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  1. EV D-68: Is there more?
  2. Judge Jeanine fired up about Ebola in America
  3. Who'll win The Senate ?
  4. catholic synod.
  5. Vatican Proposes Dramatic Shift In Attitude Towards Gays, Same Sex Couples
  6. Houston Pastor's told to turn over sermons
  7. Teaching Biblical Morality now a hate Crime in Canada
  8. Womb Transplant Leads to Successful Birth for Swedish Mother
  9. Canadian Doctor Says Ebola Has Possibly Been Observed AIRBORNE In 2012
  10. As if it was needed, more proof of the destruction of America's morality.
  11. Active shooters in parliament
  12. Man attacks NYC police with hatchet
  13. School Shooting in Seattle
  14. A man of principle.
  15. Why Are Atheists Allowed to Push Their "Religion" in the Classroom
  16. Man who killed infant praised as Muslim hero
  17. Some Facts About Ebola (And Other Viruses)
  18. An Election Is Coming. 50 Years Ago Ronald Reagan Spoke Before Another Electiion
  19. Pope Francis Challenges God's Omnipotence
  20. US anger at Netanyahu said ‘red-hot’ as ties hit new low
  21. Closure Of Al-Aqsa Mosque Considered An Act Of War
  22. Reformation Day.
  23. Pentagon: DOD personnel to handle Ebola bodies
  24. A country that knows what marriage is.
  25. Ebola Nurse Works for the CDC
  26. World Trade Center reopens for business
  27. Two pastors and 90 year-old man arrested for feeding Florida's homeless
  28. Christian univercity scapped from teaching Law
  29. He still doesn't get it.....
  30. Holder, JP Morgan & Alayne Fleischmann (the 9 billion dollar witness)
  31. Myles Monroe and Wife Dead
  32. Coming to America ? what if Christians did this ?
  33. So, though convicted, The University refused to discipline her.
  34. I wonder if some mosque would allow us to hold a prayer service some Sunday ?
  35. ISIS says it will create its own currency
  36. Obama gave up gun rights to UN
  37. Child Rapist Executed
  38. Snow In NY Collapsing Roofs
  39. This is terrible.
  40. Jewish Nation
  41. Running out of water
  42. Grand jury has decided not to indict Police Officer Darren Wilson
  43. Top candidates for SecDef: "Thanks, but no thanks"
  44. Mo. Lt. Gov.: Gov. Nixon must testify why Nat'l Guard stood down in Ferguson
  45. Hackers Delight: Judge Orders Release of County IP Addresses
  46. Where's the outrage? St. Louis area man's brutal beating death draws little attention
  47. Snopes got snoped.
  48. NYC shocker: No indictment for officer in "chokehold death"
  49. Seventeen states file joint legal action against Obama's immigration executive order
  50. Sanctions against Israel?
  51. Did protestors in Denver cheer when 4 bicycle officers were hit by a car?
  52. Hilary Clinton's foreign policy ideology?
  53. Orion launch, orbit, recovery regarded as huge step towards Mars
  54. American hostage killed by al-Qaeda during rescue effort in Yemen
  55. "Terrible idea": House Intel chair warns of violence, deaths over Senate CIA report
  56. Next Trial for Creationist Kent Hovind set for January
  57. You want "shovel-ready"? Here it is: Stimulus funds still used to remove horse manure
  58. Lake Worth, Florida City Meeting
  60. GOP in danger of fumbling the ball on budget
  61. Missing Fast And Furious Emails Found On Holder's Wife's Computer
  62. Don't drink non organic milk
  63. Perhaps Hillary wants us to empathize with these monsters
  64. UPDATE: Sidney police storm café to end jihadist's hostage drama after 16 hours
  65. NYC protesters chant "What do we want? Dead cops!" as Sharpton seeks law changes
  66. Pennsylvania police, deputies in standoff with suspect in six early-morning murders
  67. Fight looming between Congress, White House, over climate change fund contribution
  68. Student Slaughter: Taliban force attacks Pakistani school, killing over 130
  69. A Real Biblical Movie
  70. The Wimping of America: Fear of "terrorist attack" cancels movie premiere
  71. Federal judge rules Obama immigration order unconstitutional
  72. U.S., Cuba exchange prisoners and begin normalizing relations with one another
  74. Iraq: ISIS murdered 150 women and underage girls for refusing sex acts
  75. Why Muslims Are Converting to Christ in the Face of ISIS Atrocities
  76. North Korea caught red-handed, 'proportional response' weighed, whatever that means
  77. An interesting article.
  78. Two NYPD cops shot, killed on patrol
  79. Joe Cocker: Dead at 70, from lung cancer
  80. Now you DON'T see it, now you DO ... Sony releases "Interview" on Christmas after all
  81. St. Louis area police officer shoots, kills 18-year-old at gas station
  82. Jordanian Air Force pilot in ISIS hands after being shot down
  83. Obama picked accused CIA document thief for Army general counsel
  84. CDC lab tech possibly exposed to Ebola virus in mixup at facility
  85. Plane Passenger Tossed after Flipping Out Over Staff’s ‘Merry Christmas’
  86. Archaeological update
  87. Gaming Hack Attack? Xbox Live, PlayStation Network remain down
  88. Science increasingly makes the case for God
  89. Indonesia seeks U.S. help in locating missing, presumably lost, Air Asian airliner
  90. Oops! It wasn't Kim?? Firm briefs FBI on theory Sony hack was an inside job
  91. Newsweek hack job smears The Bible and Christianity
  92. Feeling under siege, many police officers asking selves "Why is it I do this?"
  93. Gas is a 1.85
  94. 50% of Transgendered Teens Commit Suicide - Where's the Love?
