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  1. Please pray
  2. so very discouraged
  3. Atheist friend
  4. My husband is now in rehab.
  5. For my sister, turning her back on God
  6. Matthew need a job urgently
  7. Grandfather in hospital
  8. Needing more prayer for my husband and I. Having to move.
  9. IMPORTANT Arrested US Christians, Haiti
  10. Therapist called me this morning, wants my hubby to go treatment for 28 days
  11. Please pray for my son..he is having a really rough week..
  12. He was discharged, I put my foot down, and it hurts.
  13. husband
  14. Prayers for John..
  15. Pray for me, I am sick and leading worship tomorrow
  16. My friend brian lost his job on false accusations
  17. My job has me so beat down
  18. A prayer request for myself
  19. Prayers for those that are sick -- myself included
  20. IMPORTANT My wife's job.
  21. MALAYSAI - 8 Arrested in Connection with Church Attack
  22. NIGERIA - Christians Killed in Attacks
  23. EGYPT - Attacks on Christians Continue
  24. My sister is in the hospital
  25. Really need prayer right now
  26. Please pray they find the people who are burning our Churches.
  27. Spot found on my brother's lung
  28. Olympics: Nodar Kumaritashvili has died
  29. Prayer for aunt
  30. Please pray for us
  31. Luge athlete killed
  32. Cough
  33. need prayers for strength and guidance
  34. Church member passed away
  35. A young man needs prayers
  36. Granddad ****URGENT*****
  37. Pray for my friend Mary
  38. Christians forced from their homes in Laos
  39. New Request for Grandma
  40. Granddad
  41. my husband has a job interview tomorrow
  42. pray for family
  43. Prayer for Mary Freeman (and her husband who is being enticed by Jehovah Witnesses)
  44. Prayers for me on witnessing..its really tough right now
  45. Funeral
  46. Uma, Salvation
  47. prayer for husband and mom
  48. Please pray for my husband
  49. They found who have been setting the Church fires but guess what?
  50. plz pray for more direction
  51. Prayer for sadness
  52. Possibly buying a new vehicle.
  53. Purity
  54. Seth, My Grandson
  55. In an accident
  56. Mom Going To Have Surgery
  57. Prayer for test
  58. Shoulder
  59. surgery
  60. Heading to do Prison Ministry
  61. Please pray for this man locked in solitary confinement for 27 years
  62. Prayer for strength.
  63. Please Pray For Husband's Niece
  64. Prayer for growth and protection
  65. What God hath joined together....
  66. IN need of Gods uplifting hand and prayer
  67. Afraid
  68. That I would not become suicidal again
  69. Urgent prayer request for a missing girl!
  70. Chilean Earthquake
  71. INDIAN - Pastro's Left Ear Slashed in Brutal Attack
  72. VIETNAM - Christian forced to recant faith.
  73. Prayers for Nate and I..
  74. IMPORTANT Chronic Pain
  75. Update Debra R
  76. Prayer for guidance and courage tonight
  77. Please Help mom in hospital
  78. For me and my parents
  79. IRAQ — Christians Martyred
  80. IRAN - Arrests continue
  81. INDIA - Church Burned
  82. Please pray for my son's sleep problems
  83. New charges concocted against Ethiopian Christian
  84. IMPORTANT Prayer for our Children
  85. Christians under attack in Chiapas, Mexico
  86. Prayer for the Vatican
  87. IMPORTANT Please pray for Philipp
  88. prayer for friend
  89. Trip to Ireland
  90. Friends, I've got the flu.
  91. Road Trip
  92. Please pray for wisdom and guidance
  93. Help! Prayer for travel with special diet
  94. Please pray for my friend
  95. Please pray for Amber DuBois' family.......
  96. Travelling
  97. Prayer for wife
  98. a machete-wielding Muslim group attacked mostly Christian villages
  99. IMPORTANT Please pray for a Sister in Christ - Fran
  100. Please pray for baby Noah
  101. Three Christian men murdered in Mosul, Iraq
  102. Do pray for another friend of mine.
  103. Policeman Killed
  104. MOROCCO - Officials raid Christian meeting
  105. CHINA - Christians arested. China-Aid
  106. EGYPT - Christian Youths Tortured
  107. Pray for Jason, diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia
  108. Please Help Carlos and his job.
  109. Please pray for our son Lenny
  110. please pray for my sister in law
  111. Please pray for my wife and myself.
  112. Please pray for my dear friend
  113. Christian orphanage workers ordered out of Morocco
  114. Still sick
  115. Depressed and need prayer badly
  116. New Job
  117. IMPORTANT The wife of a good freind is ill.
  118. Prayer request for church member's grandson
  119. Our hamster died last night
  120. Believer released from prison in Ethiopia
  121. Vision Problems
  122. UZBEKISTAN - Baptists Fined
  123. IRAN — House Church Leaders Arrested — Farsi Christian News Network
  124. IRAQ — Three Christians Murdered in Mosul — Middle East Concern
  125. Freaking Out
  126. Pray for Brynn Woods, 4 yr old cancer patient.
  127. Heart attack
  128. IMPORTANT Please pray for my parents!
  129. wife in surgery
  130. please pray for the muslim paper seller around hounslow
  131. Emergency Prayer Request
  132. Prayer for daughter(in-law) and grandbaby
  133. Prayer for Jonny
  134. Trying again
  135. prayer for me
  136. family from work
  137. Fight
  138. Please Pray for Our Business
