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  1. Prayer my brother and father will let Jesus in
  2. Rookie in Critical Condition...
  3. my parents and sister
  4. struggling
  5. Christians fined and deported in Kazakhstan
  6. Our Country
  7. I need prayer
  8. Lost young man
  9. Woman at work, kidney problems
  10. Abigail has a burst apendix
  11. Please pray for God's corner outreach tomorrow.
  12. My son dislocated his finger
  13. Prayer for strength
  14. an unsettled heart.
  15. My son lost his wallett
  16. Please pray for our sister 'Steelerbabe' and her family.
  17. RAN - Church Closed
  18. CHINA - UPDATE: Expelled Student Invited Back to School
  19. ETHIOPIA - Evangelists Released from Prison
  20. Witchcraft at school!
  21. Prayer for my brother
  22. IMPORTANT Everyone please pray!!!
  23. Pastor has cancer
  24. A relative died today...
  25. Please Help Desperately Needing Prayer
  26. Brother in law's daughter found
  27. Prayers for my son, Nate..
  28. Prayer Needed For Our Marriage
  29. Prayer Needed
  30. The Shepherds Chapel
  31. KAZAKHSTAN — Christians Fined, Deported
  32. CHINA - House Church Banned
  33. UGANDA - Muslims Attack Worshippers
  34. conditions poor for Eritrean pastor under house arrest
  35. Chinese authorities step up campaign against Christians
  36. Update: Iranian Christians finally released from prison
  37. Pray for my Mom
  38. I need prayer desperately please
  39. Please Help I Need Your Prayers
  40. I am definitely in need of prayer.
  41. Please Help pray for me
  42. Prayers for my husband's walk
  43. aaargh!
  44. Pray for my business
  45. Need Advice: Prayer requested for my work situation
  46. Three prayer requests...
  47. Prayer for new job to come along
  48. For a former pastor of mine. His son specifically.
  49. Prayer for Ex-Teacher's Family
  50. A Prayer for My Sister & Brother In-Law...
  51. 4 police officers shot dead in coffee shop in ambush
  52. changes in ministries
  53. Christian from Muslim background martyred in Somalia
  54. prayer for strength
  55. Please Help Please pray for me
  56. Say a little prayer for Nate and I please
  57. IRAN — Maryam and Marzieh Released –
  58. ISRAEL – Christian Family Continues to Be Persecuted
  59. VIETNAM - Update: Imprisoned Vietnamese priest suffers severe stroke.
  60. Muslim mobs attack Coptic Christians in Egypt
  61. My mom is having a biopsy
  62. Prayer request
  63. need prayer for pain
  64. Possible UTI
  65. My dad
  66. Request for Prayer
  67. Update: Chinese house church leader released
  68. Feeling odd
  69. Church and convent bombed in Mosul, Iraq
  70. Job Search Over...Praise God
  71. One step from going back to the hospital
  72. Fushan church leaders sentenced to prison in China
  73. Little prayer..
  74. a miracle for Tom
  75. Prayer Request concerning a new ministry
  76. have to fire someone.
  77. Pray for persecuted Christians in Orissa, India this Christmas
  78. Depression
  79. CHINA — Church Leaders Sentenced to Prison
  80. SRI LANKA – Church Attacked, and Pastor Threatened
  81. Update: Christian again facing deportation in Kazakhstan
  82. For All Those Who Lost Love Ones
  83. Mob attacks church in Sri Lanka
  84. Emergency Prayer
  85. A modest prayer request
  86. Brother with blood clots in leg
  87. Rough Patch
  88. my Daughter
  89. Grace
  90. Prayer Request for a Hysterectomy on Thursday
  91. SOMALIA — Christian Martyred — Compass News Direct
  92. INDIA - Three Churches attacked.
  93. KAKASTAN - Christian Facing Deporation Again
  94. man with heart problems
  95. Little prayer for Nate, my son
  96. Youth pastor's wife
  97. Pray for me and propheticdreams
  98. My parents.
  99. IMPORTANT Prayer for desperate Needs!
  100. prayer for husband
  101. Friend's Dad Died
  102. Chinese church leader given severe prison sentence
  103. Please pray for my husband!!!
  104. Desperately Need Healing Prayer
  105. spinal injury client
  106. Completely stressed out about Christmas dinner
  107. Bomb attacks target churches in Mosul, Iraq
  108. Prayer for Christmas Break conferences...
  109. Prayers for my sister
  110. Please pray for father-in-law
  111. Please pray for Snuitje our sick cat
  112. My Husband Fell off the roof…Please Pray!! (update)
  113. Please pray for my mom's eyes and back
  114. Christian brothers poisoned in Pakistan
  115. Thoughts
  116. Complicating situation
  117. Brother in Jail please pray for us
  118. Prayer Request for Sylvia
  119. Health issues
  120. Swearing
  121. Computer Fast
  122. 30 Eritrean Christian women Released!
