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  1. Star Wars Episode 7 coming to theaters in 2015.
  2. Life In The Zoo...
  3. China now openly flexing military muscles.
  4. They will truely be missed
  5. You go girl!
  6. Welcome to Amerika, Comrade
  7. Luke Skywalker wears the Mickey ears
  8. Shocking - Projected IRS Tax Form for Obamacare Individual Mandate Released!
  9. Forced abortions and sterilizations in the USA?
  10. Demon possessed (?) man kills Vicar - Violence Towards Christians in Western World
  11. Man sues because of "ugly baby"...and wins!
  12. Rape and abortion article
  13. Latest intrusion of Russian military forces within 200 miles of the US:
  14. Voter suppression in Philly....again
  15. The lesson to be learned about the *new* Political forum
  16. This man believed a giant crucifix cured his wife's cance, but later falls on him
  17. Obama Defeats Romney
  18. Kenyan mother names twins Barack Obama and Mitt Romney
  19. Obama and Romney BOTH Kenyan citizens!
  20. Petraeus resigns over 'affair'
  21. Can't something be done to offer FAIR elections any more?????
  22. Another nanny state report...
  23. Petraeus will testifty.
  24. Obama Admin Tells Court: Hobby Lobby Must Obey HHS Mandate | LifeNews.com
  25. China has eyes set on US Airbase in the Atlantic.
  26. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem
  27. dupe post, please delete!
