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  1. Prayer for 6 year old Grandson
  2. Really shallow prayer request and I apologize in advance....
  3. friend's mom with cancer
  4. home in foreclosure...again...
  6. pray that i can trust the pastors of the churchers
  7. Prayer For Govt Leaders
  8. Missing 6 Year Old Girl in Tuscon
  9. Please pray for my son (and me)
  10. Please pray that my legal situation gets resolved next month.
  12. IMPORTANT UPDATE and PRAYERS needed for DigginDeeper's husband as well as Diggin
  13. North Korea's Specific Threat
  14. Family of 5 needs a home.
  15. ;)
  16. He's in surgery now
  17. Safety, $ and tikme.
  18. Have you ever thought you know how Job felt?
  19. Co-worker in Coma, prayers needed
  20. God seems to turn his back on me
  21. IMPORTANT Prayers for Mark please.
  22. My son needs prayer again
  23. Untitled??
  24. Prayers for Mom and her siblings, and guidance.
  25. Prayers for My Brother - and Thank You for Always Being There
  26. IMPORTANT Please pray for my physical and mental health..
  27. Please Help Please pray for my hubby Charles
  28. Could you please pray
  29. Please Help Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem
  30. IMPORTANT Please pray for my daughter & Grandson
  31. Needing prayer: struggling
  32. family problems, please pray for my family & I
  33. please pray for my obsession
  34. I need prayers because I am Unemployed
  35. I Need prayers because I have Health Problems
  36. pinched nerve is such a pain
  37. Job Stuff
  38. Maybe it's just paranoia
  39. Prayer for my Church
  40. Prayer for my friends aunt
  41. Prayer UPDATE
  42. Please Help Prayers for My Brothers Soul
  43. Anxiety!!
  44. EGYPT – Pray for presidential elections
  45. My dad...
  46. My dad is going to have surgery
  47. FINLAND: Another Shooting Incident: 2 dead, 7 injured
  48. Please pray for my dad to get the contract soon!
  49. Please pray for me...I am filled with regrets, sadness, depression, negativity...
  50. Lord, there's this girl ...
  51. Need Advice: Career change
  52. Severe weather
  53. Transition...
  54. Prayer for job security
  55. Please Help Unusual ask for pray, but I need it
  56. Spiritual gifts
  57. Police Officer killed where I live
  58. friend struggling with sexuallity
  59. Brother Mark
  60. Please pray for Irma
  61. Renal failure
  62. Please Help Pray for missing teen John Kirk
  63. I'm awake thinking; please pray for job hunt and exchange issue
  64. Please pray Nappie is being put down in the morning
  65. Financial woes
  66. Prayer Request
  67. Friend hit with Cancer
  68. Forum.
  69. Prayer for full time job opportunity and CALLING
  70. IMPORTANT Prayer request for Zoey this has me very Worried please pass this one along 5 years o
  71. Please pray for those affected by the wild fires in Colorado!!
  72. IMPORTANT John 17
  73. Bdh.
  74. car trouble- among other things
  75. Transition...
  76. Struggles in life, money is the root of evil but necessary for living.
  77. Please pray for my sister's friend who gave birth 4 months prematurely weighing 1...
  78. Please pray for me
  79. IMPORTANT my four yr old son
  80. Prayer needed
  81. Grandpa passed away tonight
  82. Mom surgery
  83. MEXICO: Armed Attack on Church Youth Camp Near Mexico City: 7 girls raped
  84. Please Help Need Prayers, Going through a hard time
  85. Christian family in Homs, Syria
  86. Please Pray...
  87. Prayers for dad
  88. Just Found Out I have MS
  89. Our End Times Movie In Such An Hour
  90. Please Help Please pray for me
  91. Question about prayer in the bible
  92. Pray for friend
  94. prayer for the healing of various mental illnesses in my life
  95. Please Help Need prayer for a friend
  96. Car accident
  97. Peter.
  98. Please Help Please Pray for my Mother :(!
  99. Brother has biopolar disorder
  100. pray for South Africa
  101. "First fruits" praises and prayers obedience.
  102. URGENT, NY: Several People Shot near Empire State Building
  103. prayer needed!