  95. The car that may have changed driving forever -- by driving itself to its debut
  96. 100-year-old vet draws cheers for standing up to protestors at medal ceremony
  97. Two U.S. ski team hopefuls perish in Austrian avalanche
  98. Two more NYPD police officers shot, massive manhunt under way
  99. And the first two out of the gate are ...
  100. Unanswered question: Where are the 53 political prisoners Cuba was to release?
  101. Obama threatens veto of any legislation authorizing Keystone
  102. Our enemies don't have to hack our networks, we have idiots giving information away!
  103. More stupidity from the immigration front
  104. Team of Islamic assassins carries out cold-blooded murder in Paris
  105. Frenchman's path to terror
  106. US State Department Hiring Terrorists To Guard Consulate In Jerusalem?
  107. Two dead, gun supplier for Paris terrorists in custody after raids in Belgium
  108. $33 million from ultra-liberal billionaire George Soros funded Ferguson protests
  109. White House outright lies about re-engagement by terrorists released from Gitmo
  110. Open Warfare: Obama makes intentions known to "battle GOP" rest of term
  111. Hoax - The boy who came back from Heaven
  112. US Attorney General To Force All Gun Owners To Wear Tracking Bracelets?
  113. Martin Luther King
  114. Michael Moore infers "snipers are cowards"; Medal of Honor recipient responds
  115. Is it really wise foreign policy?
  116. Boehner smack-down of Obama: Invites Netanyahu to address Congress on Iran
  117. U.S. gives 11.9 billions dollars to Iran
  118. Ancient copy of Mark's Gospel found in Egyptian Mummy.
  119. Did you catch this in the SOTU? Forget ISIS -- Warming is our 'greatest threat'
  120. Obama uses a ringer as a "success story" in SOTU -- but he's rung that bell before
  121. Papyrus Found in a Mummy Mask May Be the Oldest Known Copy of a Gospel
  122. DOJ: No charges against Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson
  123. Growing anger at Patriots over "Deflate-gate"
  124. White House claims it doesn't need Senate approval for an Iran agreement
  125. Obama to snub Israeli Prime Minister
  126. Saudi king dies at 90
  128. UK police studying how to better protect police, Jews
  129. Politifact: 93% of Rush Limbaugh's Claims are Half-True, Mostly False, False or Worse
  130. Top - Largest storm ever about to hit New York! Watch!!!
  131. Major victory over ISIS: Kurds drive 'Islamic State' fighters out of Kobani, Syria
  132. The dirty little secret of Common Core: Wrong answers rightly reached are OK
  133. Has sanctions against Russia hurt the Russian economy?
  134. Prisoner Swap: Past History Distorted
  135. White House redefines Taliban: Claims it is an 'armed insurgency' not a terror group
  136. Keystone passes Senate
  137. Iran threatens Netanyahu's children with assassination
  138. Three Americans killed in ambush attack in Afghanistan
  139. How Could ISIS Takeover America
  140. Mitt Romney is not a candidate for president in 2016
  141. Communist Party USA Vows to Help Democrats Get Elected
  142. Is Putin really paying Russian citizens to spread propaganda on the internet?
  143. ISIS beheads remaining Japanese hostage
  144. Obama meddling in Israeli elections
  145. U.S. considering supplying arms to ukraine
  146. Should Ukraine be allowed to join NATO?
  147. First Shariah Tribunal in US operating in Texas
  148. Image of Moses found!
  149. Obama national moral equivelency day
  150. Obama Compares ISIS To The Crusades, Receives Heavy Backlash
  151. "Disinformation" By Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa
  152. US Government to Take Over Internet?
  153. Bloomberg's Anti-gun Group Training Journalists To Report On Violence?
  154. ISIS burns 45 people to death; U.S. State Dept. says answer to ISIS is ... jobs?
  155. Oprah Asked This Ex-Megachurch Pastor When Christianity Will Embrace Gay Relationship
  156. Obama won't back Egypt's air strikes against Isis.
  157. The genocide of Christians in the middle east.
  158. If Netanyahu Is Defeated, Will Obama Have Great Influence Over Israel?
  160. Canadian Tourist Killed While Whale Watching
  161. Obama Terminates Intel-Sharing With Israel On Iran: Israel Is On It's Own.
  162. Netanyahu wins, sanitly prevails
  163. Operation Choke Point Targets Businesses That Obama Wants To Shut Down
  164. Obama reveals Israel's nuclear secrets to his Islamic brothers.
