antiquities Authority unearths golden bell dating back to Second Temple era
  21. Talk About Labeling
  22. Pre-emptive Strikes?
  23. Bank bailout is more than the GDP and much of it was offshore.
  24. OK, this is just way out there - FunVax
  25. Taliban Hangs 8 Year Old
  26. Not every news story is bad or scary.
  27. Plane crash kills 78 in Morocco
  28. War veterans find peace of mind with pets
  29. What Christians can learn from Anders Brevik
  30. John Stott has died
  31. Good news! Emergency Airlift reach Somalian Refugee Camp's
  32. Another Threat Stopped
  33. Circumcision ban removed from S.F. ballot
  34. Syrian stats: 1,634 dead, 12,617 in jail, 2,918 missing
  35. Libyan rebel commander assassinated
  36. Egyptians Turn Against Liberal Protesters
  37. Al-Jazeera English launches in New York
  38. Legalized Child P#rn?
  39. Texas Gov. has called for day of prayer TOMORROW at Reliant Stadium, Houston, TX
  40. S&P downgrades US debt to AA+.... "stand by for heavy rolls"
  41. Have Y'all Heard About The Warren Jeffs Trial? Criminal 'RELIGIOUS FREEDOM!
  42. Stock Market Is Getting Pretty Messy
  43. London riots
  44. Here we go - electronic skin tatoo - could it be part of the end times?
  45. The Future of War?
  46. Appeals Court finally gets it right.... ruling against forced ObamaCare
  47. Obama Care
  48. Did Pakistan return the stealth helicopter?
  49. Speculation on what's next.
  50. Lawless Islands Being Created
  51. Deadly Hacking
  52. God Was SO TOTALLY In This!
  53. Wretched fundamentalist Christian tsunami
  54. Obama's approval rating on economy hits new low! 26 percent!
  55. Gadaddy is a No-GoDaddy
  56. Triple terror attack on Israel
  57. Microwave Radiation Dangers
  58. Lybian rebels enter and capture Qaddafi sun
  59. Man arrested for insulting Islam on Facebook
  60. 9/11 First Responders not invited this year
  61. Earthquake in Washington DC
  62. Israel Prepares Troops for Battle
  63. Something to think about: China's debt
  64. 17 million hungry kids is a lot.
  65. Is this what it's all about. Oil?
  66. Jobs
  67. Obama and Vacation
  68. Perry bills feds $349M for incarcerating illegals
  69. Obama's Uncle Arrested For DUI, May Be Here Illegally
  70. Fed $535,000,000 Stimulus Failure...
  71. 2,000-Year-Old Biblical Burial Box Reveals Clue About Death of Jesus
  72. Zero jobs created in August
  73. UN Report Largely Exculpates Israel on Mavi Marmara
  74. Will Taxpayers Recoup Bail-out funds?
  75. Another Hurricane??
  76. Germany boycott a UN anti-racism conference in NY
  77. OK, now the global warming club is simply getting rediculous.
  78. Japan Typhoon
  79. Interesting news. Not Earth Shattering, But Interesting.
  80. Tally of weather extremes and it's cost
  81. Spend Baby Spend Speach
  82. Who's a babyboomer generation?
  83. Earthquake
  84. Medicated society
  85. Please Everyone Read (concerning addressing of those in public office).
  86. Anger Over Casey Anthony Aguittal Spawns Calee's Laws!
  87. Iran Launches Bible Burning Campaign
  88. Barack Obama launches "Attackwatch" website
  89. Pat Robertson said THIS??? (Tell me it ain't so!)
  90. Palestinian refugees would not be citizens of Palestinian state
  91. Can Jerusalem be divided?
  92. Solendria Scandel?
  93. Lest we forget - miracles happen too
  94. ‘Pass This Jobs Bill!’
  95. Israel has rarely been so isolated
  96. Killing Newborns OK
  97. Winner of Nobel Prize Resigns Over Global Warming
  98. France bans street prayers
  99. David Attenborough joins campaign against creationism in schools
  100. Why the S&P downgraded the US
  101. Ted Haggard to Swap Wives With Gary Busey
  102. Bill Clinton not so pro-Israel after all
  103. How Much of Your Money Should You Be Allowed To Keep?
  104. Moody's Downgrades Big Banks
  105. Obesity and starvation
  106. Netanyahu's speech to the UN
  107. Obama: "Billionaires Should Pay the Same Tax Rate "As A Jew"
  108. Wall St Demonstrations
  109. 9,000 Mexican Illegals flown back to Mexico from one state alone!
