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  1. North Korea holds public execution of Christians who possessed Bibles
  2. Knock out "Game"
  3. Record Setting Gamma Ray Burst
  4. Convergence Point
  5. Cyber security experts tell Congress Obamacare website is at risk
  6. Speaking of Obamacare mess... now there's malware
  7. Colorado dog gets approved for Obamacare
  8. Conservatives FIRED by FCC Push Called "localism".
  9. Israel and Iran agree – Nuke deal is Iranian victory
  10. Could Putin-Pope Francis visit mark beginning of end of centuries-old rift?
  11. 13 Nephilim Skulls Found In Mexico?
  12. UK: Christian Guesthouse Owners Peter & Hazelmary Bull Lose Supreme Court Appeal
  13. IDF invades the Philippines !!
  14. Could Obama get re-elected ?
  15. Paul Crouch passes at 79
  16. Why is violent crime so rare in Iceland?
  17. British Teacher Coerces Kids to Join in Muslim Workshop
  18. Nuclear material stolen in Mexico.
  19. These six things doth the Lord Hate...
  20. Nelson Mendela Died Today
  21. Anti-Semite discovers He's Jewish
  22. Egypt reportedly to declare Muslim Brotherhood ‘terrorist organization’
  23. CIA Agent Claims Obama Killed Breitbart and Clancy
  24. Favorite News Station
  25. First Time In US History 7 Generals Fired.
  26. DHS Muslim advisor Admits Islamist Ties: Mohamid Elibiary
  27. ESPN refuses to air ad that mentions Jesus
  28. Atheist billboard proclaims nobody needs Christ at Christmas
  29. Anglican Clergy These Days..
  30. 7000 Could Be Killed in a Major Earthquake in Israel
  31. Pope Meets With Head of International Islamic Organization
  32. More persecution news from China.
  33. United Methodist Minister Who Officiated ‘Gay Wedding’ Refuses to Repent
  34. It's becoming more common for me to be ashamed to be an American
  35. The Real Mount Sinai
  36. "Duck Dynasty" keeping it real about homosexuality
  37. UK: Girl Guides Group Told to Drop Christian God from Oath or Be Kicked Out
  38. The Advocate has named its "Person of the Year"
  39. Hollywood Goes Christian??
  40. Homeless given a choice, FEMA Camps (razor topped, to be used in disasters!) or jail.
  41. Former Israeli leader Ariel Sharon's condition worsens, hospital says
  42. Debate on for tomorrow
  43. I Was An NFL Player Until I Was Fired By Two Cowards And A Bigot
  44. Marijuana Overdoses kill 37 in Colorado on 1st day of legalization.
  45. Did I say something...
  46. Ice? What ice?
  47. New King David movie in the making...will be a shocker though.
  48. UK And US Crime Stats Under-Reported To Make Cities Look Good
  49. Turkey rules the world!!
  50. Satanists Unveil Design For Oklahoma Capitol Monument
  51. Happy Waitress Even Happier After Receiving Astounding Tip
  52. Devil's Due Movie Promotion: Convert To Satanism And Win a Prize!
  53. New Study Demolishes Almost Every Gun Control Myth
  54. God's hand
  55. Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon dies at 85
  56. Fate of Ark of the Covenant Revealed in Hebrew Text
  57. Two Old Scandals - New Evidence for Benghazi and Fast and Furious
  58. Proof of Hell?
  59. Reflections on Israeli Life: Gaza Settlements & Cherry Tomatoes
  60. The Inner-city "Armageddon" Didn't Happen
  61. Boko Haram kills 19 in Nigeria
  62. Market Crash is Coming
  63. Replace the Aqsa Mosque?
  64. Grammy Awards?
  65. Immigration?
  66. Chic-Fil-La in the news...AGAIN!
  67. Satanist monument In OK
  68. "Son of God" movie about Jesus in theaters late February.
  69. Jonah and the Big Fish
  70. WSJ: Economy Grows Faster Under Democrat Presidents
  71. Initial DNA analysis of Paracas elongated skull released – with incredible results -
  72. Democrats in trouble! GOP could take 13 Senate seats in 2014 election
  73. Iranian TV simulation video of attack to Israel and United States aircraft career
  74. Credit Score Stimulus
  75. UN's "Sustainable Developement Groups" Will Globalize Government By Regulation
  76. Pa. couple face prison after sons' prayer deaths
  77. Obama draws another red line
  78. Noah movie not following the bible?
  79. New Jesus Movie
  80. The military is about to be gutted
  81. Meteorite hits moon in largest lunar impact ever recorded
  82. Obama Pledges Palestinian State 2014
  83. Russia's military posturing is a projection of power.
  84. What the U S should learn from France
  85. Noah's ark project spurred by evolution debate
  86. Interesting speech from AIPAC
  87. 100 foot Asteroid Wednesday Evening
  88. World Trade Center cross- When will Christians start standing up?
  89. Billions Need To Die According To...
  90. Nine Suspicious Deaths in the Banking Industry
  91. New York's SAFE Act Gun Law Upheld In Federal Court With The Help Of Perjury!
  92. Malasian Boeing 777 Airliner Vanishes Without a Trace
  93. Obama Tells People to Prioritize Better to Afford Obamacare.
  94. US Defense cut, billions allocated for Global Warming
  95. First direct evidence of cosmic inflation
  96. scientists are getting rather excited!
