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  1. How long does it take to get test results for the flu?
  2. I thought I had a life!
  3. Most annoying commercials.
  4. Looking for Lehman Strauss Sermon
  5. everyone should do this...
  6. Recipe thread,would you like to share some?
  7. Any WOW players here?
  8. No Tombstone
  9. Should I feel guilty for loving animals??
  10. six year old might be evicted from retirement community
  11. Need Advice: I want to help people for a job.
  12. Robber repents in the middle of robbery - video
  13. So happy to see kids interested in RPGs
  14. Anyone want to do a role-playing thread?
  15. Need Advice: Do You Own A Humidifier?
  16. Military people...I am in need of some verses
  17. What's the worst tasting food ever?
  18. Anticipation it's making me wait ....
  19. Calling All Morning People! Alert! Alert!
  20. Rosetta Stone
  21. what about flatmates?
  22. Can you all do me 1 big favor?
  23. Need Advice: Would you attend you gay brothers wedding?
  24. new show - Three Rivers
  25. Whatcha Doin???
  26. Are credit card fees going to rise inspite of the attempt to stop them by congress?
  27. I cracked and did it...
  28. 700 krona too much for Big Mac - McDonald's leaves Iceland
  29. funny facts about me.
  30. Church Sign Debate
  31. Anybody computer saavy here? I got a memory question.
  32. IMPORTANT Karenoka27 is having a special birthday!
  33. Your funniest moment from the Bible?
  34. Battle for the 1st Post - Round 103
  35. Going to the dentist
  36. Need Advice: Apartment was broken in to
  37. Fla. man says Home Depot fired him over God button
  38. I have decided to go to the wedding.
  39. The Divine Prophecy
  40. Happy Reformation day!
  41. The Derailed Thread...
  42. I'm a Halloween Scrooge.....how about you?
  43. Pure unadulterated evil...
  44. Alternative medicine?
  45. Discussion Best tasting diet drink?
  46. Ever wake up crying?
  47. Is your cat talkative?
  48. Planned parenthood director resigns after seeing abortion ultrasound
  49. I need y'all's help
  50. Anybody here good with Graphic Design or Photoshop?
  51. Philanthropy. How to Do what you Normally Do, While Helping the Community
  52. The Red Sea Parts Again (title of news article)
  53. Despite millions of job seekers, many positions sit open
  54. Ever have one of those songs?
  55. I Can Has Swine Flu? A Cat Comes Down with H1N1
  56. Good news for once... Praise God for a happy ending folks.
  57. I just bought my wife some boots.
  58. 'this is my house and you do as I say or leave'
  59. Question
  60. What are you?????
  61. Growing Up
  62. Treating handicapped nephew,he's frustrated.
  63. What did you accidentally teach your dog?
  64. is this the right category?
  65. Battle of the sexes in history...a semi-serious post
  66. Brain Teaser
  67. Your BDB.
  68. I found out something pretty cool today
  69. Thumb drives
  70. Take the spiritual gifts test!
  71. Would you mind if? (moved from GiC)
  72. BATTLE for the First Post - Round 105
  73. PATH OF RESTORATION essay, tell me what you think
  74. Are there any songs that make you cry
  75. The Railed Thread
  76. I have a butterfly in my house!
  77. Body of Christ
  78. If you googled your name,how many reponses you think there will be?
  79. Just for fun,true or false answers only.
  80. One Bright Day...
  81. 'for the bible tells me so' documentary
  82. Fort Hood Memorial Service .. question.
  83. Ft. Hood Memorial service...Praise God!
  84. Finish the Sentence Thread
  85. Christian stores?
  86. hey, you like folk/acoustic music?
  87. Happy Veteran's Day!
  88. Calling all Veterans
  89. How many of you got the H1N1 flu shot?
  90. How To Fix The Economy!
  91. Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines -- THANK YOU!!
  92. Cable or Satalite?
  93. My Fish Laid Eggs
  94. The Pillsbury Doughboy died yesterday...
  95. Thanksgiving is almost here,what are you thankful for?
  96. Happy Birthday Baxpack7!
  97. Happy Birthday Welder4Christ!
  98. Expensive encounter with a pelican
  99. Woman's face mauled by 200-lb domesticated chimp
  100. Powerful message
  101. Alternative Methods
  102. "Sinner"..fictional book..anyone else reading it?
  103. How many of you are Black Friday shoppers??
  104. Transformations II: The Glory Spreads
  105. need help on possibly getting a laptop computer for my son
  106. We Apologize
  107. Christmas trees,how do you decorate it?
  108. Outlook and AT&T
  109. Fun: There's 2 kinds of people...
  110. The Thanksgiving leftover turkey thread.
  111. Thanking God
  112. I ate way too much last night!
  113. A Bumper Sticker My Friend Saw
  114. On Authority, Truth, and Scriptures
  115. Where were you one year ago?
  116. Wwoof
  117. Dirty Secrets of Black Friday 'Doorbusters'
  118. It's a long shot..
  119. computer question
  120. Billy Joe Daughtery Dead!
  121. constucted languages
  122. Reflexology
  123. What are your Thanksgiving plans?
  124. Question about stitches...when they should be taken out
  125. Funny Signs!
  126. Turkey Day
  127. Silly news, really.
  128. Discussion Human or beast? Steak thread
  129. Peta torture turkey ad rejected from most stations..
  130. Four Letter Words!
  131. Google Wave invitations
  132. Staying Healthy in the Long Run?
  133. Happy Thanksgiving!
  134. Discussion Thanks giving is not just a day!
  135. IMPORTANT Alright.....where is everybody!?
  136. I saw the Bright light`
  137. Yet another reason I don't watch music awards.
  138. Minutes old baby goats... cuteness warning!
  139. I'm upset about my church's Christmas Eve service
  140. I'm Certainly No Florida Gator Fan
  141. Cyber monday sales ..know of any good deals on notebooks (computers)
  142. Ever been to Sight & Sound Theatre in PA?
  143. We Need to slow down
  144. Emergency Services Roll Call...
  145. Television
  146. Cancer and kids, need info
  147. Christmas Wishes
  148. looking for Christian Trinidadian music
  149. Any mechanics out there?
  150. Job Advice?
  151. ENGLISH NERDS: Favorite Shakespearean Play
  152. Mcgyver, Happy Birthday!!
  153. Heavy infant in Grand Junction denied health insurance
  154. Birth control pill can cause abortions
  155. Good gift for the Bible study enthusiast
  156. Debating with an atheist...
  157. Any Phil Keaggy fans?
  158. The annual "'Xmas' takes Christ out of Christmas!!" thread
  159. What's the point with "widescreen" dvd's?
  160. Energy efficent bulbs toxic
  161. HAWT Singers!
  162. Holiday Safety Tips...
  163. I'm curious
  164. Pidgins
  165. Review My Story(s)?
  166. Rosetta Stone
  167. I was wrong.
  168. Pearl Harbor Rememberance Day
  169. I Don't Get This : Anyone Have Any Thoughts On It?
  170. Christmas gifts we have received.
  171. It's snowing!
  172. Its 240 degrees out and snowing..
  173. The Cats Meow
  174. Christmas tradtions you have grown to love.
  175. Please forgive me...
  176. Global warming..are you sure its not happening?
  177. Amazonia
  178. Statistics and science... an excellent article
  179. What does your last name mean?
  180. Ladies and gentlemen
  181. Make Me Mighty....
  182. What does your username mean?
  183. What is your favorite brand of coffee???
  184. Discussion How'd you get hooked?
  185. Information Hear ye, hear ye!
  186. Outrageous Claims thread
  187. Petition to dismiss charges against Navy SEALS
  188. A Church destroyed.
  189. Here's to you...
  190. Not even a kiss!
  191. Israel/Yisrael
  192. Homemade Christmas gifts you have recieved.
  193. Wanted to Share This!
  194. New Element Discovered
  195. Post your favorite hymn!
  196. Found a Christian version of Netflix :)
  197. IMPORTANT Happy birthday Beckisted2004!
  198. IMPORTANT Happy birthday Welder4Christ!
  199. Glenn Beck wrote a novel
  200. So how many on here are Christmas light widows?
  201. Natural treatment for dry eyes..need information
  202. Star Control 2 my favorite game
  203. Recommend an audio Bible?
  204. Why All the "First"s?
  205. Evangelist Oral Roberts has died of pneumonia complications
  206. New song (I wrote).
  207. Information Apology to Leoxiii
  208. Christmas Carols
  209. Nostalgia gaming
  210. The politics of global warming and Copenhagen
  211. Fathers Then and Now
  212. Copts
  213. Does anyone here listen to Code Of Ethics?
  214. Missing package
  215. Dream about truth, power and our destiny
  216. Waiting for the approaching snowstorm
  217. Are your ready?
  218. Went to a pro-football game on Thursday night
  219. American Indians
  220. Merry Christmas, everyone!
  221. Gastic Bypass Surgery.
  222. Actress Brittany Murphy died
  223. Hey Steelerbabe...
  224. I love my son's wish list..
  225. The winner of Survivor is from my area
  226. Info Commercials
  227. The truth about Methodist(s) is ......
  228. Art for the holiday..share yours
  229. Avatar 3D
  230. I just recieved a very cool gift!
  231. Discussion A tithing question.
  232. Battle for the first post: Lemme help TMS
  233. IMPORTANT How terrorists recruit online using youtube
  234. Please Help We're snowed in!!!!!! EEK
  235. Beware! Grandparents scammed by Canadian ring
  236. Gideons And Google
  237. Merry Christmas to all -
  238. What is the best study bible in your opinion?
  239. What month was Jesus actually born?
  240. Good Old Days
  241. Does anyone know of any good Christmas Eve services that might be on TV tomorrow?
  242. Workplace Shooting in my Hometown
  243. White Christms - first time since 1975
  244. Bible Characters Most Like You/You Relate To?
  245. searching for lost friend
  246. IMPORTANT Happy Reps Day Thread
  247. I love all of you
  248. Wishing all of you a safe and Merry Christmas.
  249. It'll be cold tonight! Yippee!
  250. Are you cold and snowed in?