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  1. Student Walk Out of VP Mike Pence Notre Dame Graduation Speech
  2. Tillerson Declines To Host Ramadan Event At State Department
  3. More Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos Exposed
  4. America is OUT of the Paris Climate Accord!
  5. London attack: Six killed in vehicle and stabbing incidents
  6. London Mayor Calls For Cancellation Of Trump Visit To UK
  7. Samoa Officially Becomes a Christian State
  8. It's a God thing!
  9. Something Wicked This Way Comes
  10. Author of "the Message" does an about face
  11. Video: Science has proven the existence of God.
  12. Evidence of Naboth’s Vineyard, Referenced in Bible !
  13. Make Waters Bitter
  14. Rowdy Crowd in England Gets Preachers Arrested
  15. Donald J. Trump - And Christians
  16. NBC NEWS: By The End Of 2017 All Americans Will Receive A Microchip Implant!
  17. The Temple Mount; recent news
  18. Jim Carey saved?
  19. Genetic Engineering breakthrough
  20. NASA hiring "Planetary protection officer"
  21. Brian Welch: From Korn to Jesus
  22. Memo by Former Aide Warns of Leftist Conspiracy Against Trump
  23. White Nationalist Rally - Charlottesville
  24. I'll be the person who starts the thread on the Barcelona attack...
  25. Hurricane Harvey Is Poised To Hit Texas Today And It's Not Your Average Storm
  26. Blood Moon
  27. U.S. Establishes Permanent Military Base in Israel
  28. Battle Cry
  29. National Anthem protest nonsense!
  30. Las Vegas shooting: At least 50 dead, more than 200 injured in massacre
  31. Australian Christian Politician Says No to Gay Marriage
  32. Trump and Russia link?
  33. Oxford college bans 'harmful' Christian Union from freshers' fair
  34. Scalias All the Way Down
  35. Colin Kaepernick files grievance accusing NFL owners of collusion
  36. North Korea Says 'A Nuclear War May Break Out Any Moment'
  37. Catholics and Protestants to Commemorate Reformation Anniversary
  38. Today's The Day!
  39. Terrorist attck in NYC
  40. Survey: 1 in 5 US Jewish Millennials Believe Jesus Is The Son of God
  41. At least 26 killed in mass shooting at Texas church
  42. Shooting near California elementary school leaves several dead, children wounded
  43. Australians back same-sex marriage at polls; Parliament plans December vote
  44. Beijing Urges Citizens to Rely on President Xi—Not Jesus—for Help
  45. Charles Manson dead
  46. At least 235 killed in attack on Egyptian mosque
  47. Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales, KCVO, is to marry
  48. Bali Volcano Eruption IMMINENT Mount Agung about to BLOW
  49. Israeli Researchers Debunk Transgender Craze That's Sweeping America
  50. North Korea fires another ICBM
  51. German Satanists whip women and girls publicly while onlookers do nothing
  52. Kate Steinle’s accused killer found not guilty of murder, to be deported
  53. VP Pence speaks on the anniversary of the UN vote to create Israel
  54. Islam day of rage
  55. Explosion at the Port Authority in NYC
  56. Alabama senate seat goes to a Democrat
  57. Tax bill already impacting copanies and their outlook
  58. New disease: Gaming Disorder
  59. Mass protests in Iran
  60. Monster Storm To Blast East Coast
  61. Fire and Fury
  62. God Help us
  63. Christian persecution
  64. Trump laments immigration from 's---hole countries' in Oval Office negotiations
  65. Another Bollide Exploded Over US State
  66. Erdogan threatening the United States
  67. Pastor predicted Michigan meteor — a month ago
  68. 12 Worst Persecution Nations.. U.S. Makes List For The First Time..
