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  1. Whoa Boy!
  2. My Aunt
  3. Prayer for our differences.
  4. need prayer
  5. Pray for my uncle
  6. Our Son the Preacher
  7. Next Door Neighbour
  8. Prayer Request
  9. Support and prayers...
  10. Prayer for Bible study
  11. Prayer Request
  12. I need prayer for my addiction
  13. job interview
  14. Drowned boy :(
  15. I NEED a job
  16. I have re-dedicated my life to GOD
  17. Greatly Appreciate Your Prayers
  18. Pray for m family
  19. Praise first, then prayer.
  20. Special Ed kid who recorded bullies accused of felony for wiretapping....
  21. I will be teaching a Bible study
  22. Please pray for my step-dad Danny
  23. friend with personal medical problem
  24. Please pray for my sister in Christ Janelle
  25. My Uncle passed away
  26. I need Spiritual warfare prayers please
  27. Prayers for my sister and her family
  28. Prayers For Joann. Please!
  29. family living downstairs
  30. Please pray for Connie
  31. I need prayer please
  32. Surgery
  33. Prayer request :)
  34. Pray for ourselves
  35. IMPORTANT I ask for a certain kind of prayer
  36. Prayer for travel anxiety
  37. Prayer for Guidance
  38. Please pray for Maria
  39. Prayer for witnessing and acceptance
  40. Struggling to believe God has a spouse for me
  41. man played a cruel, sick joke on a friend of mine
  42. Surgery on Wednesday the 28th of May
  43. Prayers for the victims of a madman's "War on Women" massacre at UCSB
  44. Prayers for depression and anxiety please
  45. Please pray for Margie and her husband
  46. car money and depression
  47. Please Help just to much
  48. Prayers for Anxiety
  49. Prayer for our President
  50. prayer
  51. Prayer for the Lord
  52. NIGERIA: 'Over 200 Killed In Christian Villages'; update on missing girls
  53. Please pray for me
  54. Relocation prayers
  55. Prayers for my son, my dog and my cat..
  56. Prayer for a friend
  57. So many things
  58. I need prayers please
  59. Prayers needed for three kidnapped Israeli teens
  60. Prayer request for pastor and his family
  61. A special prayer request
  62. Please Pray for Päivi
  63. Prayers needed for my father!
  64. My niece is at the hospital
  65. Prayers for my neck
  66. IMPORTANT Calling All Prayer Warriors
  67. Please pray for Charles, hospital stay for a day or longer
  68. In serious need of some sleep
  69. Help pray for my brother, please.
  70. Please pray for my dad
  71. need a car
  72. My sister has cancer
  73. Please pray
  74. Bandit moving to new job.
  75. Please pray for my brother and sister
  76. Please pray for my Nana Irene and I
  77. Please pray for my dog Buster
  78. Our fosterson
  79. I need prayer
  80. Prayer for a job
  81. little girl denied
  82. Prayer for a friend
  83. I have a high-stakes job interview tomorrow
  84. IMPORTANT I really need prayer for me and my two sons
  85. Please pray for a little girl I met today :(
  86. mother in hospital
  87. My Friend, Carl...
  88. Prayer for a Legitimate Work From Home Job
  89. Eboli Outbreak and Samaritan's Purse
  90. Please pray for my brother and sister in Christ
  91. Please Pray For Ed
  92. Please Pray For My Son Nick
  93. Prayer for me please
  94. Pregnant niece on her way to the hospital!
  95. Prayer for my maid's brother-in-law
  96. New Member Request.
  97. Prayer for Job
  98. Laptop password retreival.
  99. Unfolding Events..Need Prayer
  100. Urgent prayer to rescue
  101. Many prayer requests
  102. Please pray.
  103. Prayer for Healing
  104. hey
  105. International Prayer Connections
  106. Please say a prayer
  107. at the end of my rope
  108. Personal prayer request
  109. Baby Luke having surgery this morning.
  110. Pray for America's children...
  111. Please pray for me
  112. Concerned for my son
  113. David Haines Beheaded By ISIL/ISIS: Please pray for his family
  114. Please pray for me please
  115. Could use some prayer
  116. A fleece before the Lord
  117. Little prayer please
  118. Please keep my in-laws in prayer
  119. Pray for my idea
  120. Address changing really soon!
  121. I need to tell everyone something
  122. Please Help DESPERATE HELP
  123. Elderly in deep trouble.
  124. Please pray for my Pastor
  125. Stuttering
  126. 12-Year-Old Boy Has No Desire to Eat or Drink
  127. Prayer chain for all of our Pastors
  128. Please pray for my father
  129. Please pray for me
  130. Severe Dizziness
