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  1. Prayer for friend Tara
  2. Prayer for strength and understanding...
  3. Prayers for Mieke and Charles
  4. For Those Falsely Accused
  5. Parents
  6. Unborn child....
  7. Praying for Lorie
  8. Prayer for Satanic co worker
  9. prayer for direction
  10. For Fenris' brother and his family
  11. Prayer Request
  12. Please Pray for..
  13. Please pray for me!
  14. Pray for Jonathan:Ft. LeonardWood Basic Training, and our Relationship
  15. health
  16. abby sick
  17. relationship, bondage release, sponsors
  18. Please Pray for my Acceptance to Mercy Ministries
  19. pray pray pray!
  20. Prayer for a little cat
  21. little boy with leukemia
  22. Life too Chaotic
  23. please pray for a victim of violence.
  24. Prayer for Him to bring a good friend back
  25. Prayer for me friend please
  26. Please pray....
  27. Really Need Prayer; Feel lost
  28. My cousin
  29. My mom had a seizure
  30. Its a slow fade
  31. Preaching to the Church- Prayer very helpful!
  32. Prayer needed for my daughter
  33. update on Steven
  34. Traveling mercies for MercyChild
  35. More job eliminations
  36. Prayer for my Dad
  37. Thank you...
  38. IMPORTANT Prayer for open doors
  39. Request for my Dad
  40. A selfish prayer
  41. Loss of some Babies
  42. That I Don't Have Breast Cancer
  43. Paula is dying
  44. A companion?
  45. Prayer for my first sermon
  46. Prayers for my Dad and Brother
  47. Job prayer
  48. salvation of friend Dan and his girlfriend Shelli
  49. For My Adult Children
  50. Prayer: For my church's transition
  51. Plane crash!
  52. A scary crazy dream..
  53. My friend Lauren needs Jesus :-(
  54. Please Jesus..
  55. Omaha Metro Prayer for January 16, 2009
  56. Ron Heather
  57. Change my course Father
  58. other sickness
  59. For those living on the streets
  60. Urgent prayer request for my baby
  61. Accident..
  62. Our house caugth on fire
  63. Prayers for my dad......
  64. Youth pastor and his wife
  65. Prayers on Tue
  66. Prayer request for folks being attacked going to minstry conference.
  67. A prayer for jobs for Teacup and Daughter
  68. Salvation
  69. My grandmother is dying
  70. An Old Skytrooper
  71. For a friend in great need.
  72. Can't sleep
  73. Please take care of the Dejoode's
  74. Update on my son - more prayers needed
  75. Tomorrow (Wed.) is my job interview
  76. Prayer for the 44th President of the United States of America
  77. Please Help Down and in need of precious prayer
  78. Dan, brother of Loriann
  79. Mom & Lorie
  80. Identity Theft
  81. very important
  82. teenage son with problems
  83. continued prayers
  84. Sister has uterine cancer
  85. IMPORTANT maybe a job need prayer
  86. prayer for my knee
  87. My Memory
  88. IMPORTANT Timed prayer request!
  89. Getting into Plan 2 Honors Program at UT Austin/prayer request
  90. Mom..
  91. Flying out of the country tomorrow
  92. prayers for TODAY and THIS WEEKEND
  93. Unit and Station Assignment prayer
  94. Bit of depression on and off for a couple weeks
  95. Pray for our Sister..
  96. update on one pound baby now four pounds!
