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  1. Need help concerning my wife's bipolar and my resultant PTSD
  2. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse - new challenge
  3. Does adultery destroy a person?
  4. Tired
  5. Wife is going through mental problems
  6. Phobia with docs...etc.
  7. Looking for Guidance (moved from Growing in Christ)
  8. My sister
  9. Would like to coounsel on this issue please
  10. Wife checked herself into hospital=mental reasons
  11. How do you convince someone marijuana is wrong
  12. What do I need to do to get rid of this bitterness?
  13. Please Help I've prayed and asked and I don't feel any different whats wrong with me?
  14. Christian Counseling DVDs
  15. Dating Problems
  16. Need Advice: relationship stuff
  17. Need Advice: Did something stupid and need some advice!
  18. married daughter and her old bf
  19. Jesus told me who I am going to marry?
  20. Question About Divorce Please Read!
  21. HELP
  22. Please Help Overwhelmed and keep forgetting about God
  23. Please Help My Father
  24. Prayers for My Husband, Me, and Our Marriage
  25. Strong Chest Pain. Help :(
  26. Encounter with a possible pedifile
  27. Workplace bullying
  28. Multiple Attacks
  29. How do I pray?
  30. ALS Disease?
  31. In Love with a girl - catholic
  32. homosexuality in religion
  33. Need Advice: Loneliness & depression & health problems are destroying me!
  34. Please Help Addiction to porn
  35. Need Advice: adultry
  36. Hey! help?
  38. Needing to know if I am still saved or not
  39. Please Pray for my Sister (Regarding her Husband)
  40. IMPORTANT A Message to Harold Camping's Followers
  41. DIVORCE Question! Please Read!-to CR
  42. Will my bisexuality send me to Hell?
  43. Spiritual Abuse
  44. Could God want divorce?
  45. Domestic Violence
  46. need some advice (hope this is the right place to put this) love in jepordy
  47. Questions about premarital sex and our possible future together as a couple.
  48. Fear of mother instead of Fear of God :-(
  49. Fear of mother overtaking Fear of God
  50. need some advice about counseling
  51. my dad is gay....
  52. Need Advice: Straight Girl and Bi-Guy - Is he still wrong if he isn't acting on his bi-sexuality.
  53. Does God even care?
  54. At a crossroads
  55. From craziness to divorce to hope to more craziness...what???
  56. Need Advice: How to move forward in this situation
  57. Need Advice: Thought pattern I'm concerned about
  58. Need Advice: What's really going on
  59. Please Help How to find out spiritual barriers regarding a promise.
  60. Please Help Spiritual Torment
  61. Please Help Not feeling God
  62. I don't know
  63. Please Pray For My Finances
  64. Need Advice: Forgiven by God but not by Another
  65. God doesn't hear my prayers
  66. Need Advice: At a bit of a crossroads
  67. Don't know what else to do
  68. Desperate need of a way forward
  70. Unfairness at work
  71. Fasting - Trying to Overcome (Matthew 17:21)
  72. sticky mixed relationship that I need advice on
  73. Please Help How To Return To Christ? [moved from BC]
  74. Need Advice: So much anguish and doubt in my life. (Moved from Growing in Christ)
  75. Discussion Just a certain thought that bothers me that I need some advice on.....
  76. Need Advice: I am obssesed wiith health and beauty
  77. Pastoral Abuse
  78. Not sure if this belongs here, but here's my situation (Moved from Growing in Christ)
  79. I don't like being a Christian
  80. Please Help Giving in to lust, losing all control, sinned, and it all repeat over again.
  81. Need Advice: Need Prayer for My Dad and Advice
  82. Suffering ill health - Chronic Fatique immune Dysfunction (CFIDS) - Family broken up
  83. My pastor stepped down because of a marriage crisis
  84. Questions about Visitation/NDE videos
  85. OCD and pre-marital sex
  86. What to do
  87. How best to honor God in "set-up" situations
  88. Christian identity
  89. Dealing with adult angry children
  90. As a Christian wife, I am conflicted on what to do..
  91. Please Help hanging on to the threads of my marriage
  92. Dating Question - Am I too picky?
  93. What to do, what to do, what to do
  94. Demonic oppression and its causes
  95. Need Advice: God spoke to me in terms of my love life- Thoughts?
  96. IMPORTANT still keep hearing Blasphemous voices against the holy spirit
  97. Being a Virgin in a Sex Crazy Society
  98. Need Advice: I am Physically attacked by a Spirit daily .
  99. Matthew 15 - Taking Care of Parents
  100. Please Help Trying to obey but confused
  101. confronting lies
  102. when God says "No" to your desire, why does He sometimes show it to you?
  103. 40 days of Temptation and Demonic Oppression
  104. dream deception or really from GOD
  105. Possible girlfriend met on Myspace. What should I do?
  106. Help me!!!! I have scrupilousity!
  107. I am in a really bad place here
  108. To Help or Not To Help?
  109. Former co-worker and a Pastor...suicide...
  110. Please Help Hearing voices of the demonic
  111. LOST......again (Copied from Introductions)
  112. My accountability partner suggested I find a mentor + Growing listless/cynical??
  113. Providing for oneself / career vs. guilt of not serving where there's a need
  114. Need Advice: Doing God's Will
  115. Please Help NUMBERS 5 WIFE? [moved from BC]
  116. Struggling With Intrusive Thoughts
  117. Trials weighing me down
  118. Trying to Get Back
  120. Why has God curse some of us with be single for life?
  121. In Between Counselling Sessions Things Tend to Eventually Fall Apart
  122. Exxchanging Your Salvation For An Answered Prayer Request
  123. I don't want to live anymore
  124. My brother is a Christian but is struggling with drugs, we had a bad fight and...
  125. Can You Make a Deal with God About Becoming An Atheist (Sound weird but please read)?
  126. Possession
  127. Need Advice: I want to get out of this relationship but I'm scared
  128. Need Advice: Advice for my life thus far- seeking help- read my testimony
  129. Is This Worry Really Necessary? (HELP)
  130. loving a sociopath?
