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  1. Please say a prayer for the people of this world.
  2. Pray for Dan
  3. Those who can really consult the throne of this universe: i need your help!!!
  4. Kind of a wierd place to get a prayer request
  5. Mewga mosque next to 2012 Olympic stadium ?
  6. Gall Bladder Removal
  7. MS and pneumonia
  8. Please Help Please pray for my friend
  9. need a job, wife carrying financial burden!
  10. My Ex-Husband
  11. Prayer for injured knee
  12. Please Help Lorie needs Lots of Prayers..
  15. Drive-Thru Prayer
  16. Friend injured falling off a train
  17. Prayer
  18. Single mother of 10 has cancer.
  19. Possible Job Opportunity
  20. Prayer for my 16-year old cousin - INJURED!
  21. Haven't been here for a while because of a crisis
  22. Please Help PLEASE PRAY!
  23. Prayer for Firefighter
  24. IMPORTANT A Brother in Christ wants to stop smoking
  25. Flu or something
  26. Concerns due to the weather
  27. Discussion Prayer Needs Because I Lost My Job
  28. IMPORTANT New Zealand
  29. Lorie's Dad..
  30. Abby's prayerthread
  31. My pastor has a tumor
  32. Need prayer for my hearing
  34. Biggest test in my entire life this afternnoon
  35. Prayers needed for a Facebook friend
  36. herpes encephalitis (please pray)
  37. Prayer for a deceased friend's family
  38. A couple of months ago I asked for prayer
  39. Prayer for a friend
  40. Update and Prayer Requests
  41. Sakari (Finland)
  42. Please Help Asking Jesus for forgiveness..
  43. Pray for My Family
  44. Message tomorrow
  45. Prayer for The Lords guidance regarding his finances
  46. Urgent Prayer request, Please Pray
  47. Prayers needed again for our pastor.
  49. Prayer For Salvation
  50. For me and my family.
  51. Prayer request
  52. IMPORTANT Surgery on March 4th, 2011 Need Prayers
  53. Please Help Judy - Salvation
  54. Lorie needs Lots of Prayers Again..
  55. Information Update on my Surgery
  57. Member missing in South Africa
  58. Please pray for me
  59. ALL MEMBERS please Read and join us for prayer
  60. My Friends Mother
  61. Prayer for my Friend's 5-year-old Daughter
  62. Information hi dear friend getting near to getting of my electronic wheelchair god presence glory
  63. Please pray for my neck.
  64. Prayer for Pregnant Wife
  65. my mom
  66. 2 prayer requests - one for me and one for my husband
  67. IMPORTANT Huge Earthquake in Japan, Pacific tsunami
  68. Please Help please pray for our brothers and sisters in japan god please help them
  69. Might I ask a prayer for a girl/woman actually in Italy. her name is Lisa.
  70. My friend could use some prayers about now
  71. A big prayer request.
  72. Prayer Request for Terry & Jim
  73. My procedure is 2 wks from today, March 28
  74. Prayer for a cousin
  75. Broke up with the boyfriend
  76. LIBYA, military action
  77. My dad's back and health
  78. A request for prayer
  79. Girlfriend's Brother
  80. Emergency surgery for bro Carl...
  81. Please pray
  82. for a correct diagnosis
  83. My Step-Mom: Cancer
  84. Plz don't forget about me - my procedure is in 48 hours
  85. Prayer request for missionary pastor we support
  86. I would like you to consider praying
  87. The Jacob's family
  88. A warning to the world. A message to my brethren from me.
  89. IMPORTANT Please Pray for Lorie and I
  90. Prayer for Ryan R
  91. 19 year old girl with cancer.
  92. Please pray for the devil to leave me alone !!
  93. Begging the Lord for a breakthrough for the body.
  94. My uncle
  95. for my teenage daughter and all of us please
  96. Could use some brotherly prayer support.
  97. Please Pray for my Boyfriend and his mother.
  98. Need Prayer
  99. Please pray.
  100. Reps for God (with a capital G)
  101. pray for Omaha Nebraska (multiple shootings happening here every day....
  102. Prayers for a critically injured soldier
  103. Prayer for friends and their loved ones
  104. Need Prayer
  105. In need of prayer and the Lord's direction
  106. IMPORTANT Need Urgent Prayer For My Mom!!
  107. help me do good here, please.