  97. Are Obama Press Briefings 'Scripted Propaganda'?
  98. Is Estonia Next for Putin's Ambitions?
  99. Is the "big bang" in the Bible?
  100. Coach Daubemire says Jesus is NOT a Muslim
  101. How much water?
  102. Turkey Moving Fast Forward in Bible Prophecy
  103. Making up good news about Obamacare
  104. Israeli spy to be set free by the US?
  105. Obama Unveils New US Flag
  106. Free Speech
  107. As a nation, we no longer value freedom above security
  108. The greatest speaker since Abraham Lincoln
  109. Find Out When The First Blood Moon Will Arrive In Your Town
  110. Can the old wild west co-exist with the Bible?
  111. Forgiving genocidal actions
  112. Another Waco?
  113. I'd Rather My Husband Be In Iraq (Part III)
  114. Pastor Hagee on the blood moons
  115. Three dead in shootings at Jewish facilities in Kansas City suburb
  116. Jews ordered to register in East Ukraine.
  117. Texas Seizes Polygamist 'Prophet' Warren Jeffs' Ranch!
  118. A FOX IN THE WHITE HOUSE...seriously!
  119. IRS Workers Owing Back Taxes Awarded Bonuses
  120. Be Careful Who You Cut-Off in Traffic
  121. Pope Francis 'tells sinner she should be allowed Communion'
  123. Once-hostile Muslim areas of Africa experiencing conversion
  124. Is the BLM is out of control and has it been for a while?
  125. Bill Clinton on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show - UFOs and aliens.
  126. Christians in Egypt under severe persecution by Muslims
  127. Goblin shark caught in Gulf of Mexico a rarity
  128. BREAKING! Fountain of Youth Discovered and You Won’t Believe the SOURCE Which Could..
  129. Location of King David's Citadel lines up with the Bible perfectly says Archaeologist
  130. NH School Defends Use of Sexually Graphic Novel
  131. Kind of funny, but this screeching kid needs our prayer
  133. Lets dig a little deeper on this news story...
  134. More on the IRS-Tea Party connection
  135. More mainstream support for life beyond earth.
  136. National Anthem no longer appropriate?
  137. Man drives away with redlight camera
  138. This is Obama Diplomacy Toward Israel?
  139. Pregnant Woman Stoned to Death by Family
  141. We no longer have a foreign policy
  142. Jay Carney resigning
  143. God's Not Dead
  144. Prisioner Swap Terrorist for Solider
  145. Barack Obama keeps a promise
  146. Turkey considers starting Religion Class with Christian Curriculum in Public Schools
  147. Manhunt on for shooter in Moncton
  148. NBC on RFID CHIPS
  149. Girls Charged in 'Slender Man' Stabbing
  150. Three year old dies from abuse
  151. A wicked out of control federal government ausing the states that created it
  152. Indian minister says rapes happen 'accidentally'
  153. Islamist taking over British schools
  154. Al Qeada aligned terrorists running amok in Iraq
  155. Church To Be Condemned for Soccer Team
  156. Execution of Christian convert in Sudan still likely
  157. New Ocean Discovered!
  158. Obama Circumvents Congress to Trade 5 Taliban Generals for One Deserter.
  159. NBC news-How NASA's Mission to Head Off 'Armageddon'
  160. Iranian Government to Start Confiscating Satellite Dishes---Again
  161. Petition to free Sudanese christian woman senteced to death
  162. Condemned Sudanese Christian set free
  163. Snake Handling church being evicted by building owner.
  164. ISIS declares Islamic Caliphate
  165. Supreme Court rules in favor of companies on birth control mandate
  166. Sad news on the Israeli teens that went missing
  167. 220 orphaned children in South Sudan, parents killed
  168. Burger King now has the Gay Whopper
  169. Invasion America
  170. U.N. Reaffirms "Natural Family"
  171. Christians Being CRUCIFIED in Syria!
  172. Ex-NYC Mayor Bloomberg To Hire 40 Professors To Concentrate On Gun Control Research
  173. The thousands of 'children' swarming across the border...
  174. Louisiana ruling raises Catholic worries...breach sanctity of confession
  175. Democrats try to circumvent Supreme Court decision with new bill
  176. Some 298 people are dead after a Boeing 777 shot down
  177. What Caused the Gigantic Hole In Siberia?
  179. Miracles in Israel?
  180. The BEAR is loose!!
  181. CNN's bias exposed in Gaza conflict
  182. The Twilight of Middle Eastern Christianity