  69. Trump's SOTU address
  70. Canada to change national anthem to make it Gender-Neutral
  71. An Actual Nazi Is About To Get The Republican Nomination For A Congressional Seat
  72. Legal victory for local bakery.
  73. School shooting in Florida
  74. Russian Interference in USA Elections
  75. Billy Graham went home to the LORD
  76. Is This the Prophet Isaiah’s Signature?
  77. U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem; update
  78. White South African farmers will be removed from their land after a landslide vote
  79. "Heavenly Palace" falling to earth
  80. America is moving away from Christianity very fast
  81. Poland: The stronghold of Christianity in Europe
  82. You're fired!
  83. Stephen Hawking Dead at 76
  84. 25 year plan to ruin whites
  85. Alice Cooper
  86. AR-15 used to stop break-in by 19 year old
  87. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals liberal judge dies
  88. Sinclair Broadcast Group
  89. The United States leaving Syria now.
  90. A woman got shot in the head by her boyfriend
  91. A Van Driver killed 3 injerd 20 then killed himself in Jermany
  92. "Knife Violence" in London
  93. FBI raids the office of Trump's lawyer
  94. Trump said he was not going to telegraph his military moves
  95. This time it's sure to happen.
  96. DOJ IG Report on Andrew McCabe
  97. Sean Hannity Linked To Other Trump-Connected Attorneys, Besides Cohen
  98. Killer Bees Terrorise Texas Neighborhood
  99. Global warming is transforming the Great Barrier Reef
  100. Trump told Russia sanctions were off before telling US ambassador to UN Nikki Haley
  101. California bill seeking to outlaw helping h*m*s*xuals overcome?
  102. No official intel used to start FBI probe into Trump campaign-Russia collusion
  103. I don't know whether to be sad or amused
  104. You can't make this stuff up...
  105. Fossilized Human Footprint Found In A Giant Sloth Footprint
  106. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and South Korean Leader to Pursue Peace Deal, Denuke