  131. Easy solution to regret?
  132. How do I know that it's scrupulosity or not?
  134. Spirtual Side Growing?
  135. Really confused about something
  136. Don't know how to deal with everything
  137. The Prodigal returns.
  138. Please Help I feel like breaking down..
  139. Struggling with my feelings for my ex
  140. Divorce Question - A New Creation in Christ
  141. Fear of Listening to Forum Advice
  142. Please Help Former youth minister hearing the Lord's call
  143. Please Help Questions about women in the Bible.
  144. I need desperate help
  145. A couple with different beliefs...
  146. Confronting Evil Spirits
  147. Teen boys watching My Little Pony?
  148. In need of guidance/counsel
  149. Need some advice :)
  150. Should we rent apartment out to those who want to "live together"??
  151. Harrassment
  152. Witnessing in a most unusual and controversial fashion
  153. hi, I'm new...
  154. Led By the Holy Spirit
  155. When you gave your life to God, what condition were you in?
  156. Scrupulosity Help?
  157. Need Advice: Would just like some opinions on what I should do?????
  158. Please Help one step at a time.
  159. Moving countries and feeling lonely and worried
  160. Is there ever a good time to quit Christianity?
  161. Help me find my way back home
  162. Thoughts on another crushing disappointment
  163. Need Advice: Reconnecting with a classmates creates Delimna
  164. A Challenging Situation, I dont know if I am being wronged
  165. Need Advice: I am destined for the single life?
  166. A difficult day
  167. Saying farewell to church acquaintances in a respectful manner
  168. Not finishing college on time?
  169. Divorce and remarriage
  170. manifestation
  171. Keep having Wake Induced Lucid Dreams without trying (Visions of Rev. were WILDS?)
  172. Discussion Lust
  173. Between A Rock And Hard Place...I need advice
  174. Young man in need of guidance
  175. I'm in a terrible place right now
  176. Will it ever get better
  177. Prayer request... and any advice/ words of wisdom are welcomed
  178. Does not getting enough credits in college equal to being held back?
  179. Need Advice: Why is God silent?
  180. Funerals and family
  181. Please Help What qualifies as blasphemy?
  182. Requesting prayers during a difficult time.
  183. Should I be honest and up-front with my boss, or let God be God?
  184. Can't get this girl out of my mind.
  185. Advise?
  186. When is enough, ENOUGH?
  187. Proverbs 18:14, I feel very troubled with this passage...
  188. Emotional Healing
  189. Need counseling for me and my dad regarding our past, Noah and his sons comes to mind
  190. I just need someone's opionion and help
  191. So Confused - Extreme Blasphemy and Odd Occurences
  192. This may not seem as major as life and death but I could use some prayer
  193. Hurt by someone I love
  194. Lost all hope and feel totally betrayed, misled and abandon and its scary.
  195. Wife just asked for divorce
  196. Need prayers please in TN
  197. marriage in crumbles
  198. Need Advice: Marriage
  199. Need Advice: changing churches
  200. Need Advice: I need some advice on something I be thinking about a lot
  201. Please Help Happiness and anxiety
  202. Girlfreind problems?
  203. Need some help and support
  204. Please Help Life after adultery?
  205. Need Advice: Christian friends
  206. Wow did I ever screw up...
  207. What comes around goes around
  208. generatiion
  209. Growing closer to Christ, but confused
  210. Please Help Dealing with MS, Divorce, Depression
  211. Depression and Faith
  212. Need Advice: New to BibleForum, anyone read this please. (Moved to Counseling for now)
  213. Need Advice: need to help a friend move on.
  214. Feeling lost on what to do. (Moved from Gic where harsh posts debating not allowed.)
  215. Husbands Emotional/Possible Physical Affair
  216. Need Advice: Taking breaks
  217. I need some help with anger problems...
  218. Question about financial support for family
  219. Need Advice: Relationship questions.
  220. Discussion church
  221. confused about some things. Warning: VERY LONG
  222. Wisdom, strength, and courage.
  223. What to say???
  224. Need guidence in what to do for a friend
  225. 1 Tim 5:8 - struggling with this
  226. Need Advice on What to Do - Husband Porn Issue
  227. Have you survived domestic violence?
  228. Abandoning Old Life
  229. Need Advice: Honor thy Mother and Father, but what about the other way around? Advice please.
  230. Parents Issues
  231. Please Help My girlfriend had an abortion and now I feel nothing but misery, sadness and regret.
  232. Need Advice: How to have a more tranquil and obedient heart following a massive disappointment
  233. Please Help I feel extremely awkward around people (social anxiety) /;
  234. I need direction
  235. Anxiety
  236. They man who hurt my friend is back!
  237. Bombarded by rhe flesh
  238. Need Advice: Demon possessed
  239. Do I have to love myself?
  240. Something on my mind
  241. Please Help hoping I didn't commit the unforgivable sin
  242. Did I Hear God's Voice???
  243. Continue to pursue her? Don't give up? Confused? Don't really know what to do here?
  244. Sexual Sins quenched the Holy Spirit?
  245. Seeking Direction, Instruction, Guidance
  246. A rant and a prayer
  247. Need Advice: Making decision through the lot
  248. I am having marriage trouble
  249. Forgiveness
  250. My M.I.L(Moved from GIC)