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  1. The sky is falling! er..the birds are falling!
  2. Always controversial: Vaccinations
  3. 39% of New York city pregnancies end in abortion
  4. Not sure where to post this.... News
  5. Is the media being hypocritical regarding the AZ shootings?
  6. And the unthinking stupidity begins...
  7. And the Alternative is...???
  8. Please read before posting
  9. FREAKY weather
  10. Coming Soon to Your Own Nation?
  11. China's Bucks vs American Bucks... And the Chickens Now Come Home to Roost!
  12. Donald Trump for President? Will Decide by June
  13. Bird and fish deaths are signs of the last days (moved from ETC)
  14. Is it Time For Jesus To Go Back To School?
  15. National ID card for the Internet
  16. Obama's birth certificate
  17. Woman realizes she was abducted as a baby.... reunited with family!
  18. Flashback: Beck's prediction
  19. NYT poll on reducing the deficit, Americans choices
  20. Herman Cain
  21. YellowStone Supervolcano takes a deep breath
  22. Russian authorities: Terrorist bombing at Moscow airport kills 35 wounding 152
  23. Browsing Today's News
  24. Social networking
  25. Joel O'steen's comments get this from a "baptist" pastor...
  26. Who is Ehud Barak
  27. Middle eastern Arab countries in turmoil.
  28. Walking gorilla
  29. Yeah... this happens etc. But come on now!
  30. Health care law declared unconstitutional... again.
  31. Prepare for war with Israel
  32. Egypt and the internet.
  33. Wikileaks says Al Qaida on the brink of using a nuclear bomb
  34. okay... this is well... odd
  35. U.S. Pressure on Mubarak Opens a Rift With Arab Allies
  36. US agrees to tell Russia British nuclear secrets
  37. Reporter in Egypt slain
  38. Shariah law - 14 year old girl dies after being publicly flogged for adultery
  39. Pastor with 666 Tattoo Claims to be Divine ...
  40. Obama held in Contempt of Court
  41. choosing homosexuality
  42. Clinton says Obama administration has done more for Israel than any other administrat
  43. Witches Could Be Jailed If Predictions Don't Come True! (Romania)
  44. Some jokes floating around Egypt right now
  45. Ghost Forces Theme Park to Move
  46. Study: Major benefits for spina bifida surgery in the womb
  47. Mitt Romney as Presidential Candidate
  48. Mubarak steps down
  49. Obama's 2012 budget
  50. I remember when dissent was the "highest form of patriotism"
  51. Early April-1 joke?
  52. Preaching Jesus at Walmart
  53. This is NOT in any 'Breaking News' reports and I'm wondering WHY!
  54. Democrats flee Wisconsin to avoid vote, police searching...
  55. The ugly underside of the Egypt protests
  56. From the comments section of the Washington Post, from a Wisconsin teacher:
  57. To Far?
  58. Part 1 To the Egypt Issue Biting us in the Proverbial Fanny
  59. s/v 'Quest' taken by pirates.
