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  1. prayer request
  2. Pray for these widows
  3. Prayer for Elijah
  4. Prayers for !st Baptist Church of Maryville, Il.
  5. Depression/anxiety
  6. Local man killed in single vehicle crash
  7. Little Boy lost
  8. Please Be In Prayer
  9. A couple problems
  10. Shootings
  11. Summer mission trip
  12. Urgent prayer request:Husband wants divorce to go back to 1st girlfriend
  13. double wham-e
  14. Please Help Please pray for a course I'm on
  15. Prayer for Bernie Madoff
  16. Rabbi Aryeh Azriel
  17. mother Arleen's salvation
  18. Spiritual Attack
  19. Man may be paralyzed
  20. Because He is concerned with all things..
  21. Prayer for my friend Robin
  22. IMPORTANT Need Prayer
  23. Please take care of Kevin & Gwen
  24. Lord's Prayer prayer thread
  25. Friend lost child to DYFS
  26. Prayer for the Hurt and Sinful
  27. Please pray for Jennifer and Adrianna's family
  28. IMPORTANT God?
  29. Urgent prayer for Mercychild
  30. Prayers I can get this bad tooth taken care of tomorrow
  31. Pray for daughter
  32. My grandmas cat may have died..
  33. terrible toothache
  34. Tough week
  35. Please pray for Elizabeth Fritzl and her children, and...
  36. Virtigo
  37. Prayers needed for immediate family
  38. My uncle
  39. Mother is hospitalized
  40. Being accused of witchcraft!
  41. Need prayer to forgive and let go of anger.
  42. Prayer for My Friend
  43. An unmarried friend might be pregnant
  44. Prayer for unbelievers
  45. Life is falling apart
  46. friend Lisa that she has to have surgery on tuesday
  47. Move?
  48. Prayers for tomorrow special service
  49. Prayer for work
  50. 4 months of pain
  51. I need prayer for "doubt" and "lack of trust"...
  52. Update on wife's health
  53. Healing in my marriage
  54. Please pray for Michael
  55. Jealousy
  56. Bad anxiety...need prayer...
  57. friend Kari is pregnant with her 4th child
  58. IMPORTANT Please pray for me.
  59. Please Help Prayer for help
  60. Pray for my parents.
  61. Prayer Request
  62. Pray for a pessimist
  63. The Red River is flooding
  64. Prayers for my back..its progressively getting worse
  65. Blizzard here! Prayers we don't lose our electricity (heat)
  66. Pray for me.
  67. Just Pray for Me
  68. Friend back in hospital
  69. Need strength (spiritual)
  70. Prayers Needed! Thanks!
  71. Been Awhile
  72. My Son
  73. A Prayer for all today..
  74. Prayers needed for a father and wayward son..
  75. May We Keep You First
  76. Jesus, Please take care of Gwen..
  77. Prayer request
  78. A Prayer for Boldness and Opportunities to witness (we desperately need this)
  79. Please Pray For Me
  80. Dad
  81. Need Advice: Not even sure what to pray for
  82. Prayer for upcomming bone marrow transplant
  83. As many as 12 dead in N.Y. rampage...
  84. I feel so distant from God :O(
  85. friend Dan's grandma has passed away
  86. Non urgent, but still...
  87. prayer for husband
  88. Please Help My marriage is ending, please pray!
  89. Prayer for my work
  90. Praying for Sibblings
  91. Earthquake in Central Italy
  92. job interview
  93. in need of prayers for my college major switch
  94. My husband was laid off...need prayer
  95. Please pray for my situation with my ex
  96. IMPORTANT Please Pray For Tomorrow!!!
  97. prayer and shame-moved from Intro
  98. Lying
  99. billiefan2000's unsaved family members
  100. friend Jason is looking for a job (just got layed off due to cutbacks)
