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  1. prayers for the persecuted christians
  2. Missing woman found dead
  3. friend Kat T needs prayers
  4. Please, pray for my Brother
  5. Please Help For money is the root of all evil....
  6. Prayer for a Friend
  7. Picture of my little blind gr-granddaughter--please keep praying...
  8. Far from God, Unequally Yoked, Adultery
  9. our fellow persecuted brethren- North Korea
  10. Please Help Really lost and feel alone, please pray
  11. Need A Job
  12. brutal persecution incidence- Iran
  13. blah, relationships
  14. Prayer for a sister in Christ
  15. Persecution - Orissa, India
  16. A desperate need for the Lord's intervention
  17. Please pray for my neck and back pain/dizziness
  18. Pray for another job
  19. IMPORTANT My Life Is Crumbling
  20. Grandma's funeral tomorrow
  21. Getting Married in 5 Days!
  22. serious persecution - Egypt
  23. travel grace
  24. Protection
  25. Prayer request for my sister May
  26. money
  27. Please Help Please Pray for me, I'm heart broken
  28. Pastor Hua Huiqi beaten by authorities in China
  29. Prayer For Christian Marriage
  30. Christian girl kidnapped in Pakistan
  31. Very Worried
  32. praey request
  33. Please Help Prayer needed
  34. Testimony regarding the Holy Spirit
  35. Our Cat
  36. Jimmy has 3 types of cancer
  37. Pastor Gao - China - Torture
  38. Please Pray for me...
  39. Emergency prayer please pray for me
  40. Really need prayer
  41. persecution - Singapore and Egypt - 4:56
  42. Real Sick
  43. Kid I've known for years killed someone in a car crash
  44. A very personal and urgent prayer request
  45. Prayer for Wayne and Jennifer
  46. persecution - Eritrea
  47. I dislike my boyfriend's mom
  48. pray for my boy
  49. Prayers Needed
  50. Persecution -Singapore and China
  51. I'd like a job
  52. Prayer for healing
  53. Lump above testicle (Not on testicle)
  54. Prayers for my friend Cindy and her Mom
  55. prayer for salvation
  56. hi
  57. Matt needs prayers..
  58. I believe Christ can save me
  59. Need Prayer for Addiction
  60. God knows the details
  61. Mom's Job
  62. Prayer for my dear sister-in-law; TT1106's sister
  63. Discussion need help. am really confused
  64. Nun raped
  65. Guatemala tomorrow (6/25-7/4) - specific prayer request
  66. Jesus please Comfort
  67. My friend and teammate shannon
  68. my aunts
  69. My sister's fiancés adult daughter in prison tried to committ sucide
  70. My little blind gr-gr-daughter-surgery
  71. Two Christians need help
  72. Urgent Prayer Request for Group in India
  73. Please Help suicide
  74. Please pray for my father
  75. Prayer For Family
  76. Please Pray for my family and myself.
  77. Please pray for my weight loss
  78. American Christian aid worker killed in Mauritania
  79. Traveling Grace
  80. for my health please
  81. Egypt - serious persecution
  82. please pray for a elderly Gentleman
  83. Financial Miracle-moved from Intro
  84. Depressed
  85. prayers for a newly saved person
  86. A few things going on
  87. IMPORTANT Emergency Prayer Needed
  88. Prayer For the Family of Fallen Soldier in Afghanistan
  89. Prayers needed
  90. Prayer that God will bring a Youth Minister to our church
  91. Could use prayer
  92. Baby died
  93. Friends, I need your prayers for my Daughter and her Family
  94. Prayers humbly requested by a seeker
  95. Prayer for my eye appointment this morning
  96. Please Pray For My Brother Mike
  97. My Brother
  98. Very upset friend
  99. Eritrea - Persecution
  100. Embarassing... but need prayer...
  101. Prayer - Wednesdays popular for suicides
  102. Persecution - Punjab
  103. Please Help Prayer for compassion.
  104. Body breaking down!
  105. Prayer for my Daughters marriage
  106. Rough Week
  107. Please pray for my neck pain/dizziness
  108. Prayer for a friend.
  109. relationship prayers
  110. Prayer for lost loved ones
  111. Christian beaten and detained on blasphemy charges in Pakistan
  112. I know this is kind of odd but...
  113. Praying for deliverance
  114. IMPORTANT Calling All Prayer Warriors
  115. Please pray for us..
  116. prayer
  117. pray for Omaha JFJ mini-meeting on July 25 2009
  118. IMPORTANT Need prayers for finances- PLEASE!
  119. me again, prayers for my hand now..
  120. Fear and doubt
  121. Paranoia and anxiety
  122. Church buildings burned down in Zanzibar, Tanzania
  123. Please pray for my marriage
  124. New Fellowship Groups
  125. In pain, worried about my health issue
  126. House churches raided, Christians arrested in China
  127. Please Pray for Brother-in-Law and Niece
  128. Daughter's echo results
  129. Nick, a relative of a family friend mine needs prayer and JESUS
  130. Daughter taking drivers test today
  131. My uncle died
  132. prayers for help in spiritual warfare
  133. Feeling abandoned and betrayed
  134. Our new path
  135. Prayers for a big test
  136. Prayer for realization
  137. Prayers for church youth group camp/severe weather
  138. Prayer Request
  139. Root Canals
  140. friend Kari's dad had a heart attack
  141. Taking my permit test tomorrow
  142. Blood tests for physical
  143. Jesus, Please take care of my Lorie
  144. Spiritual attack
  145. About to go through a Break-up
  146. Struggling so much with doubt
  147. Somalia - Christian shot
  148. Prayer for my sick mother
  149. Guidance in getting off anti depressant...
  150. Jen merging threads practice/unmerge
  151. New Job venture.
  152. A beloved member of our church passed away
  153. sister-in-law has a brain tumor
  154. A loss in our family
  155. Our Church is Burning Down
  156. Doctor visit to discuss my son
  157. prayer for our family
  158. Strength and healing
  159. Please Help God's Will: Work/School
  160. Mom's Friend Having Surgery...
  161. Please pray
  162. Arson suspected at Beth Israel Synagogue of Omaha Nebraska playground
  163. Aortic Aneurysm UPDATE
  164. Please pray for my girlfriend
  165. Please please say a prayer for this little girl
  166. Needs prayers a tree limb doesn't fall and hurt someone...
  167. Sleepless and lonely
  168. Pray for my daughter
  169. Couple Prayer requests..
  170. Please Help losing husband to homosexuality - please pray for his salvation brothers and sisters
  171. My husband's cousin died suddenly
  172. Prayers for my back again...
  173. My Job
  174. Prayer for a friend in domestic violence situation
  175. Prayers for my family,friends and church
  176. Funeral Today
  177. 2 killed in crash with Christian band's tour bus
  178. 3 Prayer Requests...
  179. Prayer for a Job
  180. Please pray for our missionaries
  181. Prayer for cancer victim
  182. IMPORTANT Please Pray For Grace's Back
  183. Prayer request for our Pastor who is having major surgery tomorrow
  184. Few prayers for me.. Please
  185. Pray for my Father (lost his cousin)
  186. I need a job
  187. trying for years to attend church
  188. Abondo
  189. depression and sleeplessness
  190. Prayer Toward Restructuring of Bibleforums
  191. Intercede for Miriam and Marzieh
  192. Prayers for persecuted Pakistani Christians
  193. Children's Camp Attacked in Uzbekistan
  194. Imprisoned Chinese Christian
  195. An Odd Prayer Request, I know....
  196. Please Help Prayer Needed--please!
  197. prayer needed now
  198. A new Prayer Bulletin entitled "Girl Witnesses Killing" has been added.
  199. Please pray for this Bro. and Sis.
  200. Baby's comming!!!
  201. Prayer for a Guest who commented
  202. Prayer Request
  203. pray for the sick
  204. Need Prayers
  205. Please pray with me.....
  206. Me and my husband need prayers for our hurting bodies4
  207. Prayers for my Dad Please
  208. PRAYER for new job!!
  209. Please pray for me
  210. My Nephew is in Jail
  211. Would you please pray for our daugther, Brianna
  212. Prayers, Please
  213. Prayers for sleep!
  214. Please pray for my Husband
  215. Christians attacked throughout Karnataka, India
  216. Praying..
  217. Prayer for my son.
  218. Please pray for Rifqa Bary
  219. A prayer request I received
  220. Keeping my eyes on Jesus
  221. A selfish request, I know
  222. sleep!!
  223. Pastor Tortured by Police
  224. Vietnamese Christians attacked & beaten.
  225. Pastors Beheaded in Nigeria
  226. Prayer for my daughter.
  227. Please pray for the Residents Encounter Christ programs in KY
  228. International Day of Prayer for the persecuted
  229. Things To Give Up
  230. Suicide in the family
  231. Update on John
  232. Prayer request
  233. Mark your calendar!
  234. It's Deja Vu. All over again.
  235. My 18 year old son
  236. convert from Islam to Christianity shot dead
  237. Friends baby died
  238. Prayer˛
  239. Clearing the air
  240. Authorities target Christians in Cuba
  241. Need Advice: Need to make a job related decision
  242. Prayer for my cousin
  243. Request by/for Urban Missionary
  244. Please, please, pray for me
  245. Jessica, 10 years old, cancer
  246. Church burned in Andhra Pradesh, India
  247. Christian viillages attacked by Hindu extremists.
  248. Chinese church banned. Christians arrested.
  249. Family Burned Out...
  250. Teenager in my church