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  1. Hezbollah Welcomes Russia To Syria
  2. Saudi Arabia Doomed To Collapse, Oil Production Lagging
  3. The Pope's priorities
  4. Another school shooting...this time in Oregon.
  5. Army vet shot during school shooting expected to live
  6. Pope Francis Met With Gay Couple in US Visit
  7. After Less Than A Year With Concealed Carry, Chicago Crime Down Significantly!
  8. Water, water, everywhere
  9. Kevin McCarthy withdrawing from Speaker of House race
  10. Paris Train Hero Stabbed in Sacremento
  11. Exciting Discovery In Golan Heights
  12. Another Denomination Slips Into the Great Falling Away
  13. Another blight on the "church"
  14. Palestinian rioters torch Jewish holy site Joseph's Tomb
  15. This is just awful
  16. 75,000 Syrian Muslims coming to the US
  17. Biblical City of Sodom?
  18. Islam wants the Wall
  19. Joe Biden isn't going to run for President!
  20. Has The National Assoc. Of Evangelicals Lit The Fuse To ...
  21. Hillary's e-mails state the Benghazi attack was NOT due to the video!
  22. How Did The Halloween Asteroid Sneak Up On Us?
  23. US Spied on Israel, Prepared to Destroy Israeli Bombers to Protect Iran
  24. Arabic numeral to be used for next superbowl instead of Roman
  25. You reap what you sow
  26. This Gospel of the Kingdom
  27. Vatican arrests senior priest, laywoman suspected of leaking confidential documents
  28. Russian Espionage or something...
  29. Some Christians angry over starbucks cups
  31. Two witnesses cams ?
  32. Israel Asks France: Do You Still Want Us To Show Restraint?
  33. This Christian NFL Star’s Tweet Went Viral After He Called Out America’s Double Stand
  34. Another Terrorist Attack
  35. And In Response to Terrorism, President Obama ...
  36. 7 Last Plagues
  37. Meteor Shower on Dec. 13-14, Happy Hanukkah
  38. The Islamic version of end of days
  39. Exposed: Obama's Love for Jihadis and Hate for Christians
  40. Laying the Groundwork for a New Saint?
  41. Getting Tough on Extremists in the US?
  42. Trukish air space violated?Russian fighter downed
  43. Poster Girl for Isis Dead
  44. Free Speech As It Should Be
  46. Shootings at Colorado Planned Parenthood
  47. Obama Compares Syrian Refugees to the Pilgrims on the Mayflower
  48. ISIS and The Ukraine
  49. Pope calls fundamentalism a disease. ugh, so how does he pick&choose his scriptures?
  50. Israel Honors World War II American Serviceman
  51. Black Activist Charged for Making Fake Racist Death Threats Against Students
  52. Active Shooter in California
  53. Royal seal dicovered...Hezekiah
  54. Good Grief President Obama!
  55. Witches Can Rest Easier Tonight in California
  56. Obama's DOJ: Children Do Not Need—and Have No Right to--Mothers
  57. Woman terrorist pledge her alliegance to ISIS
  58. New York Sheriff to citizens - CARRY YOUR GUN
  59. Is Russia really America's greatest enemy?
  60. Krampus movie a hit with US audiences
  61. President Obama's Gun Control Lecturing
  62. Another Ghost Ship Found Adrift Near Japan
  63. GITMO detainee released by Obama returns to fight
  64. Is This The End Of Christianity In The Middle East ?
  65. The Real Face of Jesus?
  66. US Supreme Court Decision Could Change Election Results Forever
  67. Muslims protect Christians in Kenya
  68. Jewish Extremists’ Attacks Rattle Christians in Holy Land
  69. Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem greeted in Bethlehem by hail of stones
  70. Did the White House Use the NSA to Spy on Congress about the Iran Deal?
  71. Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Lashes Out Against Gays: “Spit on Them, Beat them Up..."
