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  1. 5 year old girl needs our prayers
  2. I don't know what to title this.
  3. IMPORTANT I need a job
  4. Please pray for someone I know
  5. Jobs, house Tax, family ughhh
  6. We covet your prayers!
  7. Running on E.. Prayers needed please.
  8. Husband is in desperate situation
  9. Urgent!!!! Brother witnessing to a kid in school! God is moving Big! Need prayers!
  10. Kim and Roy
  11. Oklahoma City being hit by massive tornadoes. Home Depot, homes, etc in splinters
  12. Daughter issues
  13. My mother-in-law
  14. Please Pray for Daughter Grace
  15. IMPORTANT preston
  16. European Court of Human Rights Decides Today if 3 UK Christians Can Appeal Cases
  17. One year ago today, I lost my husband.
  18. She just passed away
  19. Need Advice: Emotions
  20. Please Help Please Pray for My Husband, Found Melanoma, We have two Small Children
  21. An Old Alcoholic
  22. Aila, New in Christ, Needs Prayer
  23. I am malignant.....
  24. Please pray for my sister and her family
  25. Fatal Car Accident, My Nephew.
  26. Please pray for my son and his wife
  27. for a stress-free two and half weeks
  28. Please Help I had two dreams to pray about please
  29. Prayer for calamity.
  30. My sons
  31. Could Use Prayer
  32. Please pray for Freddie .....
  33. Previous miscarriage and new pregnancy
  34. Praying for Japan today....
  35. EGYPT: Army Takes Power; Please Pray for Christians there
  36. How Do I Ask God Fot Healing?
  37. Please pray for a correct diagnoses and healing.
  38. Please Pray for the for the Bereaved and the Survivors of Asiana Flight 214
  39. Prayer for a new job interview friday
  40. Please pray for my mother
  41. What to call my website....
  42. Please pray for Dimaline312000. He has a Heart Caterzation tomorrow
  43. A prayer for a sudden loss
  44. Self-Hate
  45. Please pray for member studyin'2show, in hospital after massive stroke
  46. Pray for the results of a bone marrow biopsy for a very good friend!
  47. My cancer surgery is Tuesday, the 16th
  48. Going to have an upper endoscopy Thrusday
  49. bone marrow test
  50. For strength and healing
  51. Trying tocomply with laws in UK, USA, and Australia
  52. Re: An Australian who says he is Jesus.
  53. Please pray for my Nana Irene
  54. Please pray for me
  55. Home....
  56. Young mother with incurable cancer
  57. Pray for salvation of the United States.
  58. Help - Labarinthitis again!
  59. Please pray for my Dad Mark
  60. Eye injection
  61. Spanish Train derailment
  62. Please pray for me
  63. Prayer for my neck
  64. Lady hit by a car
  65. Pray for families of 3 dead in bus accident
  66. New member SHINE, invited here by ChangedByHim, died unexpectedly Sundy night.
  67. School Decision
  68. Please pray for me
  69. Please pray for her...
  70. Please pray for U.S Christian Kenneth Bae Imprisoned in N. Korea
  71. Softball size hail, now floods..and bugs!
  72. IMPORTANT Need Prayer
  73. I hope this isn't selfish please pray for me
  74. Please Pray For Two Young Mormon Woman
  75. Please pray in agreement with me
  76. Prayer request for my neighbor's oldest daughter.
  77. bad situation
  78. Prayer
  79. Prayer request for me
  80. Prayer Request
  81. Please pray for my friend Al
  82. Been a tough week...
  83. There was a medical emergency at church this morning...
  84. Walking in a desert. Please pray for me.
  85. Prayer for the board
  87. Please pray for Jeff D
  88. More prayers for Zoey heart breaking
  90. my paralyzed brother, and out relationship
  91. Pray for the big weekend
  92. Job interview Tuesday morning September 3rd (central time - US)
  93. Warning from the Father...
  94. Birthday prayer request
  95. I need prayers for my Mom and home
  96. Prayers for Tuesday afternoon 15:30 PM anointment
  97. Struggling and feeling burnt out
  98. Please pray for me and my Church
  99. Please pray for Olivia
  100. I dunno what to do please pray
  101. Someone's health...
  102. Fighting in ‘Ancient Christian Town’ of Maaloula, Syria: Please Pray
  103. I need prayers and advice please
  104. TANZANIA: Acid Attack on Catholic Priest on Zanzibar
  105. Please pray for my Pastor
  106. Please pray for me I've experianced some spiritual growth
  107. phone interview for job, would someone pray for me?
  108. KENYA: Somalian Islamists Attack Nairobi Shopping Mall; at least 39 Dead, 150 injured
  109. Prayer for a family
  110. KENYA UPDATE: Standoff continues in Nairobi Shopping Mall; Unknown # of Hostages
  111. A prayer for Mrs or Ms Beele
  112. Guilt, why won't it go away.
  113. Pray for my mom and family
  114. Yoga class, help:(
  115. Please pray in agreement with me
  116. lost or stolen? drivers license
  117. Prayer for my little brother please..
  118. IMPORTANT URGENT, SYRIA: Greek Orthodox Nuns and Orphans Trapped; No power, Water Low.
  119. really worried
  120. Prayer for a new Christian
  121. Please Help Pray for our new christian dating webiste o2odate
  122. Prayer for future
  123. another job interview, HELP!