  183. Florida Doctors May No Longer Harrass Patients About Answering Questions About Guns
  184. Court Strikes Down D.C.’s Ban On Carrying Handguns In Public
  185. SON OF HAMAS Speaks Out About Gaza and Hamas's Ultimate Goal
  186. Arab nations line up to support Israel in the Gaza conflict
  187. Meriam Ibrahim, Sudanese Lady Sentenced to Die, Arrives in U.S.
  188. Pope Francis Says Sundays Are For Family, Don’t Try To Proselytize Lost People.
  189. North Carolina restaurant offers a 15 percent discount to pray in public
  190. Obama: Muslims Built the Very Fabric of Our Nation
  191. Unexpected development in the Gaza conflict
  192. USA now conducting air strike to take out ISIS weapons that threaten our troops.
  193. Amid national debate, Colorado issues driver's licenses to illegal immigrants (+video
  194. Putin turns Crimea into casino zone
  195. And now, the hatred of Jews is hitting here in the states...Rabbi shot in Miami.
  196. China will create its own version of Christianity
  197. Israel cares more about Palestinian civilians than Hamas does
  198. US Navy booting Bible from base lodges
  199. EpiCenter Team News
  200. History does repeat itself. Its happening in Iraq & Israel, to Christians & Jews!
  201. Putin says leaders should unite to end anti-Christian persecution
  202. Is it breaking news if movie star starts his own religion?
  203. Prime Minister calls on Britian to rise to the challenge of ISIS
  204. National Guard being brought to Ferguson, Missouri
  205. Robin Williams died last week, Aug. 11
  206. ISIS beheads American
  207. ISIS is in Ferguson. Missouri?:
  208. The targeting of Christian businesses by LGBT couples continues
  209. 6.1 Quake Rocks San Francisco Area.
  210. American held in Syria released
  211. President Unwilling To Give Israel Assistance in War with Hamas
  212. Napa Valley, California Braces For Aftershocks
  213. Georgia Schools Send Out SOS to Faith Community
  214. Ice Bucket Challenge and the Bible
  215. Was Bush correct when he said this about Putin?
  216. Does too much political correctness hurt the United States?
  217. Sotloff beheading video said to have now been released
  218. Have you see any of these missing aircraft?
  219. Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson discusses how he would deal with ISIS
  220. Pope Francis Claims: ‘The Christian Who Does Not Feel Mary Is His Mother Is an Orphan
  221. US and Nato troops to go into Ukraine-joint exercises or something more foreboding ?
  222. What was she thinking? said, it's about us.
  223. 1,500-year-old papyrus is the first to refer to the Last Supper
  224. Muslims are turning to Christianity, because of Islam and ISIS in the Middle East.
  225. This is alarming that its happening in America.
  226. The mocking of God...
  227. What If Obama Held a Coalition And Nobody Showed Up?
  228. Obama, the constitution, and the war powers act
  229. Vaccines Kill Syrian Children
  230. RGIII fails
  231. U.S. Marine helps bag record alligator
  232. Ex-Muslim believes Arab allies against ISIS are not trustworthy
  233. VIDEO: U.S. Marines chant, 'There's no God like Jehovah!'
  234. Billionaires Conspire And Even (gasp!) Lie To Bring You Gun Control
  235. President Barack Obama takes heat over 'latte salute' with coffee
  236. KC Playoff drought ended!
  237. Savagery on an incomprehensible scale.
  238. 22 States Have, 'Bring Your Gun To Work,' Laws, Will OK Beheading Bring More?
  239. Pluto's a planet, according to a new public debate
  240. Ebola: Missouri Doctor Wears Protective Gear To Airport, Slams CDC For Being 'Asleep
  241. Why is the United States sending military troops to fight Ebola?
  242. Prayers(^*^) Please: White House Confirms ISIS Is Holding A Former US Army Ranger
  243. Dover hospital tests Liberian child for Ebola
  244. Package Containing Stuffed Animals, Trash, Grinds I-287 Traffic to Halt: NJSP
  245. LOOK UP! Wednesday night 10/8 is the next "blood moon"
  246. Court ruling major milestone for gay marriage
  247. American Academy of Pediatrics is urging implantable birth control for teens
  248. Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan dies
  249. School Told to Call Kids ‘Purple Penguins’ Because ‘Boys and Girls’ Is Not Inclusive
  250. Health worker 2nd in US to test positive for Ebola