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  1. Teen points a finger heavenward after victory, and team gets disqualified.
  2. Missing Ohio Women Found After Being Abducted For Over A Decade!!
  3. 3-D Printable handguns
  4. Gun violence is US falls dramatically over past 20 years
  5. Jodi Arias verdict reached. To be read in about an hour.......
  6. Benghazi hearing begins..........
  7. 7 year olds suspended for make-believe gun shooting
  8. Survey of LE professionals reveals overwhelming pro-gun rights attitudes
  9. IRS apologizes for targeting conservative groups
  10. Big Bang Cosmology Is Consistent With Scripture? Being Able to Read English
  11. Siblings of Presidents of ABC and CBS news work at whitehouse!
  12. Invasive IRS on healthcare.
  13. Huckabee: Benghazi will drive Obama from office.
  14. Another scandal breaks: Justice Dept secretly spies on Associated Press
  15. Abortion doctor convicted of murder
  16. President Barack Obama has said US tax collection agency's targeting of conservative
  17. IRS Graham's charity... Billy Graham supported Romney
  18. IRS fast tracks Obama's half brother's charity
  19. Washington is turning on the President
  20. The IRS wants to know what books you are reading...
  21. Anyone watch the TV show "Person of Interest"?
  22. Holder back on the hot seat
  23. IRS withheld approval for pro-life group
  24. IRS did what some democrats encouraged it to do.
  25. Has the EPA been doing the same thing as the IRS?
  26. Obama outraged over IRS targeting of conservatives
  27. Lies by the IRS top management
  28. IRS denies pro-life groups tax exempt status - mentioned Planned Parenthood
  29. Lawmakers Press for Answers on DHS Ammo Stockpiling
  30. Is Our Own House In Order?
  31. Massive tornadoes hit Oklahoma
  32. Another abortion doctor accused of murder
  33. Bibles returned to lodges and cabins in Georgia
  34. I've rarely been so moved...
  35. IRS scandal; Lois Lerner pleads the 5th
  36. Terrorist attack (?) in london
  37. The environment that led to the IRS scandal
  38. Suicide bomber kills 18 in Russian region
  39. The President took on the problem of ___________ today . . .
  40. Let me see if I got this straight, Obama asks Holder to investigate Holders DOJ?????
  41. Liberals trying to kill oil boom in California
  42. President Obama Targeted in Third Threatening Letter
  43. The next scandal will be the biggest, and the most damaging to our political process
  44. Another elementary school kid gets suspended
  45. More progressive rubbish in our high schools
  46. Teacher Gives Zeros For Reports About Having A Fun Time With Guns
  47. Feds suggest anti-Muslim speech can be punished
  48. Aren't boy scouts too young for sex either way anyways.
  49. He just doesn't get it ...
  50. Is Holder becoming a liability to the White House?
  51. IRS agent; orders came from the top.
  52. EPA now implicated in targeting Obama's opponents
  53. New Middle Eastern virus may be headed our way
  54. Obama is earning a "Ph.D" -- its getting piled higher and deeper
  55. Guess who the new national security advisor is?
  56. "We could be on the verge of the biggest drug bust in sports history"
  57. Chrysler says "no" to government recall demand
  58. Jews at their best
  59. Miracles in Philadelphia building collapse
  60. Susan Rice named new National Security Advisor
  61. Saeed's Wife Uses UN Speech to 'Plant Gospel'
  62. Todays's government scandal
  63. Valedictorian Rips Up Preapproved Speech, Recites Prayer Instead
  64. June 6, 1944
  65. Actress arrested over ricin-tainted threat letters
  66. "US intelligence official" says questionable surveo;;amce techniqiues thwartted plot
  67. Tragic. There's nothing else to say.
  68. Obama administration demands answers about surveillance info leak
  69. Free Gun Initiative Begins In Houston Neighborhood
  70. Man shoots Escort over £150 dollars, goes free (?)
  71. Hero or traitor? More importantly, can the feds get to him?
  72. Will it never end?
  73. Google fights back, says NSA access is not what has been claimed
  74. Obama "Royal" Family vacation to consume $100,000,000.00 in taxpayer money
  75. FBI Director Mueller clueless about progress of IRS investigation
  76. 'Man of Steel': A metaphor for Christ?