  108. Please pray for my niece
  109. Please Pray...
  110. Count-down to wedding
  111. Please Help A 4 year old that is very sick
  112. I need peace...
  113. Please pray I get a job in the Tech support/Help desk field
  114. Please pray for my work situation.
  115. Please Pray for This Exciting New Path in my life!
  116. Needing prayer for dr appt
  117. A Mother needs guidance, protection, and provision
  118. My brothers and sisters, I have sinned and my flesh is weak. Please help
  119. Our Brother Roger...
  120. Prayers for my teen son..possible curved spinal problems
  121. Please pray for my brother-in-law
  122. I'm thinking of resigning from my job
  123. my son
  124. My wife's job interview
  125. IMPORTANT Knee Surgery Tommorrow
  126. Please pray
  127. Please pray for my husband
  128. Please say a prayer for me
  129. So many things...
  130. really need prayers
  131. Prayers appreciated as we face the next hurdle
  132. Please pray for my teacher
  133. Prayer for my relationship
  134. Wheaton
  135. IMPORTANT Prayer needed for variety of issues!
  136. My sister is loosing faith!!
  137. Prayer for brother and big math test
  138. Please pray for me.
  139. prayer for those in the path of the flood
  140. Frustrating situation
  141. IMPORTANT Little Boy Needs Prayer Urgently!!
  142. Heart attack, Cecil
  143. My wife's follow up job interview today
  145. My girlfriend needs a teaching job, very urgent
  146. Please pray for a friend's son, being deployed to Afghanistan
  147. A friend got fired today
  148. My back
  149. Neck
  150. Prayer for Bro Carl...
  151. Please Help I need prayer please
  152. A little depressed
  153. IMPORTANT I am in Need of Prayers because I am haveing Major Health issues
  154. Need lifted up in prayer today
  155. IMPORTANT A Message to Harold Camping's Followers
  156. Tornado victims in Joplin MO
  157. Need Advice: I could use some prayer about a particular matter and have a question.
  158. Severe Weather today in Ohio River Valley
  159. prayer for daily stress in my life
  160. Terrible stomach pain
  161. Please pray for this family, friends, teachers
  162. Prayer request for my friends' unborn baby
  163. Financial Hardship
  164. Several prayer requests balled up into one post
  165. IMPORTANT Need Prayer for my Brother-In-law and my Nephew
  166. Just got back from eye doctor appointment
  167. Prayer request for me.
  168. Prayer Request
  169. tornadoes in Massachusetts
  170. If you would think to pray for Jo...
  171. please pray - little girl with skull fracture
  172. Praise and Prayer! (heavy on the prayer!)
  173. IMPORTANT My niece has a Staph infection
  174. Little girl in coma
  176. Infant killed in shooting
  177. Unforgivable sin
  178. Prayer for ProDeo
  179. Please Help Being Attacked by the Enemy Mentally/Emotionally
  180. Prayers for Nate
  181. Prayers for Christchurch
  182. Please pray for me!
  183. Prayer for All in YESHWA's Name
  184. Prayer for Dysfunctional Family
  185. Please pray - fires
  186. Church family
  187. A cousin has Melanoma
  188. Pray for Desiree's children
  189. Money matters
  190. Prayer For My Children
  191. Please pray for my neighbor, Bill. He went to the hospital via ambulance
  192. Please pray for the salvation of my boyfriend, Darrell
  193. Please pray for the salvation of my family members
  194. Friend diagnosed with Cancer
  195. Prayer for my nephew with cancer, has been given up
  196. Please pray for little Gigi
  197. Reinspection
  198. Please Pray for my boys
  199. Our Pastor Died Suddenly
  200. My youth pastor
  201. Please Help Being asked to lie at work
  202. James needs prayer
  203. Just wish to share my prayer!
  204. Jobs and house for sale
  205. Philippine Pastor's Wife Needs Visa
  206. Pancreatic cancer
  207. Exam
  208. IMPORTANT Pray for moonglow... surgery on June 29
  209. IMPORTANT update on my mother in law
  210. Please Help Please pray for me Hard time emotionally!
  211. urgent - critical condition
  212. IMPORTANT Please Pray for my Grandson...Has skin infection
  213. Please Pray for this situation
  214. In a situation!
  215. Our Family Barber
  216. My sister was just robbed!!
  217. Surgery Next Week
  218. Prayer for unborn child with fluid around heart
  219. Prayers
  220. my neighbor has bone cancer and my friend's son had his leg amputated
  221. Please Pray for Percy Carter
  222. IMPORTANT Really need prayer
  223. Update on Grandson
  224. Please pray for a man named Sharon. God is pursuing him.
  225. Please Help Struggling with Elderly Mother& family of origin need intercessory prayer
  226. Unspoken Prayer Request
  227. Please Help Stressful situation between my biological mom and myself
  228. My brother Wil in Az.
  229. Remember Little Hank Please...
  230. For my Mother
  231. Merja, liver cancer; Marjatta, carer
  232. My friends baby
  233. Please pray for a skin cancer case and a niece with mono and my aunt!
  234. Prayers needed
  235. prayer updates
  236. Please Pray About This
  237. I have a prayer I wish to tell the lord.
  238. Heartbreaking
  239. Please pray for christian festival in my local area this weekend
  240. Please pray for my friend
  242. Please pray for Journey
  243. My Last Message
  244. Little girl with brain cancer
  245. Prayer Against Demons
  246. Prayer for pregnancy
  247. Please pray for Sara
  248. A prayer for me.
  249. Trying to start a family
  250. Please pray for our cat Mr. Nappie aka Napoleon