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  1. Israel Makes Preparations for War
  2. Church owned charities forced to provide insurance that includes abortifacients
  3. $4 a Gallon Gas Has Arrived, Is $6 a Gallon Gas in Your Future?
  4. The cancer of debt and deficits
  5. free online course re: US Constitution
  6. Execution order for Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani may have been issued
  7. Obama Apologizes to Muslims Over Koran Burnings While US Servicemen Get Murdered
  8. WikiLeaks At It Again
  9. Police State Report: 12 year old arrested for spraying perfume on her neck in school.
  10. Killing babies morally OK medical ethesist says
  11. Media Matters slammed for anti Semtitism
  12. I saw this tornado go by a couple of hours ago.
  13. African Americans For Obama -- Is This Racist?
  14. Andrew Breitbart -- A Great Beacon Has Died
  15. Religious Mafia
  16. Heart Stolen
  18. What has greater consequences?
  19. Gift to Obama
  20. Stop Kony
  21. Muslim group gets Gen. Boykin bumped from West Point speaking engagement
  22. Sovereign Citizens
  23. U.S. soldier kills Afghan civilians
  24. Liberal Left Voting For Celibacy?
  25. 'American Idol' Producers Tell Colton Dixon Faith Tweets Can Cost Him Votes
  26. This is shocking!
  27. Executive Order -- National Defense Resources Preparedness
  28. Is Obama anti-Bible?
  29. Innocent teen shoot and killed;police do nothing
  30. Progressive's "Miission Accomplished". Time to study a new word: "Communism"
  31. His Train Fills the Temple
  32. J.P. Morgan decided to drop the Holy See as a client.
  33. Obama caught on an open mic again
  34. Two Million Protesters Set to March on Jerusalem this Friday, Organizer Says
  35. My my Grandma, what a big sword you have....
  36. Have the Arizona Supreme Justices Lost Their Mind? They oughta be impeached!
  37. JetBlue pilot goes beserk
  38. Shooting at Oikos University
  39. Supreme Court Ruling Allows Strip-Searches for Any Arrest
  40. Forget Kony, 500,000 Christians may be facing genocide in Sudan
  41. Atheist Activist Finds God, Is Now a Christian! (AN AMAZING STORY!)
  42. The Shroud of Turin
  43. Artist Thomas Kinkade dies in California at age 54
  44. Are all these natural disasters a sign of what is to come?-from ETC
  45. Producer who edited Trayvon 911 call fired
  47. Miracle baby: Inspiring news story we can use all right now
  48. Swedish government banning home-schooling
  49. Planned Parenthood launches prayer campaign
  50. boys and girls to no longer be called boys and girls
  51. George Washington named Britain's "greatest ever foe".
  52. Dead Sea Scrolls Declare Suffering Messiah
  53. Chuck Colson gravely Ill
  54. Bill Cosby says Zimmerman-Martin Case is about Gun Ownership, not Racism
  55. More Stronger Earthquakes?
  56. Statement from VOM-USA on the death of Tom White, Executive Director
  57. Pro-life clinic opens up next door to Planned Parenthood clinic
  58. Labor Dept. trying to ban farm kids chores.
  59. Consumption/population: were running out
  60. TSA still groping children.
  61. LGBT lawyers sue American pastor for "crimes agaist humanity" in Uganda
  62. Political Correctness Does It Again
  63. Please welcome the Rev Al Sharpton...er, I mean, Jesse Jackson.
  64. A Child of the North Korean Gulag
  65. Muslim Convert Interview
  66. Self Defense Doesn't Work in Cases of Abuse?
  67. NC Pator Sean Harris says Parents should "Punch" their gay acting children...
  68. Six million African Muslims leave Allah for Jesus every year.
  69. Afghan child Bride
  70. muslim burning sacred tombs
  71. Hmmm....
  72. S. Korea intercepts health pills from China that allegedly contain human flesh
  73. Obama hits Syria with a brutal blast
  74. 2 news stories that seem to be under a blanket.