  28. Bus Driver Refuses to Drive a bus with Gay ad — Right or Wrong?
  29. How the unions killed the Twinkie.
  30. Missles, missles everywhere.....................
  31. Israel Prepares for War: We need to be prepared.
  32. Test
  33. Obama giving a drink offering to an idol...?!
  34. Judge rules against Nativity scene
  35. The Owl and The Cage
  36. Protests in Egypt against "The New Pharaoh"
  37. UN upgrade for the PA?
  38. Was Arafat poisoned?
  39. Simple, solid economic....
  40. These People Don't Get it About the Women Bishops
  41. Cool story
  42. NEWSFLASH: Obama Not So Committed to Creating an Unprecendented Level of Openness
  43. María Santos Gorrostieta
  44. Obama wants more authority
  45. 100,000 Egyptians (so far) Flee To US Over Islamic Agenda
  46. I'm not understanding the protesting in Michigan
  47. UK: Church of Scotland Forces Out Congregation; Origins in Gay Clergy Dispute
  48. This year's Darwin award winner
  49. Health insurance rates may double in 2014
  50. Tragic Shooting in CT Elementry School -- Multiple Deaths
  51. Obama is a moderate Republican
  52. Texas School District Has Had Armed Teachers Since 2008.
  53. Syrian jets bomb a mosque in Damascus, kill 25 Palestinian civilians
  54. For cryin' out loud...
  55. Very powerful and moving speech by Obama
  56. Tragic shooting at school - Where was God??
  57. Westboro: A New Low
  58. More than 500 from 'fringe Christian' doomsday cult arrested in China
  59. Mythbusters at it again
  60. Wacky conspiracy theory for today
  61. Time selects Obama as 2012 Person of the Year
  62. The GOP Really Hits Bottom
  63. Pres. Obama sends gun sales through the roof!
  64. Columbine Victims Dad Echoes His Sentiments Over Sandy Hook
  65. Peace and Good Will?
  66. The Fiscal Cliff
  67. international support for Israel
  68. Pastor Nadarkhani arrested
  69. ‘Queen James Bible' Scrubs 'Homophobic’ Passages
  70. President Bush (41) in ICU.....Guarded condition
  71. If Hobby Lobby gets fined,
  72. But, this wasn't in the news:
  73. Obama and the Libs Want to Confiscate Your Guns!
  74. The President Who Wants It All
  75. A Perfect Match: Al Gore and Al Jazeera
  76. Time Magazine says that abortion activists are losing ground ......
  77. What am I missing?
  78. Planned Parenthood Has Record Year For Abortions And Government Subsidies
  79. Are we headed down the same road as France?
  80. US Government Tells Computer Users To DISABLE Java.
  81. The Big Lie Of The Assault Weapons Ban
  82. Anyone seen this video yet?
  83. Poverty in America
  84. Romney's "Lie Of The Year" Turns Out To Be True
  85. Egypt to receive Abraams tanks and F16 Firghter Aricraft
  86. Obama's recess appointments ruled unconsititional
  87. Amazing message!! The Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast.
  88. 2013--The Year of the Comets
  89. Notice to Obama supporters
  90. Obama: “Israel doesn’t know what its own best interests are.”
  91. Government Acknowledges ARs are Good Defensive Weapons
  92. Has One Of Iran's Nuke Facilities Suffered An Explosion With 200 Trapped Personel?
  93. Israel strikes convoy in Syria
  94. Egyptian President's Aide Says Holocaust a US Hoax
  95. School bus shooting in Midland City Alabama
  96. The economy shrunk 0.1% last quarter
  97. 5 year old Suspended from school for making a Lego Gun
  98. Ready for the Avalanche?
  99. Eight Major Retailers That Will Close the Most Stores
  100. Obama Offers Opt-Out to Birth Control Mandate
  101. Al Quaeda group back on Twitter after being banned
  102. 7 year old suspended for make-believe grenade.
  103. USPS to cut Saturday mail delivery
  104. Obama's drone policy
  105. 80th Wedding anniversary a US record
  106. God reaching millions of Muslims through dreams and visions of Jesus
  107. Nine year old girl gives birth
  108. Baby causes car thief to abandon stolen car and call police
  109. Dr. Benjamin Carson's inspiring prayer breakfast speech
  110. Northeast blasted again with more storms.
  111. States that people are fleeing because of the economy
  112. Recent examples of ridiculous government regulations
  113. CSCOPE curriculum in Texas school asks 6th graders to design a socialist flag
  114. Documentary Celebrates Four Late-Term Abortion Practitioners
  115. Whatever happened to Global Warming?
  116. The Top Ten Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2012
  117. Let's blame the Christians.
  118. China and Russia advancing the currency war.
  119. The pope resigns
  120. Secret Files Exonerate "Hitlers Pope"
  121. I am glad to see this....
  122. England's Handgun Ban Unable To Stop Police Murders By Handgun And Grenade
  123. North Korea detonated nuclear bomb
  124. Bombing the Syrian Reactor: The Untold Story
  125. Rubio's rebuttal to Obama's State of the Union address
  126. Breaking News.
  127. Port-a-potty, meth lab found on golf course
  128. Sad sunset years of a career criminal
  129. oops
  130. Russian meteor, today's asteroid, and Rev 8:8-10, 9:20-21
  131. Heads up for users of Adobe Reader
  132. Beware of having a Buckeye leaf decal on your vehicle
  133. Worst fake knock out of all time
  134. Now we know - President Obama was MIA on Benghazi
  135. We know how to stop school shootings
  136. Facebook hacked
  137. Zombie invasion!
  138. Really?
  139. US sheriffs lay down challenge to Obama in public vow to defy gun laws
  140. Joe Biden on self defense
  141. sometimes I wish i didn't live in Massachusetts
  142. Budget controls the old fashioned way....
  143. Islam Or Death
  144. Wal-Mart gun supply not keeping up with demand
  145. OMG, The sky is about to fall.
  146. Israel, US successfully test anti-missile system
  147. Newsflash! W4G owes V an apology!
  148. I was kind of hoping that America was better than this
  149. Transgender children and bathrooms an issue in Colorado
  150. If you're a journalist, don't tell the truth about the Obama administration
  151. Sinkhole under man's a bedroom swallows him alive
  152. Most of Florida house over sinkhole demolished
  153. Locusts attack Egypt.
  154. Top contenders for the next Pope
  155. I apologize to the mods
  156. Death of Hugo Chavez
  157. Some good news for a change
  158. Warning: lead and other contaminants in newer garden hoses
  159. Ammo buyers angry??
  160. We need sensible ax restrictions
  161. Applebees waitress' stolen Driver's license presented by customer as ID
  162. NBC Edited "under God" from Pledge Of Allegiance at US Open, Are They Biased?
  163. USA: Christian Florist Receives Arson Threats for Refusing to Supply Gay Marriage
  164. Nanny Bloomberg loses soda fight
  165. UN report: Palestinian missile probably killed 11 year old child
  166. Colorado shootings trial
  167. White smoke........New Pope.
  168. Grounded kid shoots parents
  169. US missile defense beefed up in response to N Korea's sabrer-rattling
  170. Is capitalism moral?
  171. Greece a country going down
  172. JAMA study published: More guns = more gun murders
  173. Boy posts a picture of his gun for a birthday present from his dad and police show up
  174. Your tax dollars at work
  175. happened again
  176. Obama's visit to Israel
  177. ‘Amazing Race’ episode set in Hanoi sparks outrage over use of B-52 as prop...