  60. The US... If This Was Sexual We'd Call Ourselves a Whore
  61. Remember When?
  62. Someone Please Assist: I am trying to find the humor
  63. Next stop...Libya
  64. Iran is next
  65. How to Lose Friends and Not Influence People
  66. 6.3 Magnitude earthquake hits New Zealand
  67. Man with 39 wives, nearly 100 children...and heads a 'CHRISTIAN SECT'!!!
  68. The sense that things have changed.
  69. Split thread from Wisconsin Democrats
  70. Adam and Steve... the lovely couple!
  71. New tax
  72. Hawaii Gov Signs Civil Union Bill into law
  73. Canadian Family in Life Support Battle Denied Request for Hospital Transfer
  74. Some things never change
  75. Don't they have more important things to worry about right now?
  76. Congress can now regulate "mental activity"
  77. Another 'FIRST' for Obama Administration...(He's fishing for Gay votes!!)
  78. Provocative thinkng
  79. Abortion is safer than having a baby
  80. Sad thing is....
  81. Who can read this danish? Danish family captured by pirates
  82. Charlie Sheen vs Mommar Gaddafi
  83. Supreme Court rules for anti-gay church over military funeral protests
  84. Obama: Israelis should soul-search about seriousness on peace
  85. Another NEW Bible translation-
  86. Least faithful state.... competition between Vermont and Wisconsin.
  87. You know... the government really is pretty stupid and well... they're stupid
  88. British Christian couple may not foster due to beliefs about homosexuality
  89. I cannot believe this is a possible tv show
  90. Virginity's making a comeback, report says
  91. People claiming they know when the end is. wow.
  92. Trying to outlaw circumcision in SanFrancisco
  93. ALL MEMBERS please Read and join us for prayer
  94. "Change"
  95. More "change"
  96. Poll on various countries' 'influence'
  97. The impact of collective bargaining
  98. TODAY'S LATEST: Christian-Muslim clashes in Egypt kill 13
  99. Guess who wants Libya's seat on the UN Human Right Council?
  100. 9.0 Quake hits Japan..................