  101. Please pray for estranged boyfriend
  102. Possible Cancer
  103. Prayers for my brother
  104. Prayer for Traveling Grace
  105. Need specific directions
  106. Nightmares & lack of sleep
  107. my family; my wife, my son, and i
  108. update/still need prayer for husband
  109. Urgent Prayer Request for OkieRob regarding the Oklahoma FIRES
  110. Prayer for my grandma
  111. Mena, Arkansas - tornado with fatalities
  112. Severe weather
  113. Captain held hostage
  114. God is working......Pray
  115. Prayers I get better in time for Easter please
  116. Stress at School
  117. I need prayer for my relationship.
  118. Please pray for me
  119. Please ask God to take this pain away
  120. Scary situation -- a sign of the times
  121. Warfare Prayer
  122. Prayer from yesterday
  123. Please pray for my mother
  124. Pray for chest pains
  125. Please pray for my family
  126. Prayer Need- I am Feeling Depressed
  127. Prayer for Graduation
  128. IMPORTANT Pray For Saudi Arabia
  129. Prayer as we begin our faith journey.
  130. IMPORTANT Possible Adultry
  131. Sudden Death
  132. Dad
  133. Pray for my cousin's situation
  134. Health issue
  135. Prayers appreciated
  136. Young mother getting brain surgery
  137. Prayer for my family
  138. Measles
  139. Stressed lately
  140. Keep me in your prayers
  141. two updates
  142. Please pray
  143. Praying for a friend's loss
  144. IMPORTANT Please Pray for My children and I.
  145. Prayer for young teenager
  146. My Church
  147. freind needs help
  148. April 20th 10th anniversary of Columbine shooting
  149. My future...
  150. Please pray for my little blind great-grandbaby
  151. Please pray for my daughter
  152. Please take care of..
  153. Please Pray God Touches His Heart
  154. “Please pray for Refrigerator William Perry"
  155. Please pray for my girlfriend. . . stomach problems.
  156. I have bladder stones and am having surgery Tuesday
  157. Praying for a Smooth Funeral for Mom
  158. My Family
  159. Please pray for my mom
  160. Please help me and pray for me.
  161. Please Pray for My Family and Myself
  162. Prayer for direction and protection
  163. Please pray for my friends
  164. Fire down the street
  165. Please pray for me
  166. Prayer Needed For...
  167. Please Help Please pray!
  168. My friend/co-worker is having surgery
  169. Bad car crash
  170. Please pray, my Brother-In-Law has Melanoma.(Moved from Poetry)
  171. The Swine Flu
  172. Discouraged
  173. Cousin has lump in her breast
  174. This is a big one
  175. Job interview
  176. Prayer Request for My Mom
  177. Family problems
  178. Prayer for our daughter
  179. New Widow
  180. Prayer Request
  181. Schooling
  182. UPDATE: Daughters Cancer
  183. A prayer for all Christians in these difficult times.
  184. My 14 year old niece was raped last week
  185. Please Help Bronchitis!
  186. Searching
  187. Prayer for my brother Greg
  188. Prayer for my job
  189. Friend going through difficult time
  190. using gifts
  191. My Family
  192. Prayer for Unsaved Loved Ones
  193. Prayer thread for the troublesome in our lives
  194. Praise/Prayer request
  195. IMPORTANT Car Accident
  196. IMPORTANT My Sister Died This Afternoon
  197. IMPORTANT Need of Intercession for today
  198. Donna's family
  199. Please pray for Sis. Connie
  200. friend Russ's salvation
  201. prayer for our family
  202. Please pray for my family
  203. Prayer needed to keep our house
  204. Little Boy Needs Prayer
  205. My dad and brother
  206. Prayer for salvation for co-worker
  207. Prayers for my son's allergies
  208. Please pray for my grandma... was taken to hospital
  209. Health problems
  210. Pray for My family and me
  211. Please pray for my sister's fiancé who was layoff from work
  212. Prayer needed for health.
  213. I'm going through a rough time.
  214. Please pray for baby Jude, a 2 month old baby
  215. Praying for everyone
  216. Prayer for spiritually hungry co-worker
  217. Please pray
  218. A friend of a friend who has been deceived into witchcraft
  219. My job
  220. Please say a prayer for my 9mo old GD
  221. Next-door neighbor
  222. Just need prayer
  223. I just found out I'm pregnant!!
  224. Asking for your prayers
  225. Jesus, a few things..
  226. Thank you for your prayers for my 9 mo grand daughter
  227. need prayer pls
  228. friend Aaron's salvation
  229. Please Help I need your prayer so i can share my testimony with you later
  230. Prayer for my husband, please
  231. Please Help Marriage almost lost, need prayers
  232. Please Help Marriage almost lost, need prayers
  233. Update on Wife's health
  234. prayers for our marriage-moved from Intro
  235. Moving House
  236. In battle at work
  237. Prayer for music project
  238. Prayer for catholic friend
  239. Please Pray
  240. Pray for me please.
  241. Prayer for my Boss
  242. Prayer for my neighbor's daughter
  243. Prayer for Sleep
  244. Please Pray for My Friend's Husband
  245. Gods glory
  246. Jaw Surgery
  247. God to heal my hurts and help me
  248. Prayer for my husband
  249. I need lots of prayers for healing please
  250. Church member