  77. Detroit takes default over bankruptcy
  78. Hassan Rouhani is Iran's next president
  79. Might be a way to avoid OdumbaCare after all
  80. No-fly zone over Syria? What do you think?
  81. Gramham says Republicans blocking the immigration bill will hurt them in 2016
  82. Iran supporting the lesser of two evils
  83. Supreme Court strikes down Arizona law requiring proof of citizenship to vote
  84. Syrian rebels executed a 14-year-old boy for insulting Islam
  85. Gay-Therapy Ministry Shuts Down, Says 'We've Hurt People'
  86. Pentagon Contracting With Russia For Helicopters For Syrian Rebels
  87. The Materially Rich
  88. Bibles Removed From Rooms of Sequestered Jurors
  89. DOMA ruled unconstitutional 5-4.
  90. SCOTUS: California's Prop 8 dead
  91. SCOTUS finally frees the South
  92. Allow me to vent about YouTube
  93. ‘If Zimmerman Get Off, Ima Go Kill a White Boy’
  94. High Capacity Magazine Manufacturers Refuse To Sell To Police In Anti-Gun States
  95. Anti-Morsi sentiment heating things up in Egypt
  96. NRA's Marion Hammer Supports Gun Measure????
  97. Obamacare implementation delayed until 2015
  98. Russian Troops on American Soil Confirmed.
  99. The Obama presidency is educational
  100. UK, London: American Street Preacher Arrested For Saying Homosexuality is a Sin
  101. Eliot Spitzer running for NYC comptroller
  102. 3 Women Held Captive For 10 yrs Speak Out......
  103. Epic Name Fail
  104. The Obama Regime Goes After YOUR Freedom of the Press
  106. More Communist Red Flags!
  107. USA: College's Hire of Astronomer who Backs Intelligent Design Creating Controversy
  108. More on the Plight of the Coptics
  109. Detroit Files for Bankruptsy and State Judge with Dem Ties Nixes it
  110. Obama's appeal on America
  111. George Zimmerman in the news (Again!)
  112. Did you guys see that a baby was born?!?!
  113. King Davids Palace
  114. Obama Celebrates Ramadan
  115. Is Michele Bachmann being blackmailed?
  116. President Obama and "Phony" Scandals
  117. The Limbaugh Theorem
  118. Rush Limbaugh dropped...
  119. RCC changes position on homosexual priests.
  120. Mysterious NASA Video of Saturn Reveals Impossible Hexagon-shaped Cloud Pattern
  121. Pat Robertson on Sex Change Operations: ‘I Don’t Think There’s Any Sin Associated Wit
  122. Power company sends bill to lamp post
  123. 60 year old man shot on own driveway
  124. Ex-Gays Seek Equal Protection
  125. USDA paid out $36 million to dead people
  126. Ariel Castro likely to be sentenced to life, plus 1000 years
  127. Non-Stop Prayer Warriors in Indonesia
  128. US issues global travel alert over Al Qaeda threat, prepares to close embassies Read
  129. Controversy Over Best-Selling Muslim Book Claiming Jesus Was ‘Man of Contradiction"
  130. New Polling Statistics Show Support for Evolution Steadily Increasing in U.S.
  131. Be careful with Those Google Searches--Big Brother Really IS Watching
  132. Garden of Eden found ?
  133. US possibly says no to keystone XL pipeline
  134. Members of Congress seek to move US Embassy to Jerusalem
  135. Obama 'Leaking Info on Israeli Strikes in Syria
  136. Turkish Authorities released accused Israeli Spy, not enough evidence
  137. Ft Hood shooter trial begins: Hasan says shootings were religiously motivated
  138. Many are calling this Mystery Priest an angel that showed up at a crash site
  139. Good vs evil continues
  140. Meteor shower, anyone?
  141. More Prayers to our Dear Leader
  142. Kid prays to or for(hard to tell) Obama
  143. Disgusting Displays on Morning Television
  144. Baby Monitor Hacking Alarms Houston Parents
  145. Rodeo Clown Banned and Sent to "Sensitivity Training"
  146. The 2045 initiative ?
  147. There is no such thing as a cross between a cat and a teddy bear...
  148. Another Obama scandal.
  149. EGYPT: Christian Churches and Homes Burned -- Obama Silent.
  150. profiling: a clear cut case.