  75. "Jesus Would Not Approve Of Abortions" President Carter
  76. Crypt opened for clues to missing Vatican schoolgirl
  78. Federal Judge Delcares New Law Violation
  79. Latest news on the Trayvon Martin case
  80. HOt Rocks
  81. New Manuscript Discoveries
  82. The Six Commandments?
  83. No budget, no Congressional paychecks
  84. Iran steps up Christian persecution
  85. Archaeologists unearth ancient Bethlehem seal
  86. Target Launches Gay Pride T-Shirt Line To Benefit LGBT Advocacy Group
  87. Centuries old bible 'mean Christianity's downfall'
  88. Syria: Massacre of women and children in village of Houla
  89. Wonders never cease
  90. Obama’s Absurd Claim About Judaism
  91. Cat Hoarder
  92. Little boy in Indiana
  93. Economy of US, Europe close to "danger zone"
  94. Another Case Of Cannibalism
  95. Canadian Psycho
  96. Ex-gays being harassed
  97. Catholic Church Cracks Down On Nuns
  98. Governor Scott Walker Wins Wisconsin Big Time
  99. D-Day
  100. One Boston Teacher's Blunt Commencement Speech
  101. Sweet Accident!
  102. Obama: The Economy is doing 'Fine'
  103. Teen Says he's been living in the woods for years
  104. Update On Kindness Hitchhiker
  105. Flesh eating disease
  106. Another example of why public employee unions are detrimental
  107. Obamas Power Grab -- AMNESTY!!
  108. A Christian Musician Arrested For Murder
  109. Southern Baptist set to elect first Black President
  110. Bank glitch gives allows man 1.5 million dollars in withdrawals
  111. Another presidential power grab
  113. How will Muslim Brotherhood affect Israel
  114. Popular Atheist Blogger turns to Catholicism
  115. Obamacare ruling by the Supreme Court on thursday
  116. USA: NC Police Chaplain not allowed to pray in Jesus Name
  117. Louisiana Schools Teach That ‘Existence’ Of Loch Ness Monster Proves Creationism
  118. Ain't Nothin' Like The Real Thing
  119. Russia And China Vow To Keep Syria From Becoming Another Libya
  120. Supreme Court Throws Out Health Care Mandate
  121. Latest from Warren Jeffs, Still Giving Orders From Prison!
  122. Stolen Valor act : OK to lie
  124. Food stamp lesson
  125. Science Fiction Lightening
  126. What is Holder holding on to?
  127. "God" Particle found....
  128. Some stats on Supreme Court and Obamacare ruling.
  129. Unemployment rate down to 4.5%........
  130. Obama pulls the handle with our money....and loses again
  131. White's Only Conference Held By PASTOR??
  132. Iran can't sell oil, piling it up on ships
  133. Islam Recaptures Spain
  134. Fashion Industry Listening
  135. Google Announces Global Campaign to Legalize Gay Marriage
  136. Barney Frank weds
  137. Christian Jailed for Hosting Home Bible Study
  138. Venezuela Bans Private Gun Ownership: Let the murders begin!
  139. Muslims push aggressively for Sharia law in Europe
  140. Former black Dem Obama supporter becomes a Republican
  141. People's Rights Ammendment: Freedom Of Speech Rights Removed From Corporations
  142. Jewish Leader Tears up New Testament in front of TV cameras !
  143. Should the law get away with these things because they are the law?
  144. Good on John McCain
  145. Movie house massacre in Colorado
  146. Is this true??
  147. Whooping Cough Outbreak
  148. Colorado mass murderer gunman photo at 'Occupy San Diego!'
  149. Syria's WMDs
  150. Obama promises to grace Israel wtih his presence if re-elected
  151. Congratulations To The Happy Lovebirds
  152. Boycott of Chick-Fil-A
  153. As predicted Obama politicizes tragedy with calls for gun control
  154. Girl miraculously survives Colorado theatre shooting
  155. Hospitals That Do The Right Thing
  156. Romney largest lead so far....
  157. The City of Philly Making Persecution Legal
  158. Indiana company scraps plans for expansion over ObamaCare device tax
  159. Church Refuses to Marry Black Couple!
  160. Hep C Serial Infector
  161. Snoop Dog to Snoop Lion!
  162. Ebola Outbreak
  163. United Nations (UN) wants to control the internet
  164. 1099 to replace W2 forms?