  101. Oil and the Economy
  102. United Church of Christ: Apostate?
  103. NEWS, Japan Disaster, Most exspensive ever.
  104. Westboro at it again...
  105. Saudi Arabia
  106. World watches nervously as Japan struggles with nuclear reactors
  107. News story that didn't get reported on this weekend
  108. Alchoholic three year old
  109. Because of Japan, US neuclear facilities are now in question?
  110. a fourth reactor at the Fukushima Dai-ichi complex was on fire and
  111. WBC's website is down, all of them.
  112. Praying Jews cause a 'prayer scare' on a plane
  113. living your faith
  114. Police say international pedophile ring smashed
  115. Hurray For Permanent Daylight Savings Time!
  116. Millions of dead sardines with neurotoxin to be used as food fertilizer
  118. selective freedom
  119. U.S., British militaries join French in action against Gadhafi's forces in Libya.
  120. The Gaddafi Precedent and it's consequences for Israel
  121. Double Standard Civil Rights
  122. The bully is somehow the victim in all of this now...
  123. Religion 'will be driven toward extinction' in 9 countries
  124. Hugo Chavez: Martian civilization undone by capitalism
  125. Another big quake - this time in Myanmar
  126. Pastor loses his job because of his views on hell
  127. Right and now Twisted
  128. A Reminder to Pray for the Persecuted Church
  129. Things heating up in Israel
  130. Ain't Love Grand!
  131. It Is NOT A WAR! And Our Involvement Is Going to be VERY LIMITED! Trust Me!
  132. Common Sense in Hollywood... for a rather nice change!
  133. From Bad to Worse in Japan Apparently
  134. Territorial disputes around the world
  135. Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya
  136. More good news out of Egypt
  137. Obama Resigns Today
  138. Could this be an image of Jesus?
  139. Fresh quake triggers tsunami warning in Japan
  140. Email breach: 8 ways to protect yourself
  141. Dangerous momentum building for unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state in Sept
  142. Look at what's going on two counties above me, in upper East Tennessee!
  143. earthquake light
  144. 27 Tornadoes reported in Iowa alone
  145. President Obama misses being a private citizen
  146. US Debt Jumped $54 Billion in 8 days!
  147. Rise of New World Power (without the USA)
  148. False pretense for war in Libya?
  149. Well, Look at this...A New Law Passed in Arizona!
  150. Genetically superior
  151. How could I have possibly missed this???
  152. Military advisors sent to libya
  153. Gerard Smith passed away at the age of 34
  154. Easter Bunny, events renamed 'spring' to avoid offending anyone
  155. Today is Good Friday AND Earth day..
  156. How bad things REALLY are...
  157. What kind of people is the TSA hiring?
  158. Record Shattering Weather everywhere
  159. IMF Bombshell: Age of America Nears End
  160. Muslims defending Coptic Christians in Egypt.
  161. L-O-L White House Releases Obama Birth Certificate!
  162. A Hero in the Faith passes away-David Wilkerson
  163. Update from Alabama
  164. We got 'em....Osama bin laden is dead,
  165. Show the picture(s) and burial video?
  166. Yes, bin Ladin is dead, but we have massive damage in Alabama. You gotta read this..
  167. Florida passes "Pants on the Ground" bill.
  168. Sea burial.....shmea burial
  169. Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback Signs Fetal Pain-Abortion Ban
  171. SAD NEWS...Married Couples Now A Minority In The Buckle Of The Bible Belt!
  172. Another Denomination Clears Way For Gay Clergy
  173. Really? No parking on the grass!
  174. Dangerous To Support Israel in America???
  175. IT MIGHT BE HARDER TO SERVE ON JURY DUTY in this day and time!
  176. If science could tell you how long you'll live, would you want to know
  177. Stephen Hawking says there is no heaven
  178. What does Israel have to give up to go back to 1967 borders?
  179. Natural disasters and U.S. presidents pressuring Israel to give up land.
  180. SOMALIA
  181. A Message to Harold Camping's Followers
  182. Gay Marriage Moving Up in US Popularity and Approval
  183. President Obama to speak to a pro Israel lobby group any time now
  184. Do American Jewish people care about their homeland?
  185. 89 dead after tornado in Joplin, Missouri
  186. Words fail me right now...
  188. Really helpful video breaking down what constitutes a "defensible border" for Israel
  189. Harold Camping is sticking to his apocalyptic guns.
  190. Palestinians have declared that Netanyahu
  191. Tornados cited in Oklahoma
  192. CNBC anchor Mark Haines dies at age 65.
  193. Tornado Updates!
  194. Judge blocks VA from barring 'Jesus Christ' from Memorial day prayer
  196. One Seriously has to Question Planned Parenthood's Motives
  197. Senate Bill 968 concerns
  198. Oprah??
  199. Sometimes there is good news - Germany
  200. This is weird - looming helium crisis
  201. Creepy results for search
  202. Germany: 365 more sickened in bacterial outbreak
  203. Tornado touches down in western Massachusetts
  204. Don't mess With Our Baby Killing Group...
  205. At Last! A Common Sense Law!!
  206. Has anyone else heard about this, that happened at Cornerston Church?
  207. Chilean Volcano Erupts
  208. Iran is close to a nuke
  209. A 750 ft cylinder found on Mars
  210. Obama Drags the US Into War #4
  211. China warns US debt-default idea is ‘playing with fire’
  212. Is This A Practice Run For a Terror Attack?
  213. Five Year Old May Face Murder Charge
  214. East Bay Doomsayer Harold Camping suffers stroke
  215. Love thy neighbor: Son's killer moves next door
  216. New York Gay Marriage: State Assembly Approves Same-Sex Marriage Bill
  217. I've been praying for Col. Gaddafi to stay in power in Libya.....
  218. The Hungry Dragon
  219. Signs in the sun, moon and stars
  220. Anyone know about Lucis Trust?
  221. Adds a Whole NEW MEANING to "Taste Like chicken!"
  222. Just One of Those Articles That Make You Go "Wow!"
  223. U.S. cities that could disappear...........
  224. Flooding prompts Nebraska Nuclear Power Plantto Declare "Unusual Event."
  225. Our World Is Getting Sicker
  226. Atheists angry over sign honoring sept 11 firefighters
  227. Extremist Groups Growing?
  228. The Division That Truth Brings
  229. Tap oil reserves: politics at what cost?
  230. Pimpin' Professors
  231. Asteroid to Pass Extremely Close By Earth On Monday
  232. Carbon tax
  233. Something smells bad in the Finnish Lutheran Church
  234. Abortion...please help with this argument
  235. Oil discovered in Israel
  236. Sale of area hospitals in East Tennessee must be APPROVED BY THE VATICAN
  237. World population - the bubble must burst
  238. Can you all believe the outcome of the Casey Anthony trial!!!
  239. Murdoch stuns critics, shuts down scandal-hit paper
  240. Caylee's Law, in case anyone wants to sign the petition
  241. What will happen if the debt ceiling is not raised?
  242. Rev. Jeremiah Wright
  243. Islam Is Pushing
  244. More Trouble In Afghanistan
  245. Well now, I won't be voting for Mitt Romney!
  246. The United States is now less popular with the Arab world than under GWB
  247. CALLED Magazine - IHOP Pastor calls Oprah Anti-Christ
  248. Group Sues To Stop Texas Governor's Prayer Day
  249. The end of the world is going to be ...
  250. Jesus "son of Man" or "the Human One" ???