  139. Please Help My mother and the ripple effect
  140. My daughter's surgery
  141. Pray for Lexie and her husband
  142. Spirtual Warfare..need help
  143. Prayer for a dear friend with Stage IV Breast Cancer
  144. INDIAN - Pastor Brutally Attacked - Voice of the Martyrs
  145. CHURCHES BURNED, Indoenesia, Compass Direct News
  146. NIGERIA - Violence Against Christians Continues - VOM Contacts.
  147. Need a hedge
  148. Thirteen Christians killed near Jos, Nigeria
  149. Muslim mob attacks Christians in Egypt
  150. DMcKay
  151. Faith Problems
  152. A friend dying of cancer
  153. IMPORTANT Wife was let go today.
  154. My Aunt Died. Please Pray for Our Family
  155. IMPORTANT Desperate prayer needed
  156. Christian man burned alive, wife raped in Pakistan
  157. Please Help Help help i need lots of prayers !
  158. Feeling discouraged
  159. Friend's daughter passed - please pray
  160. Ester
  161. Prayers For Grace
  162. Prayers needed
  163. Please Help Tough Week
  164. A family in need of prayer
  165. Pray for my mom please
  166. LAOS — Katin Christians Endure Hardships — VOM Contacts
  167. IRAQ — Christian Murdered in Mosul — VOM Canada / Asia News / Agence France Presse
  168. VIETNAM — Update: Priest Released for Medical Treatment — Union of Catholic Asian New
  169. Please pray for this man who has cancer
  170. IMPORTANT PLEASE pray for our sister rabidchipmunk
  171. IMPORTANT Heart Attack
  172. Please Pray for seedys mother Geri
  173. Please Pray for me
  174. Prayers for my friend's father, please
  175. Heart Problems...
  176. Please pray for these folks for me.
  177. Hormone Problems
  178. NIGERIA — VOMedical Helps Victims — VOM Contacts
  179. MOROCCO — Christians Deported — Smyrna Ministries International
  180. SOMALIA — Christian Murdered, House Burned — Compass Direct News
  181. Brother & Sister In Law
  182. Employment prayer request
  183. These two news stories have been heavy on my heart
  184. Pakistani Christian imprisoned on charges of blasphemy
  185. IMPORTANT One of our missionaries and his church are under attack by drug dealers in Mexico
  186. My qutting smoking thread
  187. Please Help Please Pray For Friend Morgan
  188. Please pray for me
  189. Brother of one of the Ladies in the church passed away
  190. Church destroyed, pastor and wife assaulted in Egypt
  191. Please pray God will open hearts for me to witness
  192. Need prayers about lust/girls?
  193. I'm planning on going away with a friends family for the weekend
  194. Vietnamese family flees village
  195. CHINA — Human Rights Lawyer Alive — ChinaAid Association
  196. IRAN — Pastor Released from Jail — Farsi Christian News Network
  197. VIETNAM — Update: Christian Lawyer Released — Compass Direct News
  198. Please pray for me that I will remain humble in my work
  199. Please Help Sick again, please pray for me
  200. West Virginia Mining disaster
  201. Prayer for Poland
  202. URGENTspiritual warfare against jezabel spiri/generational curse & family restoration
  203. Personal Battle w/ Evil
  204. IMPORTANT 12 year old with brain tumor: please pray
  205. Prayer Request/Intercession needed
  206. Salvation and healing for my sister
  207. I don't know when it will end...
  208. Pleasel pray for dying friend Morgan
  209. Discussion Prayer for me and my family
  211. Please pray for pastor.
  212. IRAN — Pastor Released from Jail — Farsi Christian News Network
  213. Prayer for church again
  214. Prayer for my friend Katy
  215. Please Help PLEASE Pray for finances.......
  216. IMPORTANT Prayer requested by Quiet Dove
  217. "Avenge me of mine enemies!"
  218. IRAN — Christians Released from Prison — Farsi Christian News Network
  219. VIETNAM — Update: Family Flees Village — Compass Direct News
  220. KAZAKHSTAN — Christians Targeted for Religious Activity — Forum 18 News
  221. basketball game today! plz pray
  222. Praying for eyesight
  223. Wisdom for my optition and doctor
  224. Prayers for those impacted by the flight restrictions in Europe
  225. Reaction to meds
  226. Pray for 17 year old girl who lost her father today and her mother, who is in ICU
  227. heart surgery
  228. Prayers for grandmother who fell
  229. Friend given six months after kidney trauma
  230. 4 year old great nephew has a mystery illness
  231. Please pray for a miracle for 8 year old Ellie
  232. Sister's Relationship with our Dad
  233. panic attacks
  234. Two Iranian Christians
  235. My husband-dentist today needs prayer
  236. Prayer for Keith Green Movie
  237. Christians receiving death letters with Bullets
  238. Important Family Meeting!
  239. Prayers needed to find a way to pay to get a tooth fixed.
  240. A new Prisoner Fact Sheet entitled "Yang Rongli" has been added.
  241. Freedom from my pornography addiction.
  242. Prayers for JesusMySavior...
  243. PAKISTAN — Hindu Background Believers Harassed — VOM Contacts
  244. CHINA UPDATE — Court Rejects Uyghur Christian’s Appeal — ChinaAid Association
  245. IRAN UPDATE — Iranian Christians Await Court Ruling — Elam Ministries
  246. Tornado victims
  247. Can you pray for my cat, AJ please?
  248. Please pray for my cat, Angel, too.
  249. Need prayer for decision over car situation
  250. Winding Down