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  1. Jesus - Genesis to Revelation
  2. Whoo hoo I've lost weight
  3. Dancing at wedding reception?
  4. Funding cut for disabled children, while funding increases for family planning..
  5. Gas Grill...any help?
  6. Confused and hurt. Here's how the guy responded to my email
  7. Overwhelmed with knowledge.
  8. Need Advice: Buying A Car.....
  9. Bonanza
  10. It's Way Too Hot!
  11. God's Working on Me
  12. Here's pictures of my furbaby Mija
  13. Amazed at how God works
  14. My niece and JW
  15. Dreams
  16. Discussion Keeping Secrets
  17. Filled with the holy spirit or something else?
  18. Argument for God
  19. Theophostic Prayer Ministry
  20. Discussion Widowers should never remarry?
  21. Favourite/least favourite things about Summer...
  22. I got to thinking...
  23. Recommend christian books and movies.
  24. Young guys / ties
  25. A shake up in our church.
  26. Cats Do Control Humans, Study Finds
  27. God's Amazing Design - The Australian Incubator Bird
  28. Web Design
  29. British casualties in Afghan
  30. Tith(Sp?)
  31. The prodigal son returns... to say hello!
  32. My husband keeps getting speeding tickets
  33. Hello Everyone
  34. It looks like I'm going to be wired.
  35. How long did you wait to get married?
  36. Battle for the first post: the saga trickles on.
  37. The works of Charles Spurgeon
  38. Doctors or the will of God?
  39. Which do you like to study the best,the OT or NT?
  40. Sarcasm
  41. heard something funny this morning
  42. Spiritual Attack or Sleep Paralysis?
  43. Bible repair and restoration
  44. Obedience-- great quote :)
  45. Is an allen wrench the same thing as a hex key?
  46. Who is your favorite evangelist in last couple of centuries?
  47. Encounter with a bear on vacation....
  48. The ride to and from youth camp
  49. Casper Learns to Share (a children's short story)
  50. 14% of church goers will make it into Heaven.
  51. Discussion Do we really know our Bible?
  52. What do you think about when you think of Hell?
  53. I have to admit,I like it here!
  54. Why is the snake deemed as "Satan",or his animal?
  55. God's Gift
  56. God's Amazing Design - The Beaver
  57. 118.2
  58. Does God ever make mistakes?
  59. Need Advice: Poll - name of a site with daily verses from New Testament
  60. Books-A-Million
  61. Don't Help The Homeless, Let Them Suffer
  62. can anyone translate this? I think its Portuguese
  63. +++ !The NEED for SPEEEEEEEEEEEED! +++
  64. Where?!
  65. I have a song stuck in my head....
  66. Zucchini
  67. Need Advice: Husband turning 35
  68. Anyone know about moving kids from public to private school?
  69. Anyone afraid of flying?
  70. My pastor
  71. A funny joke I got in email today--
  72. A "Masterclass" in Motherhood - touching story...
  73. IMPORTANT Cards true meaning
  74. The Church Search is Not Going Well
  75. Tell Me About Your Animals
  76. Have you ever wondered what happened to someone from your past?
  77. Thinking about taking Old Testament correspondent classes.
  78. I give up
  79. observations
  80. No room in Bethlehem...New Hampshire?
  81. Does God have a sense of humor???
  82. Marital confusion
  83. IPhone App lets you "send texts to God" have you heard about this??
  84. A cool place to visit in our state.
  85. God's Amazing Desiogn - The Woodpecker
  86. Wedding Gift Suggestions...PLEASE!!!
  87. Information Rest in Peace Shifty
  88. Questions on a drivers test
  89. Did you ever leave a church?
  90. my new song.
  91. !!~!Riddle Time!~!!
  92. Whew,thought I lost one of my good bibles!
  93. Lastnight I was woken by.........God?
  94. Funny church stories,anybody have any?
  95. I have to kill this fly....
  96. Tell Me Something About You! -Anything Goes
  97. Camoflauge Critters (underwater)
  98. Old TV Shows......
  99. do animals go to Heaven?
  100. BibleExplorer - anyone use this?
  101. Wedding vows
  102. This touched my heart.....
  103. Why are stories of little children dying supposed to be "inspirational"?
  104. Getting so fed up with my church family
  105. There should be another kind of celebration of life.
  106. So What's For Lunch Today?
  107. Happy Anniversary...!!!
  108. I'm Amazed People Ever Wind up Married
  109. How can I track someone down that lives in another state that might have died?
  110. The Describe Me Game
  111. Information I might not be on here
  112. !!+Word Association+!! - Who's Next?!
  113. Anybody eating healthy? I'm back in the saddle!
  114. Should Christians own guns?
  115. Is there crying in heaven?
  116. Probably the stupidest question I've ever asked...
  117. Failure of hat, or failure of user?
  118. Failure is always an option...
  119. Found baby birds nest outside, 1 bird passed 1 still alive shaking a bit
  120. My company was in Paraglide!
  121. who'd thought chapstick could be so funny
  122. Please help.
  123. A bible on the Moon
  124. Laptop Computers
  125. Incredible anagrams!!
  126. good worship music (u got some?)