  131. Mother with Alzheimer's
  132. Charles needs some extra prayers
  133. Prayers for my cousin please.
  134. Prayers for my mom
  135. Brothers Father in law passed away tonight; also good friend's wife passed Nov 6th.
  136. Prayer needed please
  137. Lyndsay is 4 months pregnant and has been diagnosed with cervical cancer
  138. Please pray for me
  139. Please pray for my unborn baby
  140. For a relative and her husband.
  141. Please pray for my family members
  142. Please pray about this
  143. Prayer request
  144. Please pray for my brother William
  145. Heavy hearted
  146. Please pray about my Spiritual gifts
  147. Prayers for my sister who has a very rare auto immune condition.
  148. My Health
  149. Need alot of prayers and answers!
  150. Health issues
  151. I have a big decision to make
  152. gratitude prayer
  153. Prayer for a family member
  154. I really need prayers please
  155. Prayer for New York
  156. Please Help Prayers for income
  157. immediate prayer for young mom
  158. Please pray for this grieving family
  159. update to immediate prayer request post
  160. A prayer about the gift of tongues.
  161. Prayer for my friend Tina's brother-in-law
  162. another update to immediate prayer request
  163. In direct need of prayers
  164. Please Help Please pray for my sister with cancer
  165. I have a lump.
  166. Needing God's intervention
  167. Urgent prayers for Charles needed
  168. Several prayer requests
  169. Please pray for me
  170. If I symbolically upset God, will Forgiveness erase what I did?
  171. Prayer request
  172. Mourning
  173. Anxiety
  174. IMPORTANT need prayer
  175. Not sure where to begin
  176. Not sure if anyone remembers me....prayers for my dad
  177. Prayer for healing
  178. Please pray for this abducted missionary
  179. Pray for me please
  180. Please pray for my fast
  181. Please pray for my idea
  182. Please Help Please pray for restoration of my relationship with my two sons
  183. Drummer friend very ill
  184. 3 year old girl with brain cancer.
  185. Asking for prayer
  186. Prayers Requested
  187. Pray For New Fellowship
  188. My son Joshua
  189. My nephew Matt who is incarcerated
  190. IMPORTANT Prayers for Jordan & family
  191. Please pray about these two important issues
  192. My brother passed away in Alabama. I'll be going down there for a few days.
  193. Bernard in rehab, and alcoholic wife.
  194. Financial concerns....
  195. Repair concerns.
  196. Guidance, help.
  197. Prayers for salvation among other things
  198. Pray for me...I'm dreading tomorrow.
  199. Please pray for me
  200. Major life changes, need fervent prayers, please
  201. Please pray for GOD's blessing on my goal
  202. My sister's friend
  203. Please pray for my cousin
  204. Please pray for a friend
  205. Was this real?
  206. Two medical tests this week.
  207. Please pray for our family member Cindy
  208. Pray for one another without ceasing
  209. Brother
  210. I would love prayers for my neck
  211. Please Pray for 'J', whose heart is running down
  213. Please pray for me
  214. Please Help Nowhere to turn but to a strict Christian homeless shelter :(
  215. Please pray for my wife
  216. Great nephew is very sick
  217. Please pray for my son
  218. Prayer for my 4 year old
  219. My Health
  220. Please pray for my family regarding a possible move
  221. compressed and painful spinal fracture
  222. IMPORTANT Charleston Church Shooting: 9 Dead; Please Pray
  223. Please Pray For 9 Year Old Gabriel Immediately. He Is In Critical Condition.
  224. IMPORTANT My Family Needs Prayer
  225. Please pray for my family and I
  226. A gay friend
  227. Friends
  228. Set aside time for praise, prayer, fasting.......
  229. ear canal ruptured
  230. Please pray for me
  231. IMPORTANT PLEASE pray for my sister-in-law
  232. Prayer for my friend Holly
  234. Gone Home
  235. Problems at my parent's church
  236. Joshua
  237. Job interview
  238. job prayer
  239. Please pray for my hope to be career
  240. 18 yr old son
  241. A terrible tragedy
  242. IMPORTANT Please pray for my 6 year old little girl
  243. Prayer Please
  244. Help me with prayer
  245. IMPORTANT My family and I need prayer regarding my sister-in-law
  246. Please Help 5 years now and beyond desperate.
  247. Only the Lord
  248. Important meeting on Monday
  249. Prayer for my little girl Autumn
  250. Upcoming surgery