  124. Please pray for me I'm being Spiritually attacked
  125. KENYA, MOMBASA: Church Compound Set Alight; Riots Following Shooting of Muslim Leader
  126. Request prayer for my father.
  127. May have a blood clot in my leg
  128. Please pray for Peter and Hazelmary Bull, UK
  129. Hyperglycemia attack
  130. Information NORTH KOREA UPDATE: Kenneth Bae Visited by Mother
  131. Information NORTH KOREA UPDATE: Kenneth Bae Visited by Mother
  133. I made a decision please pray for me
  134. Praise Report
  135. A Special Prayer for Miss Jenny712
  136. A job interview on 10-24-2013 at 11am EST
  137. I really need prayer right now
  138. Prayer request and testimony
  139. Please pray for me
  140. Please say a prayer for one of our sisters in Christ
  141. Please Pray for Pastor Eddie Romero Detained Yesterday at Evin Prison, Tehran, Iran
  142. I need a miracle
  143. Led to pray whilst cycling.
  144. Knee surgery tomorrow
  145. Prayer request for several young children...
  146. Please Help Prayers Please!
  147. Special Project: needing prayer
  148. Prayer for healing young man car accident
  149. My Husband and I
  150. Please pray for Holly
  151. Please pray for my work
  152. Son was in a biking accident
  153. Prayers for uncle
  154. surgery tomorrow (nov.4th)
  155. 10 Great Prayers based on the Scripture.
  156. Please pray for my healing and for a decision I have made
  157. Please Pray: Youth Leader Killed, Two Injured in Machete Attack on Tanzanian Church
  158. Please pray for my son
  159. I am hoping prayer helps
  160. Prayer for confidence
  161. Teresa A. D'Agostino urgent help needed for her put up here by me per her request
  162. Publicly executed
  163. Please pray for my brother and I
  164. Please help me to pray
  165. I had an experiance last night please pray for me
  166. Please Help pray for me to get a job
  167. please pray for me
  168. Prayer for Dani
  169. Please pray for my sister in Christ Nadia
  170. Furnace isn't Working
  171. My brother needs Jesus' love & comfort
  172. Change of plans.
  173. Please pray for me
  174. Prayers requested for Billy Graham
  175. prayers for my health please
  176. Please pray for us, my mom had cancer and died
  178. Asking prayer for my sister in law
  179. Please Help prayers needed
  180. Young teen needs immediate help
  181. I need prayer and help
  182. Prayer for courage
  183. It's two! Two! Two prayers in one!
  184. Baghdad Christmas Day Bombings in Christian Area (Dora) Kill at least 37; Please Pray
  186. I need prayer and ideas please
  187. Brenda.
  188. In need for a friend
  189. Further testing this morning
  190. had to have my pet put to sleep
  191. my friend had to have her kitty put to sleep
  192. Pray for our family
  193. Prayer Please
  194. Prayer for me to stay sober at this business conference in SF
  195. Please pray for what GOD is trying to teach me
  196. BRAZIL: Pastor Killed by Gunmen: Please Pray
  197. For Abba To Reunite My Little Family
  198. Prayers for a friend here on these forums with us.
  199. Prayer for my girl friend
  200. An unexpected passing
  201. For the Sale of my car
  202. Prayer needed for friend
  203. just need prayer for depression, family and finances
  204. Sick...again
  205. Prayer for my faith
  206. health problem
  207. Prayer for daughter
  208. In all things
  209. My mother and now my uncle need your prayers
  210. Please pray
  211. Please pray for my daughter.
  212. Prayers against spiritual attacks
  213. A prayer before the ASVAB please
  214. Uncle may have had a heart attack..
  215. Prayer Needed: Hard Times
  216. Please pray for my dad
  217. More prayers needed for dad...please. Doctos said "there is no hope."
  218. My dad is in surgery right now.......some extra prayers would be really appreciated!
  219. Prayer Please
  220. Prayer needed: Marriage
  221. Prayers for my special dad
  222. Quick prayer For me please!
  223. Prayers needed
  224. if its gods will
  225. I'm asking for prayers for a husband
  226. Update on my dad
  227. Beating the pills.
  228. Prayer
  229. Prayer, please!
  230. New update on my dad
  231. I need help please pray for me
  233. Job Opportunity with Focus
  234. Thoughts on prayer, verses to consider.
  235. Those who remember Project Peter, please pray...
  236. Please Help Prayer for my Mom.
  237. Those who have left the faith.
  238. Please pray for me
  239. Prayers for my dad's full recovery
  240. Need payer
  241. Prayer for my family
  242. My dad is going to a nursing home.....
  243. prayers for a job!
  244. I have anxiety please pray for me
  245. Prayers for my niece who is pretty sick right now
  246. Please Help Prayer for sister Cindy
  247. Please pray for my Nana Irene
  248. Prayers for my brother
  249. Update on my dad...and a question about "afterlife".
  250. better get better