  110. Jehovah's Witness Magazine Under Fire For Claiming Defectors Are 'Mentally Diseased'
  111. Bell County, Kentucky students stand up to pre-game prayer ban!! WOW!
  112. So now it's all about speed...
  113. Bible Study banned.
  114. Man kills bear to protect his family and now he's being fined.
  115. This could turn science on it's head if true.
  116. Steve Jobs passes away
  117. War With Iran Just Got Closer
  118. What do you think of Hardees new commercial idea?
  119. Hackers Say They Will "Erase" NYSE From Internet On October 10.
  120. 16 facts about China
  121. War Drone Virus? Can't Be Good.
  122. Pastor in Iran faces death sentence
  123. Mormon beliefs again under attack...which I say they should be under attack....
  124. TODAY: Oct. 12, 2011 Authorities help woman leave Utah polygamous FLDS sect
  125. Dennis Ritchie dies at 70
  126. So Israel is negotiating with terrorists now?
  127. Herman Cain 9-9-9 plan, thoughts?
  128. Stephen Pinker's new book: Violence is declining
  129. Privacy - or rather lack thereof - and facebook
  130. Secret Service, IRS investigate Ga. megachurch
  131. If Libya, why not Iran?
  132. Another big quake in Turkey
  133. Internet blacklist goes into effect
  134. Vatican calls for global authority on economy
  135. The New Libya
  137. State Dept. Spends $70,000 on Obama Books
  138. Occupy Wall St. Cutting Back On Meals Because Of FREELOADERS. lol
  139. Red Dragon Rising And The New Economic Order
  140. Freedom From Religion Foundation Inc.
  141. 7 Billion
  142. UGH! Eewwww....I don't know where to put this...What's in McRibs???
  143. List: Who is supporting Occupy Wall Street
  144. Pagan Christianity!
  145. Obama Listening to Muslims Over Christians
  147. Asteroid 2005 YU55 to Approach Earth on November 8
  148. RCC Accused of Selling Pornographic, Satanic Novels
  149. Obama overheard saying...
  150. Occupiers: a job? Uh...no thank you.
  151. Am I being insensitive?
  152. madness
  153. Cain willing to submit to a polygraph test
  154. Easy way for Obama to win re-election
  155. Today's date:11/11/11
  156. To All The Veterans Here
  157. Wasn't 'Anonymous' supposed to take down Facebook Nov. 5th?
  158. Seems like blatant corruption
  159. OCCUPY'S NEXT MOVE: Occupy Foreclosed Homes!
  160. "We harvest the skulls of Jews"
  161. Massachussetts law professor condemns support for American troops
  162. Missing pilot
  163. Google purchase PittPatt's facial recognition technology
  164. The Shrinking Middle Class
  165. Keystone XL Pipeline and Oil Drilling
  166. Just When We Think W've Heard It All...we haven't!
  167. So Much For Our Intelligence
  168. Armed illegals stalked border patrol
  169. Factory Workers making equipment for US troops, work under the influence
  170. What do feel will be the most likely outcome of the Occupy Movement?
  171. New "Twilight" Movie Causes Seizures!
  172. Syria: Bad News For US
  173. #OCCUPYXMAS ????
  174. A bill is in the Senate. Could allow unjust arrest of US citizens.-from ETC
  175. Some Iraqis are fighting against the Assad regime?
  176. War Coming To USA?
  177. Makes you kinda warm inside, huh?
  178. UK Embassy in Iran attacked
  179. Norwegian killer declared legally insane at the time of the attacks
  180. Iranian missile site damaged
  181. Supercommittee fails at deficit reduction
  182. Obama Assassin Believed God Called Him To It
  183. "Anthrax isn't scary at all compared to this"
  184. American Airlines files for bankruptcy protection
  185. Muslim Brotherhood says they have the lead in Egyptian elections
  186. This Church Has No Understaning
  187. Air Force acadamy builds pagan shrine
  188. A New Cold War?
  189. Can Congress Steal Your Constitutional Freedoms?
  190. No exemptions from pro-homosexual classes
  191. Sodomy and bestiality now okay for our military....
  192. Cries for Germany to lead Europe.
  193. Two-thirds of the Arab world’s largest nation is voting for sharia
  194. Obama urging US lawmakers to soften Iran sanctions
  195. Object near planet Mercury: What is it?
  196. Spy Drone That Crashed
  197. Bible ban at Walter Reed Implimented/Rescinded
  198. Noah's ark found?
  199. Should the US be pressuring other countries to promote Gay Rights?
  200. Fast & Furious
  201. Senator John Kerry is in Egypt...
  202. Transgender 14 Year Old?
  203. So proud of Athens Texas!
  204. Christopher Hitchens Passes Away at Age 62
  205. Something look familiar about this building?
  206. Jesus was an Occupier?
  207. Kim Jong-Il Dead, Age 69
  208. House Rejects Senate Payroll Tax Bill
  209. Iran starts building a nuclear weapon: US and Israel tighten cooperation
  210. Do you support SOPA?
  211. Gingrich fading, next non-Romey?
  212. Iowa Caucus Tonight! Who do you got?
  213. I don't think I've ever seen this before
  214. U.S. Catholic bishop who resigned fathered two children
  215. I'm a “Belieber!”?
  216. How will 2/3 of White House reporters be laid off?
  217. The Muslim Brotherhood a partner for establishing peace?
  218. China cuts entertainment TV by two-thirds
  219. Australian Prime Minister tells Muslims to get out of the Country
  220. AP: Nigerian sect kills 15; Christians vow defense
  221. Obama to share secrets with Russia
  222. 'Doomsday Clock' moves 1 minute closer to midnight
  223. Voting from beyond the grave
  224. Your tax dollars at work--more "Solyndras"
  225. Understanding the Euro crisis
  226. God tells woman to "track down Romney"
  227. H.R. 3166: Enemy Expatriation Act
  228. Obama administration will reject keystone pipeline
  229. Doing the Dougie the hard way
  230. Running out of resources?
  231. Staring into the Abyss - John Mauldin writes about Greek debt and the Euro
  232. The Muslim Brotherhood wins big in Egyptian elections
  233. New family-friendly search engine
  234. Moses meets Saving Private Ryan
  235. 10th Presidents Grandsons are Still Alive
  236. Large Object AT the Bottom of The Sea
  237. Richard Robert's DUI
  238. Global warming or mini ice age next?
  239. Greatest Threats In 2012
  240. What about the Christians?
  241. US no time for bidding. National Securirty at Stake.
  242. Planned Parenthood propoganda
  243. Whatever happened to the C-SPAN healthcare discussions?
  244. Woman reads bible to ward off attacker
  245. Obama quotes Jesus
  246. This is Just Plain Nutty
  247. Teen Says Killing 9 Year Old Was Amazing.
  248. Victoria's Secret Angel Walks
  249. Greece Is Grim
  250. Nanny state report: Government confiscates pre-schoolers home made lunch.