  123. My cousin died
  124. My wife left home and is on a path of destruction.
  125. CHINA - House Leader Sentenced to 15 years.
  126. SRI LANKA - Church & Christians attacked.
  127. PRAISE: Sandul & Gulsher Masih Released From Prison
  128. My wife.
  129. pray for my old church
  130. Prayer Request for Ashley(daydreamer)
  131. I have just handed in my first draft copy of the book!
  132. Prayer for more energy and Buck shot
  133. Prayer for my Brother
  134. Ice/Blizzard warnings here starting tomorrow night
  135. Prayer for my husband's back
  136. Somali Christians under fire for their faith
  137. This is tough
  138. Prayer needed for my extended family.
  139. I know this sounds stupid!
  140. Christians beaten, church burned down in India
  141. Ugh My heart! pt. II: the prayer edition.
  142. Ulcerative Colitis Is the Likely Cause
  143. Christian murdered by his Muslim friends in Pakistan
  144. Please pray for a family member
  145. Anxiety about new job, new marriage, new city
  146. Need prayer reguarding church
  147. Please pray for tonights service
  148. Prayer for 82 year old Grandma's surgery
  149. Militant Muslims destroy church building in Indonesia
  150. Baby girl with serious illness
  151. Information Update on Friend with allergy
  152. A call to action and prayer for Christians in Orissa, India
  153. Prayers for Norhtern Malawi
  154. Urgent Prayer for Cancer Kids
  155. Update: Religious communities in Azerbaijan and Tajikistan face registration deadline
  156. my mother
  157. More bomb attacks on churches in Mosul, Iraq
  158. Pray For My Brother
  159. Lord bless Your Church help us to Bless You!
  160. Please pray for healing for my daughter
  161. Please please pray for Ellie, especially Monday
  162. Need your prayers and words of inspiration
  163. Pray For Sleep
  164. Please pray as lead
  165. Prayer for dog-bitten nephew
  166. Spastic colon
  167. Prayers for sickness
  168. Please Help A Request for Emergency Prayer.
  169. persecution in Pakistan
  170. car problem
  171. Information Pray for Dale - Update ....
  172. Need prayer and advice please!
  173. Please Help please pray for me
  174. Please pray for Safe Harbor Women's Resource center.
  175. wedding/grandma/relationship/calling/finances/marriage
  176. sponsors/healing
  177. IRAN – Authorities Arrest Two Christians at Christmas Gathering
  178. INDONESIA – Militant Muslims Destroy Church Building – VOM Canada
  179. IRAQ – More Bomb Attacks on Churches in Mosul.
  180. My prayer request
  181. Please Pray
  182. Please Help.. My baby Needs Your Prayers
  183. starved to death
  184. A friend on the ministry team is pregnant and needs prayers
  185. Prayers needed once again
  186. Need prayer over a job prospect
  187. Pryer for Monty with Cancer
  188. IMPORTANT Help me please now!!!!
  189. Prayer Blitz!
  190. struggling since September
  191. My brother and family need prayer
  192. Prayer request for my husband's work situation
  193. Prayers for Kerry
  194. Urgent Prayer for girl with cancer.
  195. Prayer for my future wife
  196. Keep Me
  197. Still need your continued prayers at this moment
  198. heartbroken and need a prayer plz.
  199. Your sister is still struggling
  200. Prayer for my brother in Christ.
  201. My family
  202. Pray for My Grandma
  203. India - Service Disrupted in Karnataka VOM Source
  204. AZERBAIJAN/TAJIKISTAN – Update: Religious Communities Face Registration deadline
  205. ISRAEL – Jewish Christian Seeks Protection Following Repeated Attacks – Compass Direc
  206. For the pet lovers out there...
  207. Prayer for my Father
  208. For the earthquake victims
  209. Prayer for someone I know.
  210. Prayer for a friend
  211. Pray for Carol and Monty. God Bless you all. Thanks to God for you all!
  212. Prayers Please
  213. Just a little help would be so appreciated......
  214. Bruised
  215. Overwhelmed right now with college
  216. Prayer for a pregnancy
  217. Prayers needed for Debra R.
  218. Husband's interview today
  219. help
  220. I could really use some prayer
  221. Please Help Pray for my son
  222. Persecution at work
  223. Prayers for Debra R.
  224. Prayer needed fro husband's 3rd interview
  225. Please Help Please pray for my daughter!
  226. Prayer for my Husband
  227. Hey everybody...here asking for prayer..sick again..
  228. Information Thank You to All Who Prayed for My Husband
  229. Please pray for my mom......
  230. IMPORTANT Place to live
  231. Beckrl needs your prayers
  232. Need prayer for a good job
  233. Work issue (mine)
  234. IMPORTANT Thank you, all you faithful pray-ers here!!!
  235. Please pray for Nappie again......
  236. Please Pray for accomplishment of difficult task
  237. Please Help Sharon in the hospital.
  238. Iraq - churches bombed in mosul
  239. SOMALIA - Christians underfire for their faith.
  240. UZBEKISTAN - State close to removing Baptist leadership.
  241. IMPORTANT Fridge, stove, couch, counter top
  242. My Family
  243. Granddad
  244. Quick prayer please for my back..again oh and for safety of my son's youth group
  245. neurologist and mom
  246. Important meeting tomorrow
  247. Please pray for my brother
  248. my husband and my heart
  249. Heart attack victim
  250. Please pray about a move...