  107. Preacher causes panic .
  108. Israeli intelligence gets Iranian documents proving Iran lied in the nuclear deal
  109. Trump says Stormy payment never came from campaign, was meant to stop ‘false’ claims
  110. Hillary now claims she lost because she's a capitalist
  111. Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupts
  112. Judges rebuke special prosecutor
  113. Trump dumps Iran nuclear deal
  114. Their coming home
  115. Turkey Working to Islamicize Jerusalem Ahead of US Embassy Move
  116. Happy Birthday, Israel!
  117. FBI infiltrated Trump campaign to spy?
  118. Columbia professor under fire for blaming Israel for every problem 'in the world'
  119. Summary of Trump wins during first year
  120. First Person Charged Under Malaysia’s ‘Anti-Fake News’ Law
  121. US embassy open in Jerusalem
  122. Megan Markle
  123. Trump’s confrontational trade stance is just boomeranging back to imperil U.S.
  124. Trump’s dangerous “animals” rhetoric is also bad crime-fighting policy
  125. Pope Francis tells gay man: 'God made you like that and loves you like that'
  126. The Trump Prophecy
  127. Triple-Digit Heat To Expand Across South-Central US
  128. Another legal victory
  129. Guatemala Volcanic Eruption Sends Lava Into Homes, Kills 25
  130. Christian Baker Finally gets Justice
  131. Someone in White House is lying about Trump Tower meeting
  132. Collusion in the White House
  133. Society values style over substance
  134. Freedom of the press - reporter phone records seized.
  135. Trump and appeasement toward Russia
  136. 2,300 Suspected Child Sex Offenders Arrested
  137. Charles Krauthammer, conservative commentator and Pulitzer Prize winner, dead at 68
  138. Reuniting the kids/parents is easy to doo--
  139. DEARBORN, MICHIGAN: America’s Biggest Muslim ‘NO-GO Zone
  140. Climate lawsuit thrown out of court
  141. Supreme court justice Kennedy retires!
  142. Annapolis newsroom shooting leaves 5 people dead; suspect in custody, officials say
  143. Attack on Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia
  144. Trump, NATO, German military, etc
  145. BDS Movement in Germany - anti-semitism?
  146. Christian Doctor Fired For Believing That Gender Is Biologically Determined
  147. July ‘Straight Pride American Month’ A vice mayor faces calls for resignation after p
  148. New York Democrat/Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls Israel "occupiers".
  149. ISIS vs. Taliban: Dozens Killed As Militants Clash
  150. James Comey is coming right out in the open admitting he politicized the FBI
  151. Natalie Portman compares eating meat to the Holocaust
  152. Sports and millennials
  153. Parents raising "theybies" instead of babies.
  154. FBI told FISA court that Steele wasn't source of report
  155. Mad Max "run anyone who disagrees with me out of town" Waters slammed by FEC
  156. Pope Declares Death Penalty Inadmissible in All Cases
  157. NRA suing NY because of NY government shutting them out of insurance and banking
  158. Religious Jews overwhelmingly approve of president Trump
  159. President Admits Trump Tower Meeting Was Meant to Get Dirt on Clinton
  160. Whole New Phase
  161. Christian Man Facing Prison For Infiltrating Gay Pride Parade
  162. Saudi women, free to drive, kickstart Harley-Davidson bike chapter
  163. Ohio elections
  164. Ben Shapiro, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spar after he offers $10,000 to debate her
  165. IDF Says War In Gaza Approaching
  166. L.A.'s Rail System Will Be First In The U.S. To Use Scanners That Detect Explosives
  167. Christian baker vindicated by Supreme Court is back in court
  168. So it's a good time to be a Protestant. Grand jury finding about the Catholic Church
  169. Shakey "UFO sighting" turns out to be Goodyear Blimp
  170. Chelsea Clinton thanks abortion for being good for the economy
  171. Southwest Airlines bans peanuts..But not pets
  172. Satanic Temple brings Baphomet statue to Arkansas for rally
  173. Cheerios, Oats, Other Breakfast Foods May Contain Weed Killer
  174. Rights v Faith
  175. Richard Dawkins Planning Atheism Books For Children And Teens
  176. Freedom In California
  177. 9 Year-Old Commits Suicide After Telling His Mother He's Gay
  178. Backlash after Nike signs new deal with Colin Kaepernick
  179. Governmental efficiency
  180. Happy New Year, Fenris!
  181. Detroit Food Truck Owner Refuses to Serve Cops
  182. Bloodbath Expected as Russia, Iran, Syria, Turkey Unite for Final Showdown
  183. Super Typhoon Mangkhut Heads For Philippines At 280KM/H
  184. National Solar Observatory Closure
  185. Christian Rapper Shot & Robbed
  186. Volcano Erupts In Indonesia Days After Devastating Earthquake And Tsunami
  187. The Dead Sea is coming back to life !
  188. California Finally Declares Emergency Over Los Angeles Gas Leak
  189. Correct Foods ?
  190. Soyuz launch to ISS aborted after booster failure; crew safe
  191. UN Humanitarian Chief Says Danger Of ‘Big Famine’ In Yemen
  192. Who sent the bombs?
  193. Jamal Khashoggi's murder 'premeditated' - Saudi prosecutor
  194. The Atlantic And Pacific Ocean Hurricane Season Is Most Powerful On Record This Year
  195. Arrest made in connection to suspicious packages
  196. Former LGBTQ Individuals March on LA to Share How Jesus' Love Changed Their Lives
  197. Horrific act of anti-semitism in Pittsburg
  198. Pakistani Christian Gets Life For Blasphemy Despite Learning Difficulties
  199. DOJ Ties a Trump FISA Release to Obstruction
  200. Ex-gay comments attacked
  201. Russian Minister Warns Europe Over US Exit From Nuclear Pact
  202. Asia Bibi Case overturned
  203. Migrants Met With Fear, Disdain In Tijuana, Mexico
  204. Christians in Mexico: “Leave this Town or Be Crucified”
  205. Why has Ocasio-Cortez become the most famous congress person?
  206. Ukrainian Church breaks with Russian Orthodox Church
  207. World’s Worst Persecutors Revealed, 60,000 Christians in Concentration Camps
  208. Christian Persecution Expected To Increase In 2019
  209. AOC declares the end of the world is in 12 years
  210. AOC claims to be a Jew
  211. These kids are going to fight back
  212. Elizabeth Warren calling for a wealth tax
  213. Roger Stone indicted on several charges as part of Mueller’s Russia collusion probe
  214. Economics, politics and the future
  215. FBI Nabs Jihadist Who Sought To Attack White House With Anti-Tank Rocket
  216. A Sad and Evil Day': New York Legalizes Abortion Up to Baby's Birth Day
  217. Deepfake videos
  218. Texas finds 95,000 non-citizens on voter rolls. 58,000 have voted
  219. Trump Says US Will Withdraw From Nuclear Arms Treaty With Russia
  220. We are becoming reprobate as a nation. Many already are there.
  221. 'Frost Quakes' May Be Hitting Chicago As Temperature Rrops To Record-Breaking Lows
  222. Pope in Abu Dhabi
  223. Coming to a far, far left political platform near you
  224. What's wrong with "capitalism"? Something the left and right can agree on.
  225. The SBC and s*xual assualt, mol*estation, etc
  226. Racism in the Democrat Party
  227. "Christians Bet on Trump and Won"
  228. Trump declares national emergency on border
  229. Innocent Man On Death Row Shares How God Used His False Conviction to Share The Good
  230. Officials Describe 'Coordinated, Unlawful' Scheme In Disputed N.C. Election
  231. Free Everything!
  232. If Only We Were This Concerned For The Unborn
  233. DC Comics Cancels 'Blasphemous' Jesus Superhero Series, 'Second Coming'
  234. The Congresswoman Loves the Swamp
  235. Strict ID Laws Don't Stop Voters: Evidence from a U.S. Nationwide Panel, 2008-2016
  236. Thanks to the SSM ruling, your mother, sister or wife can be drafted
  237. Third Most Powerful Vatican Official Found Guilty Of Child Rape
  238. Man Receives Under-Skin Chip Implant Live At Mobile Show
  239. United Methodist denom stands strong .....
  240. Finland scrapping part of AOC's utopia after two year trial
  241. Greenpeace co-founder characterizes AOC as a "pompous little twit."
  242. Alex Trebek - Cancer
  243. 'The world is ready' for a gay superhero in the MCU
  244. This a Win, Yes? > GOP state lawmakers approve 'heartbeat' abortion bans
  245. So now the Democrat party has an unrepentant Anti Semite
  246. AOC defends anti-Semite bigot
  247. Clyburn says Omar's experiences are more emperical than Holocaust descendants
  249. Colorado’s second case against Masterpiece Cakeshop and Jack Phillips crumbles
  250. The Brains Behind AOC — Very Important Video