  72. Incredible Chicago
  73. "Stop blaming guns, start shooting terrorists" : Pirro
  74. Saudi Arabia severs ties with Iran
  75. Washington state opens all women's bathrooms to men
  77. Idaho Governor signs legislation nullifying all future federal gun laws
  78. Pubic School recruits students to work for Hillary campaign
  79. ISIS Militant Executes Own Mother for "Apostasy"
  80. 10 US Navy sailors being held by Iran
  81. Growing number of police calling for gun ownership
  82. Pastor Saeed Abedini Released From Iranian Prison
  83. UnitedHealth expects to lose nearly $1 billion on Obamacare
  84. Kenyan Muslim who saved Christians on bus dies from wounds
  85. "Lucifer" Premieres on Fox Network Television
  86. Troubling news about Pastor Saeed
  87. Ark Encounter
  88. German Security Chief Warns ISIS Posing As Refugees
  89. Good job Texas
  90. Syrian Government, Terrorists Engaging in Prisoner 'Extermination,' UN Finds
  91. Top Intelligence Official: ISIS to Attempt U.S. Attacks This Year
  92. Pro Infanticide groups angry at Doritos commercial
  93. Netanyahu's Plan to Surround Israel with Fences Like South African 'Bantustan' System
  94. Another Terrorist Attack in the US
  95. Oldest Complete Hebrew Bible Found
  96. Supreme Court Justice Scalia dies
  97. Justice Antonin Scalia Dies At 79
  98. Another Global Recession?
  99. Icon for liberal intolerance caught again on video
  100. Science proves the brain recognizes the reality of God
  101. Kasich defunds Planned Parenthood!
  102. Ohio Pastor killed in Pulpit
  103. Justice Clarence Thomas Speaks, Questions and Prays
  104. 200 Million Pound Loan Buys UK Submission To Sharia Law In 3 Government Buildings
  105. Woman Caught Driving With Full Tree Embedded Into Her Grille:
  106. House poised to declare ISIS committing genocide against Christians, other minorities
  107. Marching Against the Genocide of Whites in South Africa
  108. Obama snubbed? Castro fails to welcome Air Force One
  109. Intruder Shot by Woman in Her Home
  110. Two terror attacks in Belguim
  111. Obama's release of GITMO detainees have caused American deaths
  112. Health insurance premiums rising faster than wages
  113. Bosnian Serb leader Karadzic found guilty of genocide and sentenced to 40 years
  114. Did Chief Rabbi Really BAN non-Jews from living in Israel
  115. Obama Blocks PFizer
  117. Baal worship...again?
  118. Officer sued for sharing Christ?
  119. Economy Tanking?
  120. Ground Moves
  121. Two FIREFIGHTERS have been shot in Maryland. One died.
  122. America Shaken
  123. PRINCE DEAD at 57
  124. Earth's Magnetosphere
  125. NOW- Scientific proof of incredible moment life begins! No more wondering or guessing
  126. UnitedHealth says goodbye
  127. "Black Lives Matter" member charged with human trafficking.
