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  1. Working in toxic place, but praying for two opportunies to come through
  2. Really upset need prayer
  3. Prayer request...
  4. Please Help prayer request
  5. Asking prayers for our "little" ministry......
  6. We Need to Sell our House Quickly :(
  7. Prayer for Eileen please
  8. Please pray for my teenage niece
  9. At Wit's End Dealing with Past: Please pray
  10. Please Help Prayer for my sister
  11. Husband's job
  12. Spirit Decimated, Need Repentance
  13. Please pray for this family
  14. Continuing to ask for prayer and praise
  15. Please pray for my husband
  16. I was in the hospital
  17. Pray for sister to never commit suicide, please.
  18. Urgent prayer request from a friend of mine...
  19. Special prayer request
  20. Leaving my current toxic work, now praying
  21. Please Help Special prayer request
  22. Prayer request for healing
  23. Please Help PRAY
  24. My Estranged Sons
  25. Please Pray For Chris
  26. Job Interview
  27. Urgent prayers for little Raylan
  28. My dad recently passed away
  29. My nephew Matt
  30. My mom...
  31. Egyptian Copt's Blashphemy Acquittal Delayed
  32. Prayers for Barbara facing leg amputation
  33. For me to pray however ABBA wants me to pray.
  34. I have an aortic aneurysm
  35. Such a Time as This
  36. Prayer for homeless family
  37. Lawsuit filed against us
  38. My 10-year old nephew
  39. IMPORTANT Please pray for peace for my husband....
  40. Please Help I wake up feeling condemned / Family
  41. Fear and worry
  42. Increased risk of down syndrome - please pray
  43. Please pray for me
  44. Possible Minor Stroke: Please Pray
  45. College Prayer
  46. Changes coming up.
  47. Need some prayers for me and Charles
  48. My grieving friend Toni
  49. Please Help Please pray for Hannah who has cancer
  50. IMPORTANT Please pray for my upcoming surgery
  54. Urgent prayer request for baby Caidin
  55. Traveling
  56. Really Struggling Financially
  57. Sister's broken foot, her cat
  58. Please pray for suicidal sister!
  59. Please Help I Need Encouragement along This Journey...
  60. Please pray for my wife
  61. Please pray for our family as Cindy passed away today.....
  62. Prayer for the un-saved
  63. Angry cat won't eat!!
  64. Asking for prayers
  65. car money and depression
  66. IMPORTANT A payer for the body of Christ here at these forums
  67. Back pain, sore throat (flu?)
  68. Title
  69. Please Pray For My Wife
  70. IMPORTANT PLEASE pray for my husband's cousin - life or death situation!!
  71. Please Pray for Me - I have such a heavy heart today
  72. Practicing the Presence
  73. Prayer for my husband's job interview please
  74. Prayer for single grandmother now homeless
  75. Pray for better pain meds
  76. Asking for prayer for continued provision and husband's job situation
  77. Please pray for me and my soulmate
  78. I hesitate to ask, but...
  79. Young Teenager with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis Needs Prayer
  80. Bad in my area right now.....
  81. Prayers needed
  82. Prayers for Charles please
  83. Please pray - My husband has surgery this morning
  84. Sister in Christ in Hospital Again: Please Pray
  85. Join me in praying for the victims and their families in the Belgium
  86. Please pray for all professional wrestlers.
  87. Please pray for my "father"
  88. Negative thoughts
  89. We Need Direction...
  90. Missing wallet
  91. Prayers for my 6 year old
  92. Healing from stuttering
  93. Will you pray that I believe?
  94. Prayer for Maggie and her husband.
  95. Please pray for my husband - SEVERE panic attacks
  96. Church Spilt?
  97. Urgent prayer request for my best local friend
  98. In need of prayer
  99. Going to the emergency room.
  100. Please pray for my healing
  101. Prayer for my 3-year old niece.
  102. need some prayers tonight
  103. Please pray for my career
  104. IMPORTANT Please Pray For Shon
  105. So worried about my 5 year old - She needs prayer!
  106. A tragic loss
  107. Urgent prayers for Charles
  108. Ouch
  109. Could use a prayer or two
  110. Prayer update : Job
  111. Please pray for the families of these missionaries
  112. Prayer for my dad/family
  113. Prayers needed in Alberta area Canada: Fire
  114. Prayers for a suicidal friend.....
  115. Bittersweet Mother's Day
  116. Please pray for me
  117. Prayer For Courage
  118. Please pray that God will guide people to answer seemingly contradictory scriptures
  119. Please Pray for my sister-in-law
  120. Prayers to make the right decision
  121. Praying through Psalm 57 this morning.....
  122. Please Pray For My Son
  123. Please pray for my dear friend Mary
  124. Schafer Family Needs Prayer
  125. We Need to Move!
  126. USA: Attack by Suspected Islamist on LGBT Nightclub in Orlando, Florida
  127. Pit Bull attack
  128. Please pray for Gideon
  129. My wife
  130. Finger wound
  131. IMPORTANT Please Pray for Dallas
  133. Please pray for my friend, Heather
  135. Conventions
  136. Please pray for me
  137. MUNICH, GERMANY: Attack on Shopping Mall; 9 Killed; Over 20 Injured
  138. Please pray for my daughter
  139. Church Split in Progress
  140. My sister's fur baby
  141. IMPORTANT Urgent prayers for the flood victims in Lousiana
  142. Please Pray for Me and My Thoughts
  143. Pray with me
  144. Prayers for the victims of the earthquake in Italy
  145. Please pray for my wisdom
  146. I've decided to move please pray
  147. Ride out your storm!
  148. Please Pray for My 5 year old - I am so heartbroken
  149. askin for a bit of prayer.