  127. You know it's the middle of summer when...
  128. God's Amazing Design - Bears
  129. II Thessalonians 3:10,what if this verse was applied today?
  130. Do you remember when? Show your age!
  131. Can I have a bigger dog?
  132. What's the difference in denominations?
  133. Image Manipulation (Heaven)
  134. Wands don't kill people...
  135. Deer Bathing Kitty (Animals Getting Along)
  136. We live in a Matrix world (like the movie)
  137. What is the hardest thing about being a Christian?
  138. Emoticon Library - Share Yours
  139. Just For Laughs
  140. I dunno bout you but Igot!
  141. Please Help College Success
  142. Courting
  143. Funny Church Signs
  144. What won't you miss?
  145. Start Here: Got A Verse On Your Heart To Share With Us?
  146. 1 year anniversary on the board.
  147. What is this song?!?
  148. Most Memorable Place You've Visited and WHY?! + Calling All Riders~!!
  149. I'm a blood sucker buffet
  150. I just realized...
  151. "I Do" Wedding Dance
  152. A good funny clean joke.
  153. Funny biblical joke...
  154. Amusing/Amazing Anecdotes in the Life of Faith...
  155. IMPORTANT Be Thou Holy!
  156. Need a new Printer/Copier/Scaning Machine...
  157. Whew! It's hot right now!
  158. Stephon Marburry praises Jesus
  159. Project 86
  160. Perimeter Perplexor
  161. Why were some animals deemed unclean in the Old Testament?
  162. I'm worried about finding a job
  163. Whale wars - The animal planet TV show
  164. What if Bible Characters had Twitter?
  165. Information what prayer is this?
  166. Open it up...
  167. God's Amazing Design - Dragon Fly
  168. Summer shoes,flipflops or sandals?
  169. I love Norman Grubb!
  170. Using the word Lucifer when referring to Satan
  171. How does God use loneliness?
  172. Would this be me pursuing or not?
  173. how to know you have been to long to China?
  174. Would this be an okay idea to mention to my pastor
  175. Teach Me Trig
  176. Favorite vacations,where did you go?
  177. Funeral Songs
  178. The Preaching Baby!
  179. Praying anytime, anywhere
  180. Do all souls go to heaven
  181. Do all souls go to heaven
  182. McCovey: My Once Parakeet
  183. Whew! A close call!
  184. Discussion Unexpected surprises.
  185. Have you ever complained to God?
  186. Doth Thou Sayeth Unto Thee Thus
  187. God's Amazing Design - Duck-billed Platypus
  188. I'm about to be shocked and wired!
  189. Split Units for AC/Heat?
  190. Do you ever get criticized when using polictical correct words?
  191. A weird situation,well kind of.
  192. Great movie called "Forever Strong"
  193. Incorporating elements of other faiths
  194. Should Christians wear shorts in public?
  195. My beef: why do employers not give a job describtion for help wanted ads?
  196. Hymns and choruses
  197. What do you do as a hobby?
  198. weird storm pattern
  199. No Shoes - No Service........You're Kidding...........................Right?!
  200. loneliness driving people crazy?
  201. Been having a great time with my father,sister,and three nephews.
  202. You fail math--forever!!!
  203. Discussion Ideal Age for babys?
  204. Children's letters to the Lord - Soo Cute!!
  205. What's The Funnest Job You've Ever Had?
  206. Take One Baby Step
  207. I'm looking for a bible study for middle schoolers
  208. Testimonies: Extremes
  209. Cults, and how they distort the Lord
  210. Truth be Told
  211. Pregnancy
  212. Cuddly Goat
  213. CLASSIC wedding entrance
  214. Choosing not to protect myself?
  215. God Bless You!
  216. God's Amazing Design - Gecko Lizard
  217. The air conditioner is out in my car
  218. Buying a car
  219. Just told Arbitron television programming stinks!!
  220. I never thought when I was a kid
  221. Relocation for our family is quite possible
  222. Our crazy wild turkeys in East Tennessee1
  223. Heart warming story
  224. I think
  225. Jesus could've told Judas....
  226. Report: NASA can't keep up with killer asteroids!
  227. Wally!! Wally!! Wally!!
  228. Is this a true story?
  229. Perseid Meteor Shower did you see it?
  230. James 3 and Life
  231. Wal-Mart is on my list!
  232. Happy Birthday MercyChild!
  233. Do you know what today is?
  234. My landlord just informed me that I have to get rid of BOTH my cats by TOMORROW
  235. Can you imagine?
  236. Mother Nature...
  237. What Are You Craving Right Now?
  238. Discussion Is your faith on automatic pilot?
  239. A 'small' Facebook issue
  240. Could converting to Christianity be a death sentence? (news article)
  241. Going to jail for praying... in the USA...
  242. A FUNNY story about one of my little Sunday School ladies.
  243. Kids summer boredom
  244. Neat find while shopping today
  245. Dollar meals..
  246. so what do you think of this
  247. Information romance
  248. Toddler Beauty Pageants
  249. Happy Birthday Nothing!
  250. What Type of Video Camera to Purchase?