  97. Prayers for a wonderful lady
  98. Please Pray for Paul's Father
  99. I think I have too much caffeine in my system
  100. I'm bleeding, very embarassing... (Read though please)
  101. dry place/addiction
  102. Prayer for my friend.
  103. Update on my son - some good news
  104. For Those Seeking Employment
  105. Please pray for these wonderful women
  106. Praying for Abby
  107. Slipped on ice
  108. IMPORTANT baby Dawson has meningitis (the one pd baby I posted about awhile back)
  109. Prayer Needed
  110. praise report
  111. various requests
  112. Widow needs prayer!
  113. Please pray for my Grand daughter,Sailor
  114. Prayer required
  115. Please pray for the safe return of my mother and father.
  116. Prayer Needed
  117. Thank you for your prayers, Sailor is better today!
  118. Please Help Single Mom needs this job
  119. two things
  120. My Grandpa isnt doing to well...
  121. Prayer For My Family
  122. for today and this weekend
  123. Can I ask for help?
  124. Job
  125. IMPORTANT Please pray for healing!
  126. Prayers for my 2 year old son
  127. Pray for our Sister Priopheticdreams
  128. Pray For My Mom and Family
  129. Please pray for me
  130. IMPORTANT please lift my sisters fiancee to the lord
  131. Prayer for my sister
  132. Prayers for all the children
  133. Please pray for us!
  134. IMPORTANT Please Pray For My Sister
  135. friend Sharon and her boyfriend Tony's salvation
  136. friends Chris P and Lindsay both not feeling well
  137. Still desiring your prayers
  138. need prayer for ocd
  139. prayer for our family
  140. Please pray for me and my wife
  141. Friend in the hospital
  142. IMPORTANT Prayer to get better
  143. funeral finance
  144. Pray for Me
  145. Prayer for South Africa
  146. Pray for my family
  147. I just really need prayer
  148. Update on my son - GREAT news
  149. Prayer for two friends, please.
  150. I need prayer for myself
  151. Prayer for those who do not know shelter from the world.
  152. An important meeting this morning at 10:30
  153. To make my outreach/ mission full time
  154. friend Anna's salvation
  155. prayer for a lost friend
  156. Chronic Depression
  157. family reconciliation
  158. Prayer for my boyfriend and me
  159. Please pray for my son, Nathan (Nate)
  160. Need prayer, please
  161. About to post more urgent - but now ok?
  162. My church and a personal threat over mission
  163. prayer for my husband
  164. Need Prayer, Feel Like I'm Falling...
  165. Please pray for my tiny new gr-grandbaby...
  166. land, strength
  167. Nervous -- strong winds
  168. pulling the plug
  169. Please Pray for my Father
  170. health
  171. Please Help Prayers for overcoming my fear.
  172. Jesus I ask that you take care of..
  173. Depressed
  174. I'm too old
  175. My husbands diabetes is worse
  176. IMPORTANT Please Pray for my Mom
  177. Flight 3407 crashes in NY
  178. IMPORTANT Prayer Request Thread for "Cancer's Diary"
  179. So I will ask
  180. 2 prayers please
  181. Please please pray for my mom, Cancer
  182. This Day
  183. Please pray with us
  184. IMPORTANT Pray for South Africa
  185. Prayer for God's Will in my life
  186. my car died today
  187. A Prayer For Answers
  188. Sad and Depressed
  189. Prayer for a Blessing...
  190. Begging for prayer for students
  191. Marriage/husband
  192. Trisha & Matthew
  193. IMPORTANT New business open
  194. meeting about a family matter
  195. help at work
  196. Please Help Need Healing
  197. OCD and anxiety attacks
  198. Negative thoughts lately
  199. salvation
  200. 2 young men who stole money from church
  201. Prayers for my sister's son (10 yrs old) who has a drug resistant staph infection
  202. sister in accident
  203. Need help (((please pray for us)))
  204. Discussion Prayer for the Original Christian Library
  205. My friend
  206. latent medication damage
  207. Prayer for new pastor
  208. Please Pray for Me
  209. Salvation--update
  210. Heart Attack
  211. Rhonda is sick
  212. pray for my mom.
  213. Please Pray for my dad, and guidance for me.
  214. Sad and confused
  215. I'm like a little bird, spreading my wings for the very first time.
  216. Sick...
  217. Easter Play
  218. Please pray for me in all areas of my life
  219. Show us Creative Prayer Warriors
  220. Calling all Prayer Warriors
  221. Need Prayer For An Emotional Journey
  222. Please Help Narcissistic Abuse
  223. Prayer
  224. Please Pray For Phyllis
  225. Please Jesus bring home Ian
  226. Pray for me
  227. 'prayer warriors needed"
  228. My Daughter has Cancer
  229. Please pray
  230. job decision
  231. Please Help A teen struggling with depression and other things...
  232. Please Pray for me
  233. Prayer for my Daughter
  234. Going on a trip alone this week.
  235. My Mother in Law
  236. Sick and messed up my back badly
  237. A relative adamantly not a Christian
  238. my neighbor
  239. My heart
  240. I am in need..
  241. Death in the Family and My Grandpa is doing worse...
  242. Prayer for help with doubting
  243. Prayer for my Sister
  244. Prayer for my daughters
  245. 23 yo daughter wants God's will
  246. Please Help a lot of stress right now, could use prayer.
  247. ...overwhelming burden...
  248. IMPORTANT My Mom and Mini Stroke
  249. In a bad spot
  250. Please pray for my aunt