  150. I need prayer please
  151. prayer for my mother needed
  152. Prayer for my sister-in-law
  153. Wife health
  154. meth lab and mold...very sick
  156. Please pray for me and my peace
  157. Hurricane Matthew
  158. Prayer for my son
  159. Please pray for me
  160. Several more people I know have been diagnosed with some form of cancer.
  161. The Christian's Secret Place
  162. Please pray for GOD's protection over me
  163. Please Help Prayer for Healing
  164. Forest fire!
  165. Need Advice: My Grandchildrens christmas
  166. This is hard
  167. Pray for my neck and shoulder
  168. I am worried sick about my wife
  169. Please pray for the professional wrestler known as Vader...
  170. Pray for the people in my area. Our mountains are on fire!
  171. Understanding math
  172. IMPORTANT Please pray for my daughter's journey to recovery
  173. Prayer for the people of Israel.
  174. NIGERIA: At Least 60 Dead in Church Roof Collapse; Please Pray
  175. Please pray for a peaceful transfer of power with the Electors on Dec. 19.
  176. Please Help Prayer Request For Mother
  177. Pray for peaceful Inaugeration Day, no attacks, etc.
  178. BERLIN LORRY ATTACK: Please remember in prayer.
  179. Please pray for me
  180. Praying for blood thining and cholesterol lowering medication containing NO lactose.
  181. Need prayers and support
  182. Please pray for peace at my job
  183. Sister needs eye surgery asap
  184. My grandfather fell
  185. Family strife
  186. Please Pray for My Entire Family
  187. Prayer for Peace in the Family Business
  188. Seeking first call
  189. professional goals and Christian fellowship
  190. Sorry that it's been a while.....prayers still needed
  191. Pls pray for my relationship
  192. Can I get some tips to build my prayer life?
  193. My only son
  194. I am experiencing frequent panic attacks.
  195. Brother-in-law has cancer
  196. IMPORTANT Please pray for South Africa.
  197. Prayer for my terrible thoughts and for a woman's healing.....
  198. Different Bibles ?
  199. Upcoming Revival Meetings
  200. I have a surgery next Wednesday
  201. Burden For My Niece...
  202. employment
  204. Texas Church Bus Crash; Prayers Requested
  205. Physical problems
  206. SWEDEN: Stockholm truck attack; please pray
  207. Please Help Life is getting harder...
  208. Friend having surgery
  209. My Family Could Use Your Prayers....
  210. Big project & caught a bug
  211. strength for caregiving
  212. Prayer for marriage
  213. Need Immediate Prayer For Perseverance
  214. 22 Dead & about 59 Injured in Terrorist Attack in Manchester, NW England; Please Pray
  215. Please pray for me I'm very scared
  216. Prayer and encouragment please
  217. Health Scare (may be TMI for some)
  218. Please pray for my Bible study
  219. Please Help Urgent prayers for moving
  220. Worried about lump on tongue
  221. Grenfell Tower Apartment Block Fire, London, UK; please pray
  222. I really need prayer
  223. Need prayer
  224. Prayer Request
  225. Dealing with many issues
  226. Prayer needed !
  227. gall bladder test coming up
  228. Please pray for relationship
  229. Prayers for Moonglow
  230. Spiritual Attack
  231. IMPORTANT Please Pray: 13 killed & 80 injured in terrorist attack in Barcelona
  232. IMPORTANT SPAIN: 2nd Attack in Cambrils; 1 Victim Critical; 5 Terrorists Killed; Please Pray
  233. IMPORTANT FINLAND: Stabbing Attack in Turku; 2 Dead; Several Injured; Attacker Shot & Arrested
  234. IMPORTANT Urgent prayers for bdh
  235. Prayer for an Army brother
  236. Prayers for Wednesday. .
  237. Please pray about Hurricane Irma
  238. prayer for my male cat needed
  239. Prayer For Strength
  240. Urgent surgery in the next few days
  241. Prayer for my mom
  242. Having trouble with headache
  243. Prayers for my wife and I
  244. Future Missionary Work
  245. Please Pray for Those Facing Funerals because of the Las Vegas Massacre
  246. LORD, take your yoke off me!
  247. prayer as a form of warfare
  248. Prayers for mercy and workers-Fires in California
  249. Prayers Needed for My Brother and His Wife
  250. Kidney biopsy