  165. Nuclear agreement with Iran
  166. Obama's EPA Outlaws ALL Industrial Coolants Imposing A One-Year Deadline!
  167. This breaking news report reveals a shocking revelation about President Barack Obama
  168. Florida mailman lands a gyrocopter on Capitol lawn, hoping to send a message
  169. Botulism at Church Pot Luck: 1 dead, 20 sick!
  170. Violent Rioting Rages Across Baltimore
  171. Christian leaders threaten disobedience if Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage!
  172. Pistol Versus Full-Auto AK-47's: A Standard Operating Procedure
  173. Save the earth! Eat bugs
  174. Is liberalism on life support?
  175. Putin, I not knew, thanks to our media.
  176. Two cops shot dead in Hattiesburg, Mississippi
  177. Iran warns against boarding Shipment of "aid" to Yemen.
  178. Religion in America
  179. Obama: Churches Should Focus More on Poverty Instead of Abortion and Gay Marriage
  180. STRANGE: Eerie Sound From the Sky Being Heard Across World... Cause Is a Mystery.
  181. Motorcycle Gang war in Waco, TD
  183. Happy Memorial Day Vets! And Thank God For You.
  184. This is why we vehemently defend him!!!!
  185. The West vs. Russia
  186. John Kerry, gravely wounded
  188. North Carolina house over turns Veto
  189. 2 Teens Hurt in Shark Attack
  190. Charleston Church Shooting: 9 Dead; At least 1 Injured
  191. The Confederate Flag
  192. Obama, Gun Legistation and the National Rifle Association
  193. Supreme Court Upholds ObamaCare subsides
  194. President to deliver Eulogy for Slain Pastor
  195. 'U.S. Supreme Court Rules Gay Marriage Is Legal Nationwide' (BBC)
  196. From the mouths of the Justices themselves ...
  197. 5 Things every church should do to protect themselves
  198. The civil rights movement of the 1960's and today's gay rights
  199. Federal Judge Orders Brady Center to Pay Ammo Dealer’s Legal Fees
  200. Greece agrees with EU's austerity measures
  201. Sad : Ten commandments removed
  202. Montana Debating Over Polygamy
  203. A Presidential Victory
  204. Episcopal Church to allow same-sex marriages
  205. Latest Breaking News...WATERS TURNING RED ALL OVER THE GLOBE.
  206. Global stock markets are worried.
  207. Confederate flag to be removed
  208. Iran gets "the Bomb" (or clear path to it)...
  209. More ISIS nonsense
  210. Same-sex-ruling may cause revival
  211. Planned Parenthood Under Fire for Harvesting Baby Parts
  212. "I'd Rather My Husband Be In Iraq (Part IV)...
  213. Surfer fights off shark attack live on TV in S. African competition
  214. Kenyan Pastors to Obama: Don't Bring 'The Gay Talk' Here
  215. Audacity Movie - Fundies VS Gays
  216. 3 dead in Louisiana movie theater shooting, including gunman
  217. Bobbi Kristina Brown dead at 22
  218. Satanic Temple holds public sculpture unveiling in Detroit
  219. Obama administration considering siding with PLO against Americans in lawsuit
  220. Deceased British Prime Minister Edward Heath Implicated in Large Scale Abuse Cover-up
  221. Shooting Star Show Tonight.
  222. Matisyahu concert canceled in Spain!
  223. From Subway pitchman to prison. Very disturbing!
  224. Did Obama Bankrupt Coal So Soros Could Own It?
  225. Fatal Traffic Accidents Involving Marijuana Tripled In Last Decade
  226. "We Will Save Them, Or They Will Die," Will Glen Beck Evacuate Mid- East Christians?
  227. Just so you know
  228. Some very recent American heros!
  229. American politicians taking bribes and giving bribes.
  230. Ex- employee Shoots Reporter and Camera Man on Air
  231. Israel’s shrinking Dead Seal leaves a trail of perilous sinkholes
  232. Labrie Not Guilty of Rape. Surprised? Go To Any College Campus.
  233. Email scandal intensifying
  234. How far for our Christ------
  235. Kentucky clerk jailed for refusing to recognize gay marriages
  236. Do you agree with the decision to change Mount McKinley's name to Denali?
  237. Homo naledi
  238. 50 Spys Declare The Admins View Of Radical Islam To Be "Other" Than Their Assessment
  239. China Hands Brazil A Billion Dollar Lifeline For Oil
  240. Obama Delivers Billions To Brazil For Oil
  241. Soros Selling Brazilian Oil Stocks
  242. U.S. military coup?
  243. World watches Pastor ban 103yo woman.
  245. The Russian army is in Syria
  246. Newlyweds feed Syrian refugees at their wedding
  248. Horrific details of Baby Doe death revealed in court
  249. Photo-op: Last of the Tetrad Moons Tonight 9/27
  250. Water on Mars