  104. Pray for the faithful church in Nigeria
  105. Please pray for my niece Tina--addicted to Facebook
  106. Low blood sugar.
  107. Teaching starting Wednesday September 5th
  108. Please Help Please for my thoughts to go away!
  109. unspoken request
  110. Bandit moving
  111. Family of Slain Officer Kenyon Youngstrom
  112. Prayers for Miss Tawnye...
  113. I need prayer for cancer
  114. Prayer for our little kitten
  115. My church needs prayer
  116. Elderly sister in Christ and abusive children
  117. Prayer request for friends
  118. IMPORTANT Please pray for my brother
  119. Protests Against Anti-Muslim Film Continue; Christians and Others at Risk
  120. Please pray for my son
  121. Afghanistan: Suicide Bomber Attacks Foreigners near Kabul Airport
  122. Please pray for me to succeed with Daniel type fasting plan.
  123. For this new day
  124. Upcoming confrontation
  125. Can you please Pray For Me about my Christian life?
  126. Information The job struggles are over, but...
  127. Keeping the bad thoughts at bay while praying?
  128. Racing accident : driver ejected
  129. Please pray for my mother
  130. really sick
  131. IMPORTANT My fiancee/girl left me
  132. IMPORTANT Prayer - Bad dreams
  133. Dad died
  134. Prayers needed for kidnapped 5-year-old in Wales
  135. A little girl needs a heart.
  136. IMPORTANT My faith feels shaken.
  137. IMPORTANT New Grand Baby and family in trouble
  138. Update New Grand Baby and family in Trouble Baby now out in PICU
  139. IMPORTANT Update New baby and family in Trouble
  140. Iran: Please pray for a jailed Human rights lawyer
  141. requesting pray
  142. Prayer
  143. Please Help BAby Dc doing better keep praying and prayer for job
  144. Please Help Baby DC (a little Better) and prayer for better job
  145. A prayer for my Lindsey...
  146. please pray for this 14 year old girl
  147. IMPORTANT Thanks to your prayers Baby better Now please pray for job
  148. I could use a little prayer.....
  150. IMPORTANT Job ends , beyond stressed and feeling lost
  151. Prayers for Nate please
  152. Please pray for a fellow sister in Christ
  153. Please pray for Gustav’s Salvation
  154. Repairs
  155. 89 year old Sonia needs prayer for Healing
  156. IMPORTANT My Husband had an affair
  157. my fur baby has cancer.
  158. Prayers for our family - Grandma has passed
  159. Please Pray for my Aunt (chemo)
  160. Prayer.
  161. Hurricane Sandy
  162. Surgery on Wednesday afternoon (October 31st)
  163. Just asking for a quick prayer for my son doing a sleep study tonight
  164. I'm feeling a bit lost, stuck. Can I get some prayers?
  165. Need Advice: Prayer needed for my husband
  166. Daily email prayer?
  167. Liver Biospy
  168. urgent prayer request
  169. ISRAEL, GAZA: Escalating Situation
  170. Collapsing in on myself
  171. Sister & brother in law need good jobs.
  172. IMPORTANT Baby Dexter DC
  173. Everyday
  174. Prayers please
  175. Please Help Prayers for my dear friend.
  176. UPDATE: My aunt with cancer
  177. pray for my daughter
  178. Please Pray for this Mission Worker Shot in Pakistan: 70 year-old woman: critical
  179. A short prayer for Bonnie Justice.
  180. Scarlet.
  181. Please keep me covered in prayer
  182. feeling sick
  183. IMPORTANT USA: Connecticut School Shooting
  184. Prayer for another song
  185. What is a Prayer for Judgement?
  186. Insomnia!
  187. Pray for this mother
  188. Please Help Please pray for my girlfriend
  189. Please pray for Wil
  190. Praise Report #1 & add on prayer.
  191. Praise Report #2 and add on prayer.
  192. Healing
  193. A Great way to start the new year
  194. Please pray for my ex-Father-in-law: heart attacks today and yesterday
  195. Young Woman Viciously Set on Fire
  196. IMPORTANT Prayer for 7 year old Preston and Family
  197. For those who do not understand depression this is a good article
  198. Please pray for my Mom and Dad
  199. New Semester
  200. Mourning
  201. need prayers
  202. me and Charles need prayers for our hurting bodies6
  203. Please pray for Katriina: MS
  204. Help needed
  205. School bus shooting in Midland City Alabama
  206. Courage Needed
  207. Baby Grace...
  208. Please Help Going through Divorce
  209. IMPORTANT Son may lose eye sight, please pray
  210. Fear to be sick.
  211. MY EARS
  212. Please pray for my mother in law
  213. Pray with me...
  214. More Than I Can Bear
  215. Prayers for my husband and I
  216. Financial situation
  217. Thyroid problems...
  218. Pray my husband wont lose job
  219. For trolls.
  220. My Plan, Or Whatever Abba Wants Instead.
  221. Please Help Nothing Short of a Miracle
  222. Prayer That Satan Hates
  223. IMPORTANT PRayer for Zoey age 5
  224. I will need biopsies
  225. Please pray: UK man denied job for “just being a Christian” (CI)
  226. The official State Department probe into the Benghazi attacks stated Stevens was sent
  227. prayers please
  228. Please pray for my elderly aunt
  229. Youth ministry threatened
  230. prayer for my unborn child
  231. The ModeI Prayer
  232. Please Pray for Thomas Young and his wide Claudia
  233. Please Help Help Needed Again
  234. A young woman who suffers from lust
  235. Prayer for health
  236. Please Pray: NK Church Leaders Ask for Prayer as Their Nations Prepares for War
  237. More prayer
  238. Prayer for Pastor Rick Warren's family
  239. Please pray for Dravenhawk.
  240. Young woman on life support
  241. Please say a prayer for my son Ricky.
  242. Please Help My ex-wife may be seeking
  243. Needing prayer: doctrinal issues
  244. Please. For Cinthia and Vianca.
  245. Please pray I can make it through.
  246. Explosions in Boston
  247. Boston Bombing
  248. IMPORTANT PRAYERS for those affected by this huge quake! Hundreds feared dead. :(
  249. Decision time!!
  250. My Friend Carl