  178. House committee votes to fire federal workers who owe back taxes..
  179. Obama and socialism
  180. FYI: BF top 20
  181. Glad to see Biden helping out Paris and London with our dollars
  182. FAU apologizes for stomping Jesus
  183. Anti-gun Group Feeds Propaganda To Third World Countries To Encourage Gun-control
  184. Cyprus bail-out solution...Steal 40% from private accounts over $100,000
  185. Leftist l*sbian professor converted to Christ. Awesome article!
  186. NK's provocative threats: Will Obama step up?
  187. Planned Parenthood supports "post birth abortions"
  188. Obama Kills a 16 Year Old U.S. Citzen Without Trial.
  189. Awesome video about the US and some great presidents
  190. Could this lawsuit kill Obamacare?
  191. Obama April Fools Irony Alert
  192. Insider trading that's legal.... bad policy!
  193. The "Farmland Bubble" and how it will affect PLANNED food shortages.
  194. Global warming... the end of the illusion?
  195. "miraculous" Goldfish sign
  196. A silver lining in the North Korean threat?
  197. IGNORE the Joel Osteen Website Slander
  198. Rick Warren's son commits suicide
  199. Margaret Thatcher Has Died
  200. Dumb criminal story
  201. Double post
  202. Military Labels Evangelicals, Catholics as ‘Religious Extremism’
  203. 'Mickey Mouse Club' original Annette Funicello dies
  204. CALIFORNIA) Citizens/Consumers Support Your Right To Know (Act AB1291)
  205. Catholics and Evangelicals labeled "extremist" by Pres. Obama administration
  206. Communist survivor to gun grabbers - "you don't know what freedom is"
  207. 50 years ago it was a joke
  208. State TV: 4 dead after quake hits Iran, near nuclear site
  209. Stabbings at Texas Community College (on going)
  210. 5 firefighters taken hostage in Georgia.. :(
  211. Joel Osteen hoaxer comes out of shadows
  212. Post Office Retreats on Eliminating Saturday Mail
  213. A Form of Gun Confiscation Has Reportedly Begun in New York State
  214. Highway patrol gave feds Missouri weapon permits data
  215. Awesome story of forgiveness
  216. double thread
  217. Iranian Scientist Claims to Have Built ‘Time Machine'
  218. Judge rules you can't drink milk from a cow you own
  219. Happening now: Explosions at the Boston Marathon near finish line
  220. Gardners worst nightmare) Massive rat-sized snails invade America! (Florida)
  221. Biggest quake in 40 years hits Iran, hundreds feared dead.
  222. Church Authorise True Marriage
  223. Governor Huckabee Says To Bring Our Brains To The Gun-control Discussion
  224. Senate blocks expanded gun sale background checks
  225. North Korean reveals cannibalism is common after escaping starving state
  226. Stephen Hawking's "big bang" without God?
  227. Watertown lockdown live video: Police hunt for second Boston bombing suspect
  228. U.S House passes CISPA - Cybersecurity Bill
  229. 2nd Boston bombing terrorist surrounded (LIVE streaming video)
  230. IT'S OVER! Suspect is in custody and alive in an ambulance now (Live stream)
  231. Obama Administration Failed To Provide Funding For First Enhanced Background Checks
  232. A snapshot of the Boston Bomber mind
  233. PROOF! Boston Marathon Bombing is Staged Terror Attack
  234. Canada thwarts plot to blow up U.S.-Canada rail line
  235. Boston bomber on welfare... benefits stopped in 2012
  236. Gun Violence and Gun Control
  237. Congress trying to exempt itself from Obamacare
  238. Is it possible to build a fusion reactor? Looks like one is already being built
  239. Greece lays off 2 civil servants!
  240. Eric Holder: "home schooling is not a parental right."
  241. CPS Takes Child After Mom Gets 2nd Opinion
  242. Russian scientists predict Global Cooling....
  244. Court martial for expressing Christianity
  245. NORTH KOREA: Christian U.S. Citizen Kenneth Bae Sentenced to 15 years Hard Labor
  246. Notre Dame prof: most of the martyrdom of early Christians is a "myth"
  247. "Anonymous" Gets Involved In Small Town Homicide
  248. Is the new NRA president a conspiracy therorist?
  249. Obama official: What red line?
  250. Syria: Attack on military facility was a 'declaration of war' by Israel