  151. Million Muslim March Planned for 9/11/2013
  152. NJ governor to sign ban on gay conversion therapy
  153. Common Core - It's what's wrong with America
  154. Common Core - It's what's wrong with America
  155. Californians Fleeing 'Nanny State' for Texas
  156. Arizona militia vs sheriff
  157. Russia's ban on "gay propaganda"
  158. The forgotten victims in the Egyptian turmoil
  159. DHS Employee Promotes Race War Against 'Whites' And 'Uncle Toms'
  160. Seattle Mayor Wants Businesses 'Gun-Free'
  161. Australian Ball Player and 89 year old War Hero Murdered By Black Youths.
  162. Obama to blame for katrina response
  163. San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Agrees to Resign (finally)
  164. 8 year-old can't be charged with murder for shooting elderly caregiver
  165. 50 Christian churches burned to ground in days
  166. Oh NO!! Not ANOTHER red line! Obama's War or WWIII?
  167. Municipal bankruptcy explained
  168. Temple Mount collapse
  169. Another School Arms Teachers
  170. True Story
  171. Miley Cirus - Authentic Self?
  172. "Church Sign Has Message For Christian Homophobes"
  173. Syria, UK vote against military action
  174. Video from Egypt shows Muslim mob attacking Christian church, taking down cross
  175. Archbishop urges Christians to "repent" over "wicked" attitude to homosexuality
  176. New Pewforum.net trends
  177. Epic apology
  178. USS Nimitz carrier group sails into Red Sea in 'prudent' move
  179. Maitreya the "world-teacher"? The occultst "messiah" and Atheistic-Communism.
  180. Social media rules in Saudi Arabia
  181. Assad denies involvement with any attacks?
  182. Middle East Concerns
  183. Cancer patient’s health plan shutting down, substitute insurance wants $3,125 upfront
  184. The President's Speech 9/10
  185. Colorado Senate President John Morse, state Sen. Angela Giron ousted
  186. Latest Conspiracy Theories
  187. Atheists Can Relax..
  188. Two men detained then released for going to a farmers market with AR 15
  189. How is this not Impeachable, Imprisonable Treason?
  190. The land of opportunity and loons
  192. How Long Till They Cave?
  193. Ted Cruz on Marathon Filabuster to Defund Obamacare
  194. It feels strangely...liberating
  195. Make it hurt...
  196. Chuck Smith has gone home to be with the LORD
  197. Should we ban cars or Dental hygenists?
  198. This is Just Beyond Belief -- But True
  199. This is scary!
  200. No mass or ministry on bases or chaplains can be arrested
  201. Top climate scientists admit problems with data and computer models.
  202. "Painless Death" Euthanasia
  203. Man Self-immolates at National Mall
  204. Gov. Power Grid Shut Down Nov. 13-14 2013
  205. Olympic flame blows out shortly after arriving in Russia
  206. Quote from March 2006
  207. Shutdowns all over-it is over the top
  208. Fox news: Five reasons Americans already love ObamaCare
  209. 14th Amendment to Be Implemented?
  210. Pragmatism in politics
  211. Obamacare website outsourced to Canadian Company
  212. Obama administration using (more) Stalin-era tactics.
  213. When You Teach That All Guns Are Always Bad...
  214. The GOP Civil War
  216. Army identifies the enemies
  217. Food Stamp glitch triggers shopping frenzy
  218. A Lawless Government's Lawless Compromise
  219. Dianne Reidy - House Stenographer
  220. Toddler Walks to the Fire Station to Save Daddy’s Life
  221. At the current rate, it will take 722 years for everyone alive now to sign up for ACA
  222. Someone in the Media Finally Tells Us what the Tea Party is All About
  223. Obamacare Website Company Had Troubled History
  224. Who do you like for GOP 2016?
  225. Republicans are to blame for the failed Obamacare website
  226. Why Magazine Restrictions Can't Work To Reduce Violence
  227. New virus holds your computer files hostage
  228. Celine Dion is not dead..neither is Will Smith..
  229. Investigation Reveals Obama Knowingly Lied About Most Important ObamaCare Promise
  230. Fallen world
  231. Health Care Costs Soar, Millions Dropped From Existing Plans, Obama Lied.
  232. A new power grab.
  233. TSA officer killed at LAX airport in shootout.
  234. Jesus statue in Syria : Peace to build
  235. Why is the White House leaking Israeli secret operations?
  236. Was Obamacare designed to fail?
  237. Christians are less likely to divorce? YES!!
  238. The man made sky is falling.
  239. Paedophile killed in prison
  240. Science Can Now "Edit" Human DNA
  241. You can now sue your wife if your kids are ugly and win - true story
  242. Belgium considering new euthanasia law for kids
  243. Helping the Philippines
  244. Iran's deal of the century
  245. Austrailian Researchers Tell American Gun Owners:You're More Than Likely Racist.
  246. The 2014 Keep Democrats in Office Act
  247. Common Core's debut uncommonly bad
  248. People pray, tornado spares house
  249. Parents of teenagers you need to know about this
  250. US Government Cooks Books on Unemployment Data Leading Up to 2012 Election