  128. Bill Cosby
  129. 11 states sue Obama over transgender directive
  130. UCLA
  131. Birmingham pub bombings inquests to be reopened
  132. Everyday Sunday's Trey Pearson Comes Out as Gay
  133. Boxing legend Muhammad Ali dies aged 74
  134. ACLU Leader Resigns after Daughters' Experience in Public Bathroom
  135. Standford student rapist gets probation...
  136. You Don't Have the Right to Protect Yourself in California
  137. US House of Representatives Passes Puerto Rico Bailout Bill
  138. 50 deaths, 53 injured in Orlando nightclub shooting
  139. 50 killed in shooting at Florida nightclub
  140. The Silliest Academic Papers that Made It into Print
  141. Get Ready Brothers and Sisters
  142. Sir Clement Freud
  143. Key charge dropped against pro-life activist in Planned Parenthood sting
  144. Words Matter
  145. Police: Man Going to Gay Pride Event Had Rigged Magazines
  146. Will Orlando Change Anything?
  147. ISIS Committing Genocide against Yazidis
  148. An ex-Muslim calls radical Islam what it is
  149. MP dead after shooting attack...
  150. Gun Sales to Gays, Lesbians Skyrocket Following Orlando Attack
  151. Desmond Tutu nominates mass murderer for Nobel Peace Prize
  153. EU referendum: England leads UK to exit
  154. Not afraid of heights?
  155. Brexit in Bible prophecy?
  156. ISIS suspected in Instanbul airport attack
  157. Mistaken Active Shooter Report at Joint Base Andrews
  158. Black Lives Matter activists hijack Toronto Pride parade
  159. Chilcot of report published
  160. Noah's ark of biblical proportions ready to open in Kentucky
  161. Religious freedoms revoked in Russia
  162. Dallas falllen
  163. Rep. Trey Gowdy Grills James Comey over Clinton emails
  164. Nice Terroist attack
  165. City Council Meeting in Pensacola Opens With Satanist Invocation
  166. MUNICH, GERMANY: Shopping Mall Attacked; Six dead; Unknown Number Injured.
  167. The God Helmet?
  168. FRANCE: Two Islamists attack Catholic Church; Kill Priest and Seriously Wound Another
  169. 1 San Diego cop killed, another wounded in shooting
  170. Bishop removes priests from Irish seminary over gay sex app claims
  171. Australian priest's porn collection was 'shocking'
  172. Only in America...
  173. ISIS not the JV team we were misled to beleive
  174. Army Of Moms
  175. Kaepernick
  176. Where's the outcry?
  177. Maria divine Mercy catholic medal
  178. Sprinkle of Glitter
  179. Soul winning?
  180. 40th Anniversary Of Vitor Belenko's Defection: September 6, 1976
  181. Is this true?!
  182. Here's an interesting archeological discovery.
  184. Charlotte police
  185. Concerning
  186. Military to begin providing gender reassignment surgery
  187. There's one in every crowd...
  188. Iowa Civil Rights Commission Bans Pastors from Preaching Sermons on Sexuality
  189. Putin ally tells Americans: vote Trump or face nuclear war
  190. Feast of tabernacles
  191. Jesus Christ's supposed ‘burial slab’ has been uncovered for first time in centuries
  192. Huma Abedin Claims She Informed White House Every Time Hillary Changed Emails
  193. Woman accusing Trump of teen rape drops suit
  194. Trump Is Winning! At Midnight Eastern Time.
  195. One person killed, two wounded in shooting near LA-area polling station
  196. The World's Richest People Lose $41 Billion on Trump's Win
  197. "Let's Make America Great Today" = President Elect Trump's website. Share your ideas
  199. Trump backs same-sex marriage but not abortion under supreme court threat
  200. Trump prayed for by Christian leaders
  201. Trump in for a wake-up call when he takes office, Obama says
  202. Black Market Capitalism Poses Threat To Venezuelan Communists
  203. Good-bye, freedom of speech...
  204. Donald Trump Signals ‘Softening’ of Immigration Position
  205. Russian Ambassador Killed In Turkey by Tukish Police officer
  206. Donald Trump wants to ‘greatly’ expand U.S. nuclear capability. Here’s what that mean
  207. Security Council resolution 2334
  208. Charlie Sheen tweets for God to 'take' Trump next
  209. Republicans face a dangerous first 100 days
  210. Thought provoking article...
  211. Meryl Streep, Jimmy Fallon and more use Golden Globes stage to slam Trump
  212. Stephen Hawking admits
  213. Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center
  214. There is nothing new under the sun Christopher von Keyserling
  215. An amazing singer at the Inaugural prayer service.
  216. Woman kicked off plane for berating Trump supporter
  217. Making the Netherlands great again
  218. The world has gone mad...
  219. Trump Revives Reagan Ban On US Funding For Foreign Abortions
  220. Up To 13,000 Hanged In Syria Prison Since 2011
  221. Behold the Man: Jesus in Israeli Art show
  222. Country music festival facing pressure to nix Toby Keith from lineup..
  223. Church Service
  224. Jesus and Immigration Ban
  225. Happy 2017 from CERN
  226. 'Agitators' Attending a Town Hall Mock Jesus' Name Prayer and Disrespect Vet and Flag
  227. Pope Francis is open to the idea of married Catholic men becoming priests
  228. Beware the ides of march
  230. Creation in the news.
  231. Canadian Muslim Scholar Tells Senate Committee: "End immigration from Iran, ...
  232. U.S. strikes Syrian military airfield in first direct assault on Bashar al-Assad’s go
  233. US diverts Navy strike force to Korean waters
  234. Hank Hanegraaff converts to Greek Orthodox
  235. U.S. unleashes 'mother of all bombs' for first time in Afghanistan
  236. HE IS RISEN!!!!!
  237. Preaching on the sinking titanic! April 15th, 100th year anniversary of the sinking
  238. U.S. Congress may seek one-week funding extension to avert shutdown
  239. Killer Whales Go On 'Unprecedented' Killing Spree In Monterey Bay
  240. Friends Hail Woman, 86, Killed Trying To Stop Attack As Hero
  241. Trump Decapitates DOJ, FBI, And ... TBD!
  242. Abbas ready for Peace Deal
  243. Globalist Lab Cases Becoming Apparent
  244. Portugal wins at last!
  245. ‘Deaths of Despair’ Are On the Rise
  246. Lou Engle Prostrates Himself, Kisses Foot Of Catholic Leader
  247. Animals to the rescue! ISIS killed by lions and pigs.
  248. Mass Animal Deaths for 2017
  249. Hollywood strikes again....
  250. The Religion Of Peace Understanding And Acceptance Strikes Again!