  165. 7 dead in shooting of Sikhs in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.
  166. Ark
  167. Taxing Churches
  168. Tax The Rich?
  169. Details not adequately supported?
  170. Drought in Midwest Spreads
  171. Biblical Plagues Really Did Happen Says Scientists
  172. Us economic recovery is worst since World War 2...not good at all!
  173. Israel sets ultimatum deadline to act upon Iran.
  174. Suddenly, I don't like the funny Progressive Ins. ads any more!
  175. Another Afghan police attack kills 2 US troops
  176. Family Research Center shooter a gay activist
  177. Great uses for Duck Tape
  178. The Bakery that refused to allow the Biden campaign group to stop there.....
  179. And Competition Reveals.... An Epic Public School FAIL
  180. Dear ACA, I Hope You Planned on the Iron Law of Supply and Demand
  181. Atheist's 2 cents messege on billboards in Charlotte
  182. Buckingham Prince was at a party Friday Night
  183. Romney makes US oil production a campaign issue
  184. Shooting At The Empire State Building - Developing..........
  185. Anyone heard of this church?
  186. Religious Teen Sues Burger King Over Uniform
  187. Another Katrina
  188. Sperm cells created from female embryo......
  189. Republican Nation Convention Paradox?
  190. Egyptian Official: Military balance will change in the ME
  191. Occupiers turn on Obama
  192. Burning your waffle
  193. China river
  194. This is Why the Drone War is a Big Mistake
  195. Protesters climb U.S. Embassy walls in Cairo
  196. Oh, God really makes me laugh with joy sometimes!!
  197. Ambassador Christopher Stevens
  198. Stirring the bottom of the pot some more!
  199. Just Wondering...
  200. Us Credit Rating Downgraded -- AGAIN!
  201. Another youtube video that should have Muslims protesting
  202. From an Israeli newspaper (liberal but they live there are well).
  203. Moounting evidence Libyan attack was planned well in advance
  204. Family faces fine for hosting bible study
  205. So what happens to conservative support now?
  206. Quantitative Easing?
  207. White House finally concedes Lybian attack was terrorist-related
  208. Stevens may not have died in vain.
  209. Great new stupid criminal story
  210. What a cool story!
  211. Spain and daily living
  212. Is Harry Reid comepteing with Ahmedinejab in rhetoric?
  213. SHOCK: Theory of Gravitation may be disproved
  214. Why some peope SHOULDN'T have kids...
  215. New body art trend...bagelhead!
  216. Jimmy Hoffa may be found at last?
  217. China-Japan dispute
  218. High speed chase in Arizona ends in suicide!
  219. Maker of anti-islam movie arrested supposedly for parole violation
  220. Why hasn't Obama called it a terrorist attack?
  221. The Bold Red Line
  222. Israel loves Iran
  223. Truth About OBAMACARE Starting To Surface! Scary!
  224. Azerbaijan to assist Isael in striking Iraq?
  225. Muslims torch Buddhist temples
  226. National Press Club Briefing on homosexual 'marriage'
  227. Death Panels/Obama care - will you be the one to die?
  228. Pope's butler trial
  229. Turkey fires back at Syria after a second motar strike.
  230. Teacher went too far?
  231. The fat news woman versus the sexiest pig emailer
  232. Teacher humiliates student over Romney t-shirt
  233. High Gas Prices -- Obama Owns This!
  234. Pope's butler guilty
  235. Taliban mock US as Afghanistan enters 12th year.
  236. More of why some people shouldn't have kids
  237. Heaven is real
  238. Is Selling Your Stuff At Yard Sales (or a used car) About To Become Illegal?
  239. Mitt Romney calls for Syrian rebels to be armed
  240. I am appalled.
  241. State Department denies it said what it said......
  242. Why is the pope praying in Arabic?
  243. UN peace envoy draws up 3,000 sized force for Syria.
  244. 12 year-old boy saves grandma
  245. Egypt seeking nuclear technology for warheads.
  246. D'Souza Doesn't Believe His Own Stuff
  247. 77 rockets fired at Israel today
  248. What will they think of next
  249. U.N. to moniter U.S. elections..
  250. Request's for help denied DURING Benghazi attacks (FoxNews)