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  1. sibling fights
  2. prayer request
  3. Having trouble putting a relationship behind me.
  4. Kraig's Prayer Request
  5. Prayers for me...spiritual battle..
  6. Job Interview
  7. My Nephew is being sent to prison, and family member off life support.
  8. Someone injured at work
  9. Believers ordered to vacate church building in Belarus
  10. Our pastor's wife and her family
  11. Prayer for overcoming a reoccuring addiction
  12. Pulse of god
  13. Prayer for our Country
  14. Hindus falsely accuse Christians of murder in India
  15. tough situation with customer
  16. My prayer for all of you today...
  17. Job Search
  18. family
  19. Prayers please..I am sick..and prayers for my son too re: bullies
  20. I Need Prayers
  21. Christians arrested and harassed by authorities in Kazakhstan
  22. Asking prayer for a situation I'm in
  23. Prayer
  24. INDIA - Church burned.
  25. MINSK, MOSCOW - Church eviction
  26. Urgent Prayer "One month old Child"
  27. Prayers for my dilemma
  28. Dexa scan on Monday
  29. Valerie still needs prayer
  30. Police raid church service, arrest believers in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  31. Recent hardships
  32. Praying for Jack
  33. Mom's Friend's Husband
  34. New job as a counselor
  35. Prayer's for All Believers
  36. Young Co-Worker
  37. Prayers for Abba...
  38. Several Christian converts from Islam arrested in Iran
  39. Gibby has "insane itch"...
  40. IMPORTANT Please Pray for my Adopted sister
  41. Priest slain by unknown assailants in the Philippines
  42. IMPORTANT Prayers for the victoms and families
  43. Please pray for my wife and myself
  44. I have a mammo Tuesday
  45. Pakistani Christians killed for refusing to convert
  46. Pray for my failed marriage
  47. Prayers for a family
  48. For J. and K...prayers please.
  49. Lorie Needs Prayers
  50. Yale Student found
  51. Job interview
  52. Pray for me
  53. Prayers for Patrick Swayze's Family
  54. a Grandma in need of prayers
  55. Vietnamese Christians released
  56. please remember me
  57. Pray for the Persecuted Christians please
  58. Diabetes
  59. Pray for children of imprisoned Christians.
  60. Pray for imprisoned believers in Uzbekistan.
  61. Pray for Christian believers in India.
  62. Prayer request for my work situation
  63. Pray for some family members.
  64. Convert jailed for distributing Bibles - Pray for this new christian please
  65. Pls pray for Pastor John Vanlalhriata's release
  66. Pray for the Christians in Pakistan.
  67. Need prayers
  68. Falsely accused of murder
  69. Hardship at Work
  70. Guy's family situation
  71. resistent infection
  72. IMPORTANT Praying for America
  73. BANGLADESH - Pastor Tortured by Police – VOM Contacts
  74. Pps
  75. Please Help Being laid on my heart
  76. IRAN: Women in Prison/Added Praisereport!!!
  77. Baptist Leader & 3 Others Facing 3 Years in Prison
  78. Priest Killed by Unknown Assailants in Phillipines
  79. In need of healing
  80. Prayers for some Muslims, please.
  81. 50,000 Muslims gathering in DC, September 25th
  82. Struggling Financially
  83. Living in van!
  84. Prayers for a friend
  85. It hurts to walk...
  86. Discussion VOM: Pray for Muslims ...
  87. Flood Victiims
  88. Asking for prayer for upcoming surgery.
  89. In-laws...
  90. Prayers for sleep again..due to several health problems..
  91. Close Fire
  92. Praise and Prayer
  93. Prayer for my son again
  94. Flare up
  95. Prayer for direction/guidance on buying a home.
  96. Trip through China
  97. Please pray for T.
  98. Need Advice: I need a prayer or two...
  99. Prayer Needed
  100. Massive Prayer for Valerie
  101. going to a prayer vigile for atheists
  102. Prayer for Alyssa
  103. Muslim stabs Christians
  104. Prayer for my family!
  105. Prayers for my health
  106. My friend's dad
  107. Please Help Prayer needed badly
  108. INDIA - Church Damaged in Attack
  109. PAKISTAN - Teenage girl abducted by Moslems.
  110. CHINA - Believers Assaulted, Church Destroyed – China Aid Association
  111. Standing in the need of prayer...
  112. Christian transporting Bibles killed in Somalia
  113. Valerie 1995-2009
  114. Job
  115. For a friend
  116. Relief camp bombed in Orissa, India
  117. In dire need of prayer
  118. Prayer for my son...
  119. Pastor attacked by Hindu militants in Andhra Pradesh, India
  120. Taking A Break
  121. Please pray for Robby
  122. Anxiety
  123. Prayer
  124. The Attacks Keep Coming...But God is in Charge
  125. Chinese pastor and wife forced to vacate home
  126. prayers for our daughter visiting new dr tomorrow
  127. Convert to Christianity barred from leaving Egypt
  128. My family (Job Protection)
  129. Christians imprisoned for evangelizing in Ethiopia
  130. Officers Down...
  131. Please pray for Mike (his court date and his life)
  132. Going into the Prison this weekend
  133. Prayers for Jack...
  134. Islamists kill Somali church leader
  135. Abby alergy reaction
  136. Agreement in Prayer
  137. God Opening Doors
  138. Christian woman kidnapped, believers assaulted in Egypt
  139. Miscarried at 13 weeks
  140. Indonesian Christians ordered to stop worshipping in home
  141. Dad-heart, Mom-cancer, Daughter-distraught
  142. Please Help An old friend I need to talk to
  143. Real Sick
  144. 2 requests
  145. Please Help Pray for Kensley
  146. Victimised Christians in UK
  147. Prayer for a job
  148. please pray for this woman of God
  149. Christians targeted and threatened in Bangladesh
  150. Please Help nervous now
  151. Prayers for Jasmine
  152. Jesus, Please bring home Justin
  153. Urgent Prayer for Cancer Kids
  154. Latest News on my Little Blind Gr-granddaughter...
  155. Colombian pastor martyred by guerillas
  156. Family Update - Please Pray
  157. - The Proof Is in the Tapioca Pudding –
  158. In need of
  159. Elderly priest kidnapped in the Philippines
  160. Prayers for my son..getting sick I think..alot of H1N1 going around
  161. Further charges brought against Iranian prisoners
  162. Please Pray For My Little Niece and Sister
  163. The source of my headache
  164. Update: Pastor Zhang released; Pastor Hua still detained in China
  165. Four bulged discs
  166. Please pray for my aunt
  167. renewal
  168. cancer.
  169. Pastor attacked and arrested in Karnataka, India
  170. Very Desperate Job Situation
  171. Help Me Step Out In Faith
  172. Prayer for family member losing only daughter
  173. Ellie...............
  174. Attitude Adjustment
  175. Please Pray
  176. prayers for Nate..flu (probably H1N1) and now a reaction to an antibiotic
  177. First Love
  178. I feel like I'm being punished
  179. IMPORTANT Prayer for healing
  180. Day of Prayer
  181. Please pray for my baby boy.
  182. Prayer for family, especially son
  183. Traveling Mecies
  184. Traveling
  185. PHILIPPINES — Elderly Priest Kidnapped in the Philippines
  186. Prayer for a job
  187. Three church members were killed Friday
  188. seeking a degree
  189. Eritrean church leader's home raided, ten arrested
  190. unsaved friend with back pain
  191. INDIA—Relief camp bombed in Orissa
  192. ETHIOPIA—Christians imprisoned for evangelizing
  193. CHINA—Pastor and wife forced to vacate home.
  194. 3 requests . . .
  195. prayers for gambling addicts
  196. prayers 4 my husband & I
  197. GRanddaughter Having Surgery Tomorrow AM!
  198. Pakistani Christian accused of blasphemy appears in court
  199. IMPORTANT Please pray for me & husband
  200. Pray that I make the right choice
  201. I don't know how much longer I can do this
  202. IMPORTANT prayer needed badly
  203. Chinese student expelled from school for his Christian faith
  204. unsaved friend with chest pain
  205. Christians throughout India targeted in violent attacks
  206. couple of little prayer request
  207. PAKISTAN – Imprisoned Believers Appears in Court
  208. UKRAINE - Church Bombed in Ukraine
  209. CHINA - Update: Chinese Pastor Released
  210. Somali Christian woman killed for refusing to wear veil
  211. Please pray for my Grandson Taylor
  212. Please pray for Thomas, met on outreach today.
  213. inspection by corporate office
  214. IMPORTANT Need Prayer for Family
  215. Please pray for my dad
  216. Update on Taylor
  217. Mrs F and her sons
  218. Kidnapped priest alive but ailing in the Philippines
  219. Prayer for wisdom
  220. 3 pastors attacked and arrested in Karnataka, India
  221. Prayer for my heart
  222. Friend addicted
  223. finances
  224. Please Help Please pray for Nappie our cat
  225. Fort Hood
  226. RUSSIA — Pastors Fined for Worship — Forum 18 News
  227. S — Elderly Priest Kidnapped in the Philippines
  228. IRAN — UPDATE: Further Charges Brought Against Iranian Prisoners —
  229. IMPORTANT Please pray that I'd get my car back from the shop quickly
  230. Knee
  231. IMPORTANT Please pray for those in Fort Hood, Texas and new shooting in Orlando, Florida..
  232. Quick prayer for boyfriend plz
  233. International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church
  234. Iranian pastor jailed for protesting Islamic teaching of children
  235. Church forced to close main worship services in Tehran, Iran
  236. Christmas Toy Drive
  237. Pray for Me
  238. CHINA — Student Expelled for Confirming Faith in Christ
  239. INDONESIA — Police Use Force to Evict Bible Students
  240. INDIA — Christians Targeted in Violent Attacks
  241. Arrest made in attack on Christian family in the West Bank
  242. IMPORTANT Please pray for my sister
  243. Kidnappers demand ransom for priest in the Philippines
  244. Prayer for my Mum please..
  245. Need immediete prayer for my dad...
  246. Please pray for me and my wife
  247. son in law heart blockage
  248. prayer for Bernie
  249. safety/good conference
  250. Pray for hedge of protection