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  1. A little boy named Kyshawn
  2. My Daughter's Alcohol Abuse
  3. Pray for my parents
  4. Please Help Please pray for our cat Mr. Nappie (Napoleon)
  5. brother-n-law just had a wreck
  6. deliverance
  7. Prayer request received in email from 'Johannesm'
  8. husbands pain
  9. Prayers needed
  10. Please Help Wife has become a muslim.
  11. Update on brother n law bike wreak
  12. Not walking with the Lord like I should.
  13. prayer is needed
  14. healing,protection & wisdom daughter
  15. Prayer Warriors I need you right now!
  16. My prayer to God
  17. My Friend Emily's sister-in-law
  18. Really bad year guys. Need some prayer for strength
  19. Still haven't heard anything....
  20. Please pray for my son, Nate.
  21. Taylor has been found!
  22. UPDATE: Wife who converted to Islam has now said she will file for divorce
  23. Combat wounded
  24. Please Help Saints I Need Your Prayers!!
  25. Disputing friends
  26. Colleen's neighbors
  27. please pray
  28. Taylor...Please read
  29. I have dr appt in 1.5 hours
  30. Prayers for my mom, headaches, dizziness..
  31. Just making mention of it
  32. Asking for your Prayers
  33. Visits to the hospital
  34. Need some prayer for this weekend.
  35. I need prayer please, confused....
  36. My Gramma....
  37. IMPORTANT missing Christian adults and children in LA area: suspected suicide plan
  38. urgent prayers for 7yr old BJ please
  39. IMPORTANT Facing a threatened miscarriage
  40. surgery
  41. Prayers for my mom again..
  42. My girlfriend needs some serious prayer
  43. Nervous about a song
  44. Aunty needs prayer- emergency eye surgery :-(
  45. Need prayer about a job; feeling despair and hopelessness
  46. Please pray for my Husband tonight
  47. Need Prayer - Have a Lot on My Plate Right Now
  48. Urgent call to prayer
  49. Prayers for Mike...
  50. Alleged Sexual Abuse By Georgian (USA) Pastor
  51. please help
  52. Prayers for Debt
  53. My Prayer threads
  54. Potential new Pastor
  55. im trying so hard to break through to god
  56. grief
  57. IMPORTANT Urgent prayer request..pastor kidnapped in Mexico
  58. Engagement ring
  59. grief and wedding anniversary
  60. Older brother in Finland
  61. me and my husband need prayers for our hurting bodies5
  62. Nervous about new neighbors
  63. Please Help Mercy Child!!
  64. darts flying at my mind
  65. Husband having colonoscopy in 2 hours
  66. The Lord uses prayer and doctors to aid in our Healing
  67. BJ, courtcase & ccccprayers for prayer meeting
  68. Please pray for my mom..continued health problems
  69. Again....need prayer for Taylor
  70. God answers prayer!
  71. Please pray for my grandson's Max and Alexander!
  72. Pray for my parent's finances
  73. Prayer for my mother-in-law
  74. Taylor got sentenced today.....
  75. A friend and I, for a resolved relationship.
  76. Need help to trust my cousin again
  77. various urgent requests
  78. spiritual life,work,calling,ministries,church,children
  79. Whining: need prayer.
  80. A reunion prayer coverage
  81. Please pray for Wil
  82. IMPORTANT Please Pray for Me...Regarding my OCD
  83. I cannot pray for myself right now
  84. please pray for my friend and his family in a tragic situation
  85. I don't know what to do
  86. Lower back ache
  87. My sister may have cancer!
  89. sister, husband
  90. More death in my family
  91. Nate might have a fracture in his growth plate in his wrist
  92. Please Help Down and out
  93. IMPORTANT Urgent Prayer needed for my daughter and Son-in-law
  94. My friend
  95. Urology appt on 11-1
  96. Please Help Need Prayer in Dealing With People in the Public
  97. Prays for Nate..stomach flu
  98. Please pray for my mom's cat..missing
  99. Lord...
  100. BJ & appeal courtcase
  101. Request
  102. Need some interdiction prayer help.
  103. In need for prayer for my brother in law
  104. Dad is in hospital.
  105. Need Prayer for My Lost Family
  106. A number of prayer requests
  107. IMPORTANT Prayer for my Husband
  108. Very important prayer request from my friend, DJ!!
  109. Spasms in my thigh.
  110. Bad grass fires in our area..
  111. Please pray for me
  112. Pray for Haiti
  113. Please pray for my family
  114. Pray my g/f gets here safely
  115. Need to be able to trust
  116. Prayers for Mt. Merapi Refugees
  117. Urgent prayer request for my son..spiritual attacks..
  118. Prayer for Wisdom over Cartoon Mission
  119. Illinois sisters prayer
  120. Please super-size my prayer request
  121. friend Molly 's grandfather has passed away
  122. Older friend with breast cancer
  123. Pray for a twisted sister.
  124. Anxiety Attacks
  125. Apt. complex remodel - need to move
  126. Another son, yet more spiritual attacks!
  127. Skin Cancer
  128. Please pray for my back again..terrible pain
  129. Diabetes maybe
  130. Please Help My wife and I are in desperate need of prayer
  131. Prayer for my friend & her baby
  132. Cousins
  133. help,feelings hurt
  134. Prayers again..getting sick again..ugh!
  135. Ick! Need spiritual warfare prayers please!
  136. Prayer for family of condemned Christian woman in Pakistan
  137. Need Prayer For a Little Girl Losing Her Sight
  138. Prayer for my wife.
  139. Prayer needed for my father
  140. Prayer for sister
  141. Need some prayer for my sister and her kids
  142. Gag! So tired of this coughing and runny nose!
  143. Money problems
  144. requesting prayer
  145. prayer for Lyn
  146. My son Miciah
  147. Need Prayer for My Sister-In-law's Salvation
  148. IMPORTANT Need Much Intercessory Prayer That Avails. Much
  149. Loosing it...
  150. Armed Student Reportedly Holding High School Classroom Hostage in Wisconsin
  151. Pray for my wife...
  152. prayer for a friend
  153. Need Prayer for my Husband
  154. Please pray for couple
  155. IMPORTANT Fire on Mount Carmel in Israel!!
  156. Marine/mother with cancer
  157. Please Help I am Devastated!
  158. I'm afraid...
  159. Family reconciliation/pet situation
  160. Grandma rushed to the Hospital!
  161. The Mom of Grace's Friend Has Passed Away
  162. Needing some encouragement
  163. Don't know how much more I can take
  164. Please Help A little scared, unsure about things
  165. Prayer for my New Baby
  166. Please pray forJean
  167. need help being a better mother
  168. Need Advice: advice and prayer
  169. Prayer for lonliness
  170. Please pray for my son who has hives and today is his birthday!
  171. IMPORTANT My wife's job interview.
  172. Husband has job interview tomorrow
  173. I come to you as a man that needs guidance...
  174. Job interview for Steelerbabe's husband.
  175. family poblems
  176. daughter
  177. IMPORTANT Need SERIOUS prayer for my friend's husband!!! Life Threatening!!
  178. for guidance from God
  179. IMPORTANT My brother and his wife need prayers
  180. Prayer for my marriage
  181. Work Tonight
  182. prayer
  183. perplexed and grieved
  184. Jesus.. Please pray for Lorie and her parents..
  185. Chronic Pain
  186. Please Pray For Me...
  187. Michael, Marion and Gabriel
  189. Praying for Everyone, Everywhere..
  190. New baby - tons of anxiety
  191. Merry Christmas to my prayer friends
  192. No need to post, just pray.
  193. Prayer request for injured young boy
  194. Please Help Please keep praying for my daughter and Grandson
  195. Please pray for my mom
  196. Please pray for Ryan, 19-year-old kid in hospital on ventilator ...
  197. 100 car pileup and big snow storm
  198. Please Pray for my family.
  199. Mmmm
  200. My job
  201. Please pray with me
  202. My wife's job interview this afternoon
  203. A small request.
  204. Prayers needed for Lorie's Mom
  205. The next step in my husband's job interview
  206. Prayer for Interview tomorrow 1/7
  207. Our heat went out last night
  208. Grandmother
  209. Problem in relationship
  210. prayer for daughter
  211. IMPORTANT Tuscon Tragedy
  212. Worried about my Sister-In-Law's Relationship
  213. Prayers for Bro Ron, please...
  214. Prayers for my mom again..
  215. My folks
  216. Sudden back pain
  217. basketball.. but there's more to it
  218. Flooding
  219. Jesus, Please take care of Lorie and I , and our puppies..
  220. Nephew hurt - crane accident
  221. Steven Jobs
  222. The next step in my husband's job interview - another next step
  223. IMPORTANT Prayer Needed been sick too long....
  224. Skin disease.
  225. Sickness in my family
  226. Heart Surgery
  227. Healing for mental illness
  228. Need prayers for my teaching career (crossroads)
  229. A request for prayer for a brave young girl
  230. Please pray
  231. Employment
  232. Really really sad for no reason
  233. IMPORTANT Need Prayer....for another health problem ;o(
  234. My family and I
  235. IMPORTANT My pastor had a heart attack this morning.
  236. My sister tried to kill herself today
  237. Helvi in Finland
  238. Please pray for missing cat
  239. IMPORTANT Jesus Please take care of Lorie
  240. Please Help I would really appreciate some prayers......
  241. Please pray for me, in pain
  242. Mother in law was flown to trauma center, please pray
  243. Not Good
  244. IMPORTANT Needing Prayers again...Cant get well...
  245. Prayers needed
  246. Nate hurt his neck..prayers please
  247. Need Prayer for Finances
  248. Very sad and asking for prayer
  249. Jesus watch over our Sister Steelerbabe..